Saturday, August 25, 2018

TIFF 2018 Off-sale Screenings

Here is a posting for current off-sale films for TIFF 2018. Note that films that appear off-sale here may come back on-sale as tickets are released or if the festival releases additional inventory.

Please post additional off-sale (or films that come back on-sale) in the comments. Thanks!


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William Caruana on twitter is reporting the following screenings sold out:
Sept 7 - Beautiful Boy
Sept 8 - Widows
Sept 9 - A Star Is Born
Sep 10 - First Man (unsure if the RTH or Elgin screening)
Sep 10 - Death and Life of John F. Donovan

Hi, William here. First Man is RTH. Found this on

Apparently Outlaw King at 6:30 is off sale too.

The Hate U Give @ RTH also off sale

Just completed fulfilling my packages. No additional offsales were seen yet, however many problems with the website:
- Back Half Packs were unable to select any films on the 14th (regular flex were fine)
- The High Life screening on the 11th wasn't listed at all
- After making the selections and choosing "Find Tickets", the site hung for 10 minutes until my cart reached its 30 minute timeout.

I completed my selections by calling the Box Office and fulfilling over the phone. They were able to acquire the back half screenings on the 14th, as well as find the missing screening for High Life on the 11th. They were very helpful...but a working website would have been nice...

Did anyone buy packages during the early bird presale to get extra ticket vouchers? Does anyone know the process by which we can get those vouchers and redeem them? The original website says they can be redeemed starting September 5th, but they are currently not showing up in my account.

As of this evening, additional off sale screenings include:
- both premiere screenings of Beautiful Boy (RTH and Elgin)
- September 7th premiere of The Hate U Give (RTH)
- September 8th day screening of The Elephant Queen

You answered your own question. They aren't supposed to show up until Sept 5 in our accounts (if elligible). That's why you're not seeing them.

August 27th package redemption begins here.

I just redeemed my package, everything went smoothly. I have a regular pack , I didn’t notice anything off Sale!

What is your level of membership

To other contributors: are you allowed to select individual seats or just tiers of seats?

You select tiers of seats and they give you the best available. If you select Level A there is a $5-$10 surcharge per seat, but you don't get to select exactly where it is.

I just completed my premium flex package window. My friend and I had the exact same window and we ordered a few of the same movies. Unfortunately, neither of us had any knowledge about the tiers upon ordering, and there is no mention of it when you sign in. I didn't even see the tier selection -- I was just looking at the quantity field. (It must have been there, but the first three movies I selected were already sold out so I was probably panicking a bit.)

For some reason, my orders defaulted to Tier A so I ended up paying $10 on 4 of my 6 premium tickets (but not 2 of them for some reason?!) But my friend was NOT defaulted to Tier A so she didn't pay a fee on any of her 6 tickets -- which I guess means we're not sitting in the same section? Which was the whole point of choosing some of our movies together! Also, a 6-pack of premiums was $425, which works out to an insane $70 per film -- and then they sneak on an additional $10?! What a mess.

When I ordered my regular flex package, I was charged an extra $5 per film. Again, I didn't specifically select a tier so it just defaulted to that, and I had no idea about this until I checked out.

What were the three off sale premium films?

I'm seeing word on twitter that the premium screening of Widows is off sale.

The three that I tried to get first (because they were the first on my schedule) were Beautiful Boy (both Sept 7 screenings were unavailable), the premiere of The Hate U Give, and the premiere of Widows.

I'm pretty bummed about the tier thing. I'm going to go to the box office to see if my friend and I can change to the same tier for our joint films, but at this point my hopes are low...

I’ve got my redemption at 10am tmrw and hope I get some of my choices. Figured Beautiful Boy would be biggest pull of TIFF. Does anyone know with 2 premiums showing each night for most films will main cast show at both?. Just trying to figure out if lucky to have both available what’s best one to get. If anyone has a spare Beautiful Boy I’ll happily take it and pay well. Contact

Yeah Beautiful Boy seems like it will be a hard pull -- especially with only one regular screening available. I'm hoping that the regular screening the day after the premiere will still have some seats available, although I'm not betting on anything because I have the very last time slot for members on Wednesday afternoon!

