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TIFF 2018 Ticket Trades

By popular request, I've created a page for comments for ticket trades. Only post here if you are willing to trade tickets, or sell for the value you paid for the ticket. Do not post here if you are simply looking for tickets (if someone hasn't posted that they've got the ticket you want for trade or sell, then no one here likely has it) or are trying to sell above face value; I may delete such comments (note that the range of prices for premium tickets is $25 to $82, and regular tickets is $18 to $42).

Double check any ticket before accepting it; I would not accept an under-25 or senior ticket unless you obviously fit that demographic, otherwise you risk not being admitted if TIFF chooses to check your ID on the way in the door.

A transfer through Ticketmaster is probably your safest bet, and then maybe TIFF-printed tickets; personally, I'd avoid accepting PDFs or print-at-home tickets.

Use the information here at your own risk; I do not know anyone who may be posting here, and any arrangements you make are strictly between you and the other person. If you have any issues, there is nothing I, nor the festival, nor Ticketmaster can do for you; you're on your own.

Note if you do post here, you should delete your comment once you have gotten rid of your ticket, so that you don't continue to get inquiries. If you have problems deleting your comment, post another letting me know, and I'll try to remove it when I get a chance.


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Anybody has tickets for Beautiful Boy and The Death and Life of John F. Donovan premier tickets? They were all sold-out this morning at 11:30 am reach me at please.

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I bought enough tickets for 3 people to see movies throughout the festival, but one person got ill and cancelled out, so I have 10 Regular FLEX Vouchers which you can use for any regular show, day or night. Make me an offer.

How does that even work?

The vouchers can be exchanged for tickets for films at the box office.

Looking for one or two tickets for shoplifters! Either the Friday 9pm or the Saturday 9am. If you have an extra email me at and we can negotiate a price! thank you!

If original reply doesn't work out my email is!

Looking for Shoplifters at 9am on Saturday. Plz email me for price.

Thank you!

Looking for Beautiful Boy premium, any premium is OK, either at 6pm or 8pm.
Thank you.

Just got my tickets, if anyone wants to trade let me know. Looking for a beautiful boy regular or first man regular or something cool:

Halloween Sat Sep 8th - 11:30 pm

Ben is Back Sunday Sep 9th - 9:30 am

The Hate you Give Saturday Sep 8th - 11 am

Widows Sunday September 9th 10:30 am

If Beale Street Could Talk - Monday September 10th - 11 am

Hotel Mumbai - Sunday September 9th 10 pm

The Predator - Friday September 7th 9:30 pm

White Boy Rick - Sunday September 9th - 9 am

Monsters and Men - Friday September 7th - 2:30 pm

Mid90's - Monday September 10th - 2:45 pm

Please email me @

Anybody has tickets for Beautiful Boy Sep 7 premier screenings. I have a ticket for Sep 8 but I really wanted to see it on Sep 7th
You can reach me at

I have one ticket for First Man on Tuesday Sept 11th
Looking to trade for...

First Man at a later time than Tuesday
Beautiful Boy 10:45am on Saturday 8th
A Star is Born (any)
The Death and Life of John F. Donavan


I will also be willing to hear other offers but be realistic. I may also be willing to take two lower profile movies in exchange for the one ticket to first man.


Kindly email me s m a r t d @ g m a i l

Kindly email me s m a r t d @ g m a i l

Anyone with tickets for sale not trade Kindly email me s m a r t d @ g m a i l as i was too late and just arrived thisbyear merci

I have a ticket to Mid90s on the 14th at 6pm. Does anybody who's seeing it on the 10th at 2:45pm want to trade session times?

Main post, big bold letters: "Do not post here if you are simply looking for tickets".

Yet more than half the posts here are people looking for tickets.

It won't let me apple directly, but if you are unable to find someone willing to trade, I'd be more than happy to purchase a single ticket for each screening from you - those are my two big ones. You can contact me at stephenhdavis (at) gmail (dot) com - thanks!!

Hey! I have to two tickets to the Halloween screening at Elgin at 11.30 on the 8th. I’d like to trade for one star is born ticket for either showtime on the 9th, or two tickets for the Friday screening at 6:45. If you would like to trade, you can contact me at

Okay Tristan, this is epic.