Me too I’m hoping if I can’t get Premium in advance I’ll at least get Regular Beautiful Boy.

Moira, I think that both of the Beautiful Boy screenings are considered the "premiere". I went to one movie last year at 6:30pm at RTH and there was also an 8pm screening across the street at Princess of Wales, and both were considered the premiere, with the cast attending both. As long as the screenings are close to each other and around the same time, I think they will each pull in most of the cast.

I figured to justify premium at both then cast would show. I think most premiums are RTH first at 6.30pm then Elgin at 8pm

I just filled my ticket order for about 70 regular screenings and none were sold out as of yet.

I did run into a snafu where Ticketmaster said it couldn't process my order due to technical difficulties. This caused the cart timer to run out on me, but after logging back in to try again, all of the tickets appeared in account history (no e-mail though).

Has happened to many. I experienced that myself. After momentary panic, I too did find all the tickets in my account.

I think my most frustrating thing was in previous years with live inventory it appears available so you cart it but by time you checkout some have gone off sale. You re pick and lose more as a result. My argument is it should be yours when you cart it and as long as done within hour you shouldn’t lose.

According to twitter, the second screening of Sunset is off sale.

Does anyone have access to the seating chart TIFF uses for the assigned seating venues? Not sure if they're using the official layout of the venues or not. Really wish they would be a little more transparent so that we can get a sense how good or not our seating is and whether we should be planning on attempting to swap for something better.

Destroyer 9/10 off sale
First Man @ cinesphere off sale

Green Book premiere also off sale

Thanks for the First Man update. Schedule now rebuilt.

A Star is Born on the 14th was off sale when I tried to purchase tickets this evening.

Yes, this happened to me and my friend. Why all the TM issues this year? I never had a problem the last couple of years.

High Life, Tue Sep 11, 11 am at WG wasn't in the system when I called. I had to insist that it was the right schedule for it, and after they checked they admitted that it was wrong in their system. So if you tried to get tickets to it and could not, you might want to call in and see what they can do for you.

There are no upgraded seats left for Shoplifters, Fri Sep 14, 9pm.

11:30 am today, Beautiful Boy ,A Star is Born, The Death and Life Of John F. Donovan were off sale but I had Boy Erased , Ben is Back,First Man, High Life and some more.

Do you know if the day after sessions of Beautiful Boy and John F. Donovan still have tickets left? My slot's tomorrow and was hoping to check them out.

They were available this morning and I have got tickets for regular screenings , good luck for tomorrow.

Yes both currently are Jack

What are my chances of securing 1 or 2 tickets to either of the Halloween screenings on Sep 8? Anyone know how quickly it's selling?


I'll hopefully be buying tickets on Sep 2.

Since many people might not be familiar with the process, it's probably worth noting that in past years the festival has released additional tickets to most screenings at various levels of membership/public package redemption (i.e. films listed as off-sale one day during package redemption might come back into play), once single-ticket sales have begun, and the mornings of the screenings in question. Joining the rush line to buy a ticket at the last minute is an option as well. Also, for a few of the most festival's most popular films additional screenings likely will be added during the second week of the festival.

If you don't get a given ticket during pass redemption because it's listed as not available, there are often other chances.

Of course, it doesn't hurt to go into your selection time armed with second choices either...

Hi Lise, how did you order then. Did you call box office and you told them what are the titles you want and they are the ones who redeemed them OR you booked everything using the package except High Life then called box office?

The August 28th member package redemption slots begin here.

Is anyone able to tell if TIFF fixed the schedule and High Life's Tuesday screening is appearing today?

Good questions regarding scheduling inconsistencies.

If you redeemed your package already, how did you proceed if you had to call them?

Did you only fulfill part of your package online?

Can confirm the following "REGULAR" screenings were available and had good seating availability (without upgrade): Widows (Sept 16), Driven (Sept 11), Beale Street (Sept 9), Can you Forgive Me? (Sept 15) and Front Runner (Sept 15)

For some reason, the screening on the 11th for HIGH LIFE @ Winter Garden is listed at the very bottom of screenings for the 10th which is obviously an error but helpful if you know!

None of the screenings I wanted were off sale and that includes first screenings of Teen Spirit, Donnybrook, Where Hands Touch, Wildlife, A Million Little Pieces, Viper Club & Hold The Dark.