Willing to trade 2 Jason Reitman Live Read tickets for A Star Is Born on September 9th

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I don’t have the Thursday but I do have a ticket for the Tuesday the 11th if you’d be willing to trade that for the Friday

I have 2 tickets to Everybody Knows on 9/9 at 10am and am looking to trade that for 2 tickets to Widows at 1030am on 9/9

I have:

Vox Lux - Sept 7 @ Elgin, orchestra seat

Looking to trade for High Life - Sept 15 @ TIFF Bell Lightbox. Or i’ll Buy the high life ticket.


I'm looking for a ticket to Halloween on Saturday September 8th at the 11:59 screening.
I've got a bunch of tickets to trade and i'd be willing to even purchase the single ticket as well. Please let me know.

My email is: (don't laugh, its an old email!)

Desperately seeking 2 tickets for A Star is Born (any screening) or 2 or 3 for The Death and Life of John F. Donovan (Sept 10 only).

I have these to trade (or willing to buy outright):
- 2 x Hotel Mumbai - Sept 7 6:00 PM (premium)
- 2 x Fahrenheit 11/9 - Sept 9 5:45 PM
- 2 x Freaks - Sept 8 9:30 PM
- 2 x Driven - Sept 10 9:45 PM
- 2 x First Man - Sept 12 6:00 PM


Happy TIFF y'all!

Sorry, that's Sept 8 for Fahrenheit that I have, not 9th.

Cheers! I'm desperately seeking to either trade or purchase x1 ticket to "Fahrenheit 11/9" @ Sat Sep 8th 5:45 pm at Scotiabank 3.

Big Micheal Moore fan who's not a fan of current White house administration, means I can't patiently wait long enough until this movie hits stateside on 9/21.

Here's what open for business -

x1 "This Changes Everything" (Sat, Sep 08 12:30 pm @ Roy Thompson Hall)
x1 "The Hummingbird Project" (Sat, Sep 08 3: 00 pm @ Visa Screening Room at PoW)
x1 "Quincy" (Sat, Sep 09 @ 02:30 pm @ Visa Screening Room at PoW)

If interested, please email me @ [ ]

Warm Regards to All,

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Hey folks I have 2x Beale Street on Sunday at 6pm, 3x Beautiful Boy 8pm on Friday and 4x Boy Erased on Tuesday at 9pm.

Any advice on swapping tickets for better seats? I panicked and didn't really examine which location I'll be but I'm on the balcony for all 3 and I'm kinda disappointed since I did Tier A.

Anyway, Holla for advice or if anyone wants to trade. I prefer Orchestra and will be willing to swap at face value.

Jose - if you end up not being able to trade and want to sell, I'd buy one of your BEALE STREET tickets off of you. Tried to get one this morning and they were gone as soon as I refreshed.

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I have 1 ticket to the Premiere screening of MONSTERS AND MEN at the Lightbox on 9/6 - looking to trade for either DESTROYER on 9/10 or BEALE STREET on 9/9

I would be willing to trade either 2 or 3 Vox Lux Sep 7 seats for same Beale Street on the 9th. If anyone is interested please email! These seats are in the Orchestra so hopefully same!

mitallen at sympatico dot ca


I'm interested in 2 tickets for either HALLOWEEN screening as my brother and I are driving 8 hours just to attend, and we already booked our hotel which is non-refundable!

I can pay up to $150 USD for both tickets together! A bit desperate at the moment.

My email is

Thank you!

Potentially looking to trade 'A Million Little Pieces' (General -- Sept 11) and 'The Old Man & The Gun' (Mezzanine -- Sept 11) for an Orchestra Center, or a centered Row A or B Dress Circle 'First Man' on Sept 11. Big ask I know, but putting it out there.