Checking in after 10am redemption window on Aug 28:
- First Man (RTH, Elgin and Cinesphere)
- Beautiful Boy (both shows)
- The Hate U Give
- Widows (9:30pm RTH)
- A Star Is Born (both shows)
- Monsters & Men (TIFF Bell Lightbox)
- The Life and Death of John F Donovan
- Outlaw King

As of 10:25am, PREMIUM screenings for High Life and the Kindergarten Teacher were still available.

Just redeemed mine apart from Beautiful Boy Premiums all mine were available - got regular so can’t complain. Just a note click on best available by tix and it comes up with tiers. Halloween still available for those asking. Boy Erased still available. First Man regular available. A Star Is Born regular on Monday. I got excited as initially it looked like Beautiful Boy both galas available as not showing sold out or off sale but when you clicked alas not available.

Anyone know what the deal with premium vs regular means if you have regular flex ticket package and want to attend a non-premium screening at one of those venues? Does it basically mean you can pick tiered seating and pay extra?

What is premium vs non-premium even mean for seating?

Looks like High Life on the 9th is off sale

Was there an opportunity to buy an Opening Night Package?. I know there was a Closing Night one.

Premium v regular refers to the type of screening it is. Premium is more expensive, usually the first showing of a big movie where the stars are there. If you have a regular flex pack, you can't buy tickets to premium shows (unless you wait until individual ticket sales begin and buy them separately, assuming they are still available at that point).

Tiered seating is in certain theaters for both premium and regular screenings, where you can pay a little extra to sit nearer the stage (and potentially the stars of the film, if they are there).

Hope that helps!

Genghis Khan, re High Life, I got my tickets via the phone instead of going online, that's why I was able to get someone to do something about the missing High Life screening.

Is it confirmed that destroyer is sold out

The Wednesday 1:30 showing at the Elgin was still available when I completed my choices one hour ago.

Was that the only screening still available or do you know if the Saturday one was too?

9/9 If Beale Street Could Talk is off sale

Anyone know what’s up with the tiered seating? I upgraded a few tickets at the Elgin and they gave me horrible seats. In the orchestra, but in back and by the aisle on the far right near the noisy doors that exit onto the street. There was no option to select my seat. You select “view seat” and it just showed a TIFF graphic. And I upgraded a ticket at the Winter Garden Theatre and got mezzanine. Definitely not worth the 5 bucks if you get crap seats anyway, and can’t select from what’s available.

Will they exchange if I call?

@Julia Delbel - Don't know about the Saturday screening. Sorry!

@Julia Delbe Destroyer Saturday showing was still available. For those asking, Halloween Saturday showings were still available too.

Saw a tweet about all public showings of A Star is Born being off-sale. I make my selections in 45 minutes so I'll soon know for myself.

Thanks for the tip re. 9/11 11AM showing of High Life being weirdly tagged on at the end of Sept 10 list! I would have been confused and lost without knowing about it first.

I redeemed my 20 first-choice Regular tickets without any issues but I'm mostly going during the day. I would imagine evening tickets would be much more popular. I might try to get 3-4 more tickets on individual ticket sales day (Sept 1 for the members, I think?). The inability to choose seats for assigned-seating theaters is a super annoying new introduction, I have to say. Almost half of my showings were in those theaters so I wasn't going to upgrade for all, so chose "B" as my default. And looks like I ended up getting a lot of seats very close to the screen. I'd much rather have chosen to seat far in the back. Ugh.

Just redeemed my package. Only two I had trouble with were If Beale Street Could Talk on 9/9 (9/10 showing still available) and can confirm A Star is Born is unavailable as of now.

My experience with the "B" tiered seating is less than optimal. Doing four screenings at the Winter Garden and they're all in the first 3 rows and off in the extreme right hand corner aisle. Not looking forward to the time I'll spend trying to swap for better seats.

zero hectic - Your comment convinced me to cough up the extra $5 to get tier A for the movies I care about the most. It's embarrassing really, that they're not transparent about what's tier B and C. I'd rather sit in the back balcony rather than in the first 3 rows. Or maybe I should aim for tier C.

Can anyone tell me if tier a is full: will they give you the option of tier b or just say sold out? This tier stuff is making me anxious.

My ticket redemption time was at 3:00 PM. When I logged on, I was not able to see any movies to select. After 4 minutes of panic, the movies finally showed up at 3:04 PM. I was able to get all of my (regular) movies without any problem. I did not recall seeing any regular screenings offsale that have not been reported already.

Some regular screenings that I am guessing will be in high demand that were STILL AVAILABLE were (as of AUG 28 3:00 PM)
Sept 08 - Beautiful Boy
Sept 10 - If Beale Street Could Talk
Sept 11 - The Death and Life of John F Donovan

The premiere screening of If Beale St. Could Talk on Sunday September 9th has gone rush.

Saturday was still available when I redeemed at 10am

I think there has been some confusion when it comes to the tiers.

The way a TIFF agent explained it to me, is that the majority of the theaters are considered "TIER B" (approx. 80% or more). The very extreme, or partially obstructed views will be "C (less than 10%)". The areas that are closest to the guests (not necessarily the screen) will be "TIER A".

In the last year or two, there have been "tiers" as well, but they were either called "P" for premium or they were just regular tickets. The premium seats also allowed access to better seats (on the floor of RTH for example), and although the tickets may have indicated a seat number and section, you were still able to select your own seat in your given section. I would assume that practice will remain this year as well, so I wouldn't get too hung up on seat or section numbers. Please let me know if you have heard otherwise, but I would assume this would be the case as they have never enforced specific seat numbers.

Going to pipe in -- they specifically enforced seat numbers last year at Princess, and I assume at RTH. They are actively telling people to not line up if they have assigned seating at these locations, or Elgin and Winter Garden. So if you have a ticket to one of those venues, then that is indeed your seat. We accidentally took the wrong seats last year at a screening at Princess (went one row up), and were promptly moved when the people with those tickets showed up. They did not enforce specific seats when they did the Upper/Lower tickets a few years ago, but those days are gone.

I got front row seats at Winter Garden that I'm not a fan of with Tier B this year, but I'm pleased with the seating I got at Elgin and Princess. So you win some, you lose some. Just happy I'm not at the very back of the balcony.

Shoplifters is off sale. Tier A is worth it.

The Sept. 7th 9:45am screening of The Fall of the American Empire was not available just now when I redeemed by package.

Assigned seating is in effect for all movies (premier or regular, daytime or evening) in RTH, POW, Elgin and Winter Garden this year. All other locations (e.g., Scotiabank Theatre) remain first come-first serve.

it Makes sense designated seating if it will stop queues forming early.

Fahrenheit 11/9, Scotiabank Theatre 3 on the 8th is off-sale.

According to awards watch, John F Donovan on the 11th is off-sale.

I can confirm regular screenings of:

Fall of American Empire sep 7
Donovan sep 11
Burning sep 13
High Life sep 14
Shoplifters sep 15

are all off sale.

No issues whatsoever with anything else. Redeemed 40-pack with no problem.

I redeemed both of my packs easily this morning. No glitches this year - calls for a celebratory cocktail :-P

Shoplifters being off sale hurts so bad. Whhhhhhhyyyy

Can anyone tell me what is off sale for the 12/13/14?

If you read from the top of this thread, you should be able to make a list.

Sorry if it's a dumb question, after filling the package, is it normal the barcode doesn't show on the mobile app? Thanks!

It took me a while to find seating charts with both rows and numbers for each of the 4 theaters with assigned seating, so I figure I'd link them here in case other people are also looking for them:

Princess of Wales [PDF]

Roy Thompson Hall [PDF]

Elgin and Winter Garden (links to PDF floor plans to both theater on the right)

I have a couple of films in Elgin that are orchestra center, in the 4th and 5th row. I may tough them out. My showing of Widows is in the huge PoW in the third row center -- Ehh, I might try to see if I could get a better seat on the single ticket sales day by paying extra for tier A and try to exchange my current ticket for something else on the exchange day. Ugh, I really wish I'd figured this out beforehand. I'd have forked out the extra for tier A, no question.

Ulysses and Mona on 9/7 is off-sale.