I have 1 ticket for the premiere of “Sorry For Your Loss” which is on Sept 8th, and 1 ticket for “Assassination Nation” which is on Sept 11th at 10:45 pm. Please email me at if interested in any

I have two tickets for the Premiere of THE HATE U GIVE in the balcony (C level) sections on Friday 9/7 at Roy Thompson Hall - I'd like to trade for

Sunday 9/9 - 6:00PM - IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK - Princess of Whales
Monday 9/10 - 9:15AM - A STAR IS BORN - TIFF Lightbox
Monday 9/10 - 9:30PM - DESTROYER - Winter Garden Theatre
Tueadsy 9/11 - 3:00PM - THE DEATH AND LIFE OF JOHN F. DONOVAN - Scotiabank 1

Would also entertain selling them.

I have one ticket for Long Day's Journey Into Night, September 13th at 2:45pm (TBLB). Looking for a ticket for ROMA, September 15th at 8:45pm (TBLB). Email if you're interested

Have 2 tickets for First Man Sat. 15th at 9:30. Princess of Wales section DRS06 Row D seats 5-6. Face value was $20 but I'd sell for $15 each, $30 total if anyone is interested. Contact me at

I’ve these premium/regular tix to sell at face value.

Julianne Moore’s 2 x Gloria Bell Premium Gala Fri 7th POW at 9.30pm Orchestra03 GG35/36. $c75 ea will accept $c60 ea

Melissa McCarthy 2 x Can You Ever Forgive Me Premium Gala Sat 8th Wintergarden Orchestra T seats 27/28. $c60 ea

1 x Outlaw King Thu 6th POW 6.30pm Opening Gala Dress Circle F Seat 55 - $c100

1 x Outlaw King Fri 7th POW 2.30pm - Regular Orchestra G Seat 27 - $c24

1 x Wildfire Mon 10th 2.30pm POW - regular Orchestra L 29 - $c24

Email if interested.

I HAVE these tickets:
3 x Roma on the 16th
1 x The Sisters Brothers on the 9th
1 x Premium for A Beautiful Boy on the 7th at Elgin. Seat is Tier "A" MEZZ ROW-C SEAT-307

I'm looking to trade for YOUR:
The Death and Life of John F. Donovan - either screening on 10th or 11th
Shoplifters - either screening 14th or 15th.
A Star is Born Sept 9th Premium at Elgin

Email me chris99 at rogers dot com

I'm only looking for trades, not selling ticket flat out sorry :)

I just e-mailed you regarding A STAR IS BORN

Just messaged you.

I have a ticket for First Man Sep 10th Elgin Theatre want to trade for Star Is Born Sep 9th RTH

I'd do it but won't be there ti the 8th.

McCready I have the ticket you’re looking for. Please email me asap.

Have 2 Tickets to SHADOW: Sep 11th, 3:15PM, Bell Lightbox.

They're extra tickets we're trying to sell. $30.

Please email me at:

This is a bit of a long shot but looking to:

Swap my (2 tix) 9/9 A Star is Born at 7:30pm FOR (2 tix) of the 6pm showing that same night.

I am balcony row O. But not picky on what I get.

Looking to exchange several tickets to accommodate work changes. I have the following tickets avsilable:

1x Widows on Sunday 9 Sept @ 10.30am (Regular)
1x High Life on Sunday 9 Sept @ 9.30pm (Premium)
1x Colette on Tuesday 11 Sept @ 5.45pm (Premium)

Will exchange for:

Monsters and Men on Friday 7 Sept
Widows on Saturday 8 Sept
High Life on Friday 14 Sept
Widows on Sunday 16 Sept

Reasonable sale offers will also be considered.

Email at rcha147 (at) aucklanduni (dot) ac (dot) nz

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Just got my tickets, if anyone wants to trade let me know. Looking for a beautiful boy regular or first man regular or something cool:

Halloween Sat Sep 8th - 11:30 pm

The Hate you Give Saturday Sep 8th - 11 am

Widows Sunday September 9th 10:30 am

If Beale Street Could Talk - Monday September 10th - 11 am

Hotel Mumbai - Sunday September 9th 10 pm

The Predator - Friday September 7th 9:30 pm

White Boy Rick - Sunday September 9th - 9 am

Monsters and Men - Friday September 7th - 2:30 pm

Mid90's - Monday September 10th - 2:45 pm

Please email me @

How much for first man ticket? Email me

Looking to trade/sell (at cost) the following:

1 x Out of Blue - Sept 7 @ 9:30, Winter Garden Theatre - Tier A - ORCH P 30
2 x Freaks - Sept 8 @ 9:30, Scotiabank Theatre 2

contact megalogeorge on gmail

Looking to trade:

Have 2x Everybody Knows - Sun, Sep 9 @ 10:00 AM
Want 2x High Life - Tue, Sep 11 @ 11:00 AM

Email me at dorkyromantic at gmail

Looking to buy:

(1) ticket to any of the BEAUTIFUL BOY screenings - willing to pay up to $120.

Msg me at


Hi there!

I have 1 *Under 25* Ticket to Her Smell on Tuesday the 11th, 12pm @ Lightbox 1.

Looking to trade it for any of the following:

High Life- Tuesday 11th, 11am @ Winter
First Man- Tuesday 11th, 11am @ POW
Old Man & the Gun- Tuesday 11th, 1pm @ Elgin

If interested, you can email - thanks!

^ Edit: Will also sell at face value ($10)

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I am looking to sell two tickets:

9/7 Vox Lux

9/9 Mid 90s

Face value of course. Email:

So sorry - stephenhdavis (at) hotmail (dot) com

Hi, I have extra tickets for the followong offsale screenings that I am looking to trade:

Vox Lux x2
Fri Sept.7 @12:30
Hgh Life x2
Tues Sept. 11 @11am
Predator ×2
Fri Sept.7 @9:30pm
Her Smell x1
Sun Sept.9 @5:45pm
Aniara x1
Sun Sept.9 @9:30pm
Mid90s x1
Mon Sept.10 @2:45pm
If Beale St. Could Talk x2
Mon Sept.10 @11am

Fahrenheit 11/9
Thurs Sept.6 @8:45pm
Halloween either screening
Widows any screening except Sept.16
Beautiful Boy either screening

Also trading 2 tickets for:

Hummingbird Project Sunday Sept.9 @11:15a
The Death and Life of John F. Donovan Tuesday Sept. 11 @3pm

Still looking for 3 tickets to the following:


And still looking for 1 ticket to the following:

BEAUTIFUL BOY - Sept. 8th at 10:45 AM

A STAR IS BORN - Sept. 10th at 9:15 AM

HIGH LIFE - Sept. 14th at 9:45 PM

Email anishnabe at live dot come if you have anything to spare. Only willing to pay fair face value for tickets. Thanks.

Hi all, I have one extra ticket to The Wind on Monday September 10th at 11:59pm -- willing to sell for $15 CAD. Let me know if you're interested at Thanks!

I have the following extra tickets available that I am selling for face value:

1 ticket for Monsters and Men, Tiff Bell Lightbox 1, Thurs. Sept. 6 at 9pm (paid $100)

2 tickets for Ben is Back, Visa Screening Room, Sat. Sept. 8 at 6:30pm (paid $70 each)

2 tickets for Life Itself, Elgin Theatre, Sat. Sept. 8 at 8pm (paid $70 each)

Please email me if interested at tarabaker7890 at

This is a long shot, but my son has a bit part in The Front Runner and for his 30th bday this month we were sending him to the festival to see it at Ryerson Theatre on September 8th at 630pm. Would anyone please sell me their ticket so he can see the movie? It was sold out when I went on general public sales this morning. 😥
Please email me at if you can help me out.

1 x Outlaw King Premium Thu 6th 6.30pm POW Dress Circle F55 paid $100 will sell for $60.

2 x Gloria Bell Premium Fri 7th 9.30pm POW Orchestra GG 35/36 got via package redemption will sell for $100 pair.

Will transfer via account manager. PayPal preferred payment. I’m in Toronto now so can meet and exchange if you feel safer.

Modifying an earlier post.

I’d like to trade 2 tickets for Burning, Sun. Sep. 9 for:

Ideally, 2 tickets for same film, Thu. 13 screening.

Or: I might accept a pair for some other film, depending on my schedule & interest.