Beale Street on 9/10, which I worried about is still there (got row M, if that's any indication of how many tickets are left) and I got row A in the mezzanine for the 11:30 of Halloween on 9/8. I'd warn people on all the theaters with reserved seats (Elgin, Winter Garden, Princess of Wales and Roy Thompson) that if they don't want to get hit with the surcharge, to pull down the dropdown menu that says "Best Available" to actually choose a tier. I noticed this too late and it became a choice of throwing all my tickets back into the pool to avoid the surcharge or paying the surcharge. But all went pretty smoothly.

Thanks for the PDFs.

Hi EJ, can I ask why are those bad seats? Being center Orchestra I thought was good.

Hi Monique. Center orchestra close to the stage is AWESOME for live theater, but for movies, it's way too close for me. I don't like having to crane my head to look up at the screen the entire time (it gives me a headache) and usually prefer sitting about 2/3 way to the back of the theater. I have a couple of PoW seat assignments where I am in the very last row of the orchestra (row U) and I'll take that over row 3 any day. It's just my personal preference though.

I mean, at least they're center? I may keep them if trying to get seats further back turns out to be too much trouble.

By the way, does anyone remember if we could see the seat assignments for movies in those 4 theaters BEFORE you checked out? I was too worried about any of the tickets becoming unavailable while I dithered that I didn't bother to check.

Yes, you could review seat numbers before checkout.

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Thanks EJ, I was just wondering bc I have front center for a few of mine at the Winter Garden. I selected B tier for those. I didn’t think it was too bad at first bc I’ve sat in row 3 or 4 in WG a few years ago at Tiff, but now I may want to trade those. What was your selection time? Mine was yesterday @ 1130am. My Widows POW screening is center and further back like row L, but I selected Tier A for that.

Like I said, it's all personal preference. I imagine many people would be totally fine with third row center. If you didn't have trouble with WG seats that close before, you'd probably be fine with similar seats this time -- no need to change just because a random internet stranger is weirdly picky about her seats. :)

I mean, many of the showings are already totally sold out, which means there are people who will be sitting in the first row way off to the side and feel grateful that they scored a ticket.

Gotta say, it's gonna be weird not lining up to get good seats an hour in advance for full half of the films. One on hand, lining up is a pain, but on the other hand, I had some fun conversations with total strangers in line while commiserating the wait.

Is it possible to go back and upgrade seats? I didn’t realize Tier C was obstructed. I picked that so I didn’t have to pay extra. Figured a&b they charged

Trying to figure out the earliest selection window for regular members. Mine was Aug. 28th at 10am. Curious to know what the windows were for contributors and up, too.

I believe only Tier A had a fee attached.

@Clap, mine was yesterday @ 1130am. I’m not sure if the Contributors started on the 27th or 26th bc most of the other contributors I came across started on the 27th.

@Monique, thanks for that. Figured 365ers would be today and beyond, so I guess it's just luck of the draw. Were there any hot films off sale already?

Anyone else want to chime in on their membership level/start times?

@Clap, I'm a regular member and my window was yesterday at 10 am. I got all my picks, but I didn't really try for the "hot" films.

I'm a regular member and my time slot is today at 1pm, the last time slot before it opens up to non-members with flex packs. Good thing I paid extra for membership...

Thanks EJ, for the seating charts! I'd be very curious to see a layout of the theatres that explicitly displayed the A, B & C tiers. Personally, I wouldn't consider Rows B, C & E, Seats 5-8 at the Winter Garden "B tier" seats. It feels like TIFF could save itself a lot of trouble if they were more transparent about the assigned seating. At least give us a visual representation of the tiers at the selection window so we have some sort of idea of where we'll end up.

The Visa presale is on now if you're a Visa Infinite card holder:

They have:
Ben Is Back
The Sister Brothers
If Beale Street Could Talk
American Woman
Boy Erased
Hold The Dark
Everybody Knows
Red Joan
The Old Man and the Gun

I have a question about the Tier A, B, C seating at select theatres. If I want to be up close, lets say Orchestra centre at Princess of Wales in the first 10 rows, would I have a better shot at upgrading my experience and choosing Tier A or would I just choose Best Available? Is choosing Tier A worth the surcharge? Any help would be appreciated. For just the screening of the films, it doesn't really matter where I sit. I would like to be as close as possible to the stage for the galas, if possible.