Email: ng at

I have two (2) GA tickets to THE PREDATOR tomorrow night. Selling for face - I bought a pair and my better half bought a pair - just would like to not pay double for this film. If you are gonna buy and want to see it, please help me out!!! The film is at Ryerson and starts at 11:59PM.

Selling one ticket the Beautiful Boy gala at the Elgin Theatre on Friday September 7th. Orchestra seat, row O. Reply to this message if interested!

I have the following for sale/trade:

2 for Beautiful Boy - September 8 10:45 AM Ryerson
2 for The Old Man and the Gun - September 10 8:00 PM Elgin (Premium)

rames39 at

I have two (2) tickets for VOX LUX on Friday at 12:30PM @ Winter Garden

Seats are in Orchestra, Row L

Looking to sell

Ticketmaster Immediate transfer

So I'm in a bit of a pickle. I'm friends with the family of a cast member of the movie Firecrackers (which is sold out at TIFF now). I was being a good pal and I bought tickets for the family (at the box office) because I'm a member and could get them early, thinking it was for the screening that they were in town for. Tickets are now sold out and I have just realized that I bought tickets for the wrong screening. They will not be in Toronto on the day that I have the tickets for.

Does anyone happen to have 4 tickets to Firecrackers on September the 8th at 6:45??? And if so, would they be willing to TRADE them for my 4 tickets on Monday the 10th at 4:30??? It would mean the world to this family who just wants to see their kid on the big screen.


2 for Old Man & The Gun - Sept10 @ 8pm


2 for Roma - Sept 10 @ 530pm

jsphcalabrese (gmail)

Hi Ryan, just sent you an email regarding Beautiful Boy. Thanks, Ashley.

Have an Under 25 ticket to First Man on September 11th at 11am.

Willing to sell for face value $14 or trade for:

First Man - Sept 9th, 2pm @ Cinesphere

Please email cuttingroomparty(at)gmail(dot)com

Looking for 1 or 2 tickets to a star is born premiere have many others for trade most films too many to list

Enjoy the fest everyone

s m a r t . d @ g m ai l

Managed to score 2 extra tickets to Beautiful Boy 8PM at Elgin premium showing on September 7. tajee165 at gmail . Com

Looking for single tickets for the following:
Firecrackers (Sept. 8)
Angelo (Sept. 9)

I can trade a ticket to Capernaum (Sept. 9) or pay cash.

Email me at brandon[dot]wallfudge[at]gmail[dot]com

Ticket I am trading:

- Hotel Mumbai for Sunday 9/9 at 10:00 PM

Ticket(s) I am looking for:

- Mid90s for Sunday 9/9 at 9:15 PM (would prefer 2 tickets)

- The Sisters Brothers 9/9 for Sunday at 10:00 AM

Email me at

Looking to trade or sell two tickets for Monsters and Men tonight at the lightbox at 9pm

Looking to buy 3 tickets for Ash is Purest White tickets for Sept 13 5.30pm, 3 tickets for Long Day's Journey into Night for Sept 15 5:30 or 1 ticket for Sept 11 3:45
please email at

I have an extra to Burning im trying to get rid of

Sunday, September 9th 1:30PM-3:58PM — Ryerson Theatre

contact me at merrickcip

Hello! UPDATE - 9/7.

I am Selling:

Outlaw King - Friday, Sept. 7th @ 2:30 PM
Monsters & Men - Friday, Sept. 7th 2:30 PM
The Wedding Guest - Saturday, Sept 8th - 1:00 PM
Mademoiselle de Joncquires - Saturday, Sept. 8th - 5:30 PM
Girls of the Sun - Saturday, Sept 8th - 9:15 AM
White Boy Rick - Sunday, Sept. 9th - 9:00 AM

*Looking for a ticket to:

Widows - Saturday, Sept 8th - 9:30 PM

*Willing to pay full price for these.


I have 1 ticket for BEAUTIFUL BOY premiere tonight, Sept. 7 at 6:30pm at Roy Thomson Hall, section C7 row G, face value CAD 75.00 - please email lori[dot]ibay[at]gmail[dot]com if interested.

I am selling:

- (1) ticket to The Sisters Brothers at 10 AM on 9/9

- (1) ticket to Hotel Mumbai at 10 PM on 9/9

Please email if you're interested in either!

Selling 2x tickets to Everybody Knows on Sunday, 9/9 @ 10 AM

Separately, am looking for 1-2x Beautiful Boy tickets for Friday, 9/7 @ 8pm

Email dorkyromantic at gmail

Hi all.

I have 2 premium tickets to:
Roma premier Princess of Wales orchestra c Monday 10 th Sept at 17.30
And either or both
2 premium tickets to premiers green book at Elgin theatre right mezz G on Tuesday 11 th at 20.00

Also 2 tickets to Halloweeen 23.59 premier at wintergardens right balcony row k Saturday 8 th

I want to trade for 2 tickets to Death and Life of John F Donovan on Tuesday 11th at 15.00 at Sctiobank
And or
2 tickets to What they had atRoy Thompson Hall at 18.00

Please email me at mdykes001 at aol dot com.
We are in Toronto and can exchange on festival street or similar

Thank you

looking to trade either..

2 tickets to Wildlife September 15th 6:15pm @ Elgin, Orchestra S
2 tickets to Can You Ever Forgive Me? September 15th 12:00pm @ Princess of Wales, Orchestra P


1 ticket to In Fabric September 14th or 15th


I have one ticket for Sep 8th 10:45 am for Beautiful Boy to trade with A Star Is Born screening on Sep 10th 8:45 or any earlier one, e-mail me at

If you don’t find anyone i’d love to buy it! My email is:

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Looking to purchase 2 tickets for Free Solo - any of the screenings would do. Message me if you're selling:


I am selling:

- (2) tickets to Can You Ever Forgive Me? at 12 PM on 9/15

Please email if you're interested!

I have a ticket to Beautiful Boy tomorrow (I got in via rush tonight). Let me know if you still need

How was the rush line? Thinking of trying t for A STAR IS BORN.

I'll buy it if it's available sdbentworth at Gmail . Com

David -- I just sent you an email.

To other poster who asked about rush -- it was grueling but I was in a group of 4 so easy to swap in and out to take breaks/grab food. The first person in the rush line showed up at 2:45pm (for the 8pm screening). My group of 4 got in line at 4:30pm and we were #21-#24 in line.

looking to trade..

2 tickets to Wildlife September 15th 6:15pm @ Elgin, Orchestra S


1 ticket to Gloria Bell September 15th


Selling or trading 1 ticket to:
- Freaks Sept 8 9:30
- The Crossing Sept 9 7:30
- In Conversation with Maggie Gyllenhaal

Want to trade for Long Day's Journey Into Night Sept 15 5:30

Looking for 1-3 tickets for tomorrow's (Sept 9th) screening of FIRST MAN at 2PM at the Cinesphere. Pleaes text 416-565-2529 if you have these available.


Wanted: 1 ticket to 3 Faces on Sunday, September 16th

Will buy or trade back half vouchers or post-festival vouchers.

I have a single ticket in the Orchestra level for 22 JULY today at 4:00PM. Paid $22 and selling for $20. Friend bought a pair so I'm going to sit with him. Thanks.

Looking for a Forst man either Sunday or Monday showing. I have a Halloween at the Elgin for 11:30 to trade. Can add cash if need be. Email me at

I am happy to give away one ticket to Halloween tonight at 23.59 premier at winter garden. Way up in the balcony but hell its for free.
Only catch is we are waiting to go into front runner and have no way to get it to MJ or Lauren so anyone who can get to the line at ryerson before we go into front runner at around 6.15 can have it.
Post or text to 0224529919. First come gets it as I hate to think it will go to waste.

Sep 9th A Star Is Born, Elgin at 7:30 pm 2 tickets to trade same movie at RTH , email at

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I have a showing for Hotel Mumbai @10:00 pm tomorrow if anyone is interred. And a showing for mid90’s on Monday.