I am a member and I didn't purchase a package, so I will be choosing on Sept. 1st. Do you think TIFF will release more tickets for the films that are currently offsale? I'm interested in purchasing 1 ticket for the Beautiful Boy premiere.

Also, for those of you who have already purchased your tickets, do you have to search by film or are the films listed by date and time?


Sarah Di Lorenzo...

I suspect that you might be better off with Tier B. The one screening I splurged for tier A at the Elgin, it placed me in orchestra row "O".

If memory serves, though, you might actually have the ability to pick individual seats on single ticket day.

Any off-sale updates for those selecting on the 29th? The Visa presale sold out in about 5 minutes FYI.

Thanks to everyone for the additional information on the tiered seating. I guess I just wish it was more like the past when it was a simpler process.

Does anyone know if you can change what seats you are offered when selecting regular or premium tickets?

I selected my regular tickets yesterday but only had one opportunity to change the tier and don't recall being able to select individual seats.

Just did my picks for a Regular 40 Pack. I didn't see any off sales besides what were listed. Note to people: If you select best available - be ready to pay the $5.00 fee as I didn't notice that a bunch of my tickets were Tier A until checkout and by then I didn't want to risk changing it and losing my picks..

Did my picks just after 11am. In addition to Shoplifters @ 9am, Sep 15 and Fahrenheit 11/9 @ 5:45pm, Sep 8 being offsale as noted above, so was ANIARA @ 6pm, Sep 7.

Just did my picks at 1pm. Got everything I had wanted besides Beautiful Boy and The Death and Life of John F. Donovan. The following screenings were still available:

El Angel - 9/6
Loro - 9/7
Vox Lux - 9/7
Prosecuting Evil - 9/7
The Hate U Give - 9/8
Never Look Away - 9/8
Fig Tree - 9/8
Ben is Back - 9/9
The Sisters Brothers - 9/9
Where Hands Touch - 9/9
The Wedding Guest - 9/20
Skin - 9/10
Wildlife - 9/10
Driven - 9/10
First Man - 9/11
Divine Wind - 9/11
The Fireflies Are Gone - 9/11
Angelo - 9/11
Green Book - 9/12
Boy Erased - 9/12

I would say that it was worth it to select tier 1, for my 20 pack I ended up paying $20 Canadian to upgrade all of my seats in the applicable theaters and looking at the seating chart they're not too bad -- mostly about halfway back in the orchestra either in the center section or a few seats in on either side.

It looked to me that The Sisters Brothers screening on 9/9 was very close to being off sale, only Tier C was still available and I am in the second to last row.

Just finished and I got the following all still ON SALE:


Halloween Premium Screening
Can You Ever Forgive Me Premium
Hotel Mumbai Premium


The weekend
Giant Little Ones
Widows (second screening 10:30 am on Sunday)
Red Joan

Question for anyone who did Mobile tickets. Is there a way to add these to my apple wallet or do I always just need to sign in to my ticket master account manager?

Is Halloween (regular) still on sale?

we totally kept away from any of the assigned seat venues. this is our 21st year and in general didn't like seating in Elgin and
Winter garden any way. agree with earlier statement about meeting strangers in line, several of them are now great friends

Nick, the regular screening of Halloween was still available when I was in just now.

I didn't get to poke around too much but noticed a few items off sale that I don't think were mentioned before when I did my selections at 3:00:

8th - Monrovia Indiana
9th - Sunset

Thanks to the person above who posted that the High Life screening on the 11th was showing up at the end of the list for the 10th! It was still like this and I was able to snag a ticket.

Thanks, Joe.

I have just completed my Back Half pack (non premium) with the assigned time of 3pm Wednesday August 29 2018.

Note: Back Half only shows dates from Wed. Sept 12 - Sun. Sept 16.