If anyone is interested email:

Duncan street

I have the following. Looking to sell or trade FOR STAR IS BORN tonight at 6:00pm or tomorrow at 9:15am

High Life (tonight) premium - 2 ticket
Death and Life of John F Donovan - Tuesday @ 3:00pm - 1 ticket
Destroyer - premiere - 1 ticket

StephenHDavis (at) hotmail (dot) com

Selling 2 x Jason Reitman Live Read $50 each. At Front Runner at Elgin can meet after to exchange. Contact

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Last minute but selling a ticket to Climax for tonight’s midnight screening! Contact me at mitallen at

I have a pair of tickets to First Man tonight 6pm at Roy Thompson. Looking to swap those out for ONE ticket to the 4pm Elgin screening of First Man. Thanks!


1x Destroyer premiere - Sept 10th - $75

1x Hold the Dark premiere - Sept 12th - $25

e-mail at zrmac22 @

Selling two tickets to The Old Man and the Gun premiere at Elgin tonight at 8:00. Mezzanine Row F. Tier A

rames39 at

Have a ticket for The Land of Steady Hands on Thur, September 13 @ 10am in Elgin Theatre.

Selling for $10 - please email cuttingroomparty(at)gmail(dot)com.

Have: HER SMELL - Friday, Sept 14 @ 9:15pm (Lightbox)
Want: HIGH LIFE - Friday, Sept 14 @ 9:45pm

If you are able to make this trade, hit me up at brianmcashion at gmail dot com

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Selling 1 ticket to GREEN BOOK on Wednesday Sept 12 at 10 am. Elgin Theatre Orchestra Row P for $15. Please email me at debbiewang92 at gmail dot com

2 tickets to Peterloo on Wednesday, September 12. 9:15 PM at the Bell Lightbox. Face value or lower. lcgorham at gmail dot com.

I have one ticket available for Shoplifters on Saturday September 15th, 9 am. Just looking for face value ($35). Email me at if you're interested.

Looking for 2 tickets to:

Shoplifters on either Sep 15 @ Elgin Winter Garden or Sep 16 @ TIFF Bell Lightbox

Roma on Sep 15 or Sep 16 @ TIFF Bell Lightbox

If Beale Street Could Talk on Sep 14 @ Princess of Wales

Highlife on Sep 14 @ TIFF Bell Lightbox


Ticket to Hold the Dark premier tonight at 6pm $30 (balcony 2nd row)

Long shot but if anyone has an extra ticket for tonights added screening of A Star is Born. Willing to buy flat out or trade for my Roma screening on Sunday 16th. Email chris 99 at rogers dot com

I have an extra ticket for Roma on Friday Sept 14 at 9:15am, selling for cost ($25).
Email tarabaker7890 at

I have a ticket to High Life on Friday at 9.45 PM. I'm selling it for $20. If anyone's interested, email me at

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selling 1 ticket to "ash is the purest white" screening is tonight (thursday) at 5:30pm scotiabank

selling at cost $35

email at or text 647-884-4458

Looking to trade 1 Cold War ticket (9/14) for the 9/16 screening of the same film.

emailed for high life tix

Wanna trade White Boy Rick, Friday 14 Sep, 2:30pm.
2 tickets, row B
Text me 2899324456

One ticket for sale for FIRST MAN sept 15 at 9:30pm at the POW. Selling for 20$. Please email me at debbiewang92 at gmail dot com.

The Hate U Give - 4 tickets for Sunday Sept 16th - 11am
face value - $ 28 each

email -


1x If Beale Street Could Talk - tonight 9:00PM - POW

Face value. Email me at mitallen at sympatico dot ca

Selling or trading 2 tickets to:
- Wildlife Sept 15th 6:15

Want to trade for 1 ticket to Gloria Bell Sept 15th 6:45


This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Selling face value:

2 tickets

tagelothanasis at gmail

Looking for 1 ticket to ROMA today Sept 16. Email me at traduttorre at gmail dot com. Thanks!

Selling 1 ticket to Jeremiah Terminator Leroy, today at 230pm



Looking for a ticket to the People’s Choice screening if anyone has an extra or wants to give one up. Preferably 6pm or 615pm

Email please.

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