FRI SEP 14 Off Sale A Star is Born TIFF Bell Lightbox Cinema 2 6:45 PM

I selected each film from Sept 12 - Sept 16 and these films when selected shown the message "This item is currently not available"

WED SEP 12 First Man Scotiabank Theatre Cinema 12 6:00 PM
THU SEP 13 Burning TIFF Bell Lightbox Cinema 3 3:00 PM
FRI SEP 14 “I Do Not Care If We Go... History As Barbarians" TIFF Bell Lightbox Cinema 4 9:00 AM
FRI SEP 14 Transit TIFF Bell Lightbox Cinema 3 12:00 PM
FRI SEP 14 Shoplifters Winter Garden Theatre 9:00 PM

Regarding assigned seating.

This was my result for POW for Widows on Thurs. Sept 13.

Single ticket

Best available $5 surcharge Orch02 J seat 15
Tier A with $5 surcharge Orch02 J seat 15
Tier B Orch08 BB seat 16
Tier C Orch10 Q seat 6

Each time I gave up my tickets (when the 30 minute timer starts) but it saved the choices so I just tried each option for the POW theatre. I chose Best available with the $5 surcharge. I found it to my liking and Tier B too close.

These were not available when I made my selections just now:
Thurs 9/9 Can You Ever Forgive Me?
Fri 9/14 High Life

Joseph -- those seat selection results are v. helpful, thanks. I'll keep that in mind when I try for more tickets on the member's individual pre-sale day.

> I suspect that you might be better off with Tier B. The one screening I splurged for tier A at the Elgin, it placed me in orchestra row "O".

Zero hectic: Orchestra "O" is great! That's my ideal distance from the screen, even if it's not right at the center. Tells you about how everyone has their own favourite spot that may be different from others'. On that note, I came across this Indiewire article from several years ago, in which various film critics talked about what they considered the "Best Seat of the House." Well, their favourite seat of the house, really. And the answers are extremely varied indeed. Maybe I'll keep the seat on the center third row for Widows and subject myself to the "immersive" experience, headache and cricked neck be damned!

I do have one Winter Garden ticket that's waaaaay to the farthest right side of the theater on the 5th row and may try to get a better seat, if there is any left, that is. With the assigned seating, who knows what type of seats will be left once we get past all the package redemption windows.

No tier A left for Ben is Back premiere. Also looks like the Sister Brothers premiere is close to off sale based on the best available seats. Good luck everyone


Oh, I agree, I'm very happy with Orchestra "O"! It was more a response to Sarah Di Lorenzo, who seemed to be aiming for something much closer to the screen. I suspect the "B" tier seats would be a better shot for her.

I'm doing 4 screenings at the Winter Garden, all tier "B", and and they're all rows B, C or E, and all in the extreme right aisle.

Anyone know if "Beautiful Boy" for Saturday, Sept 8th at 10:45AM is still available?

Sadly it is not -- but more tickets might turn up when individual sales start, or on the day of!

Is tomorrow the last day for package redemptions or is stuff also happening on the 31st?

Per TIFF site, all package redemptions close at Aug 30, 10 pm. I guess they take Aug 31st to take a deep breath and recuperate. :)

Members individual pre-sale begins at 10 AM on Sept 1.

> I'm doing 4 screenings at the Winter Garden, all tier "B", and and they're all rows B, C or E, and all in the extreme right aisle.

Yeesh. Gonna try to get better seats on individual pre-sale day, I presume? I'm not looking forward to that AT ALL. Trying to decide how many of the not-great seats I'm willing to live with so I don't have to jump through more hoops.

Worst tickets I got today were for the Wedding Guest sat 8-1pm. Maybe selling out soon. I’m balcony row L.

Someone tweeted yesterday that on Sept 1 patrons/contributors can begin buying tickets at 10am and 365 members begin at noon, but I haven't seen that on any official communications. Does anyone know if that's right?

Thanks! I will try that.

I received the email yesterday. If you are a 365 (regular/individual member) like me, tickets go on sale at 12pm. I might call TIFF today and ask just to make sure.

It's listed on their website
Yes for regular 365 members start time is 12 pm.

Is the Jason Reitman Live Read still available?

Just got my tickets, if anyone wants to trade let me know. Looking for a beautiful boy regular or first man regular or something cool:

Halloween Sat Sep 8th - 11:30 pm

Ben is Back Sunday Sep 9th - 9:30 am

The Hate you Give Saturday Sep 8th - 11 am

Widows Sunday September 9th 10:30 am

If Beale Street Could Talk - Monday September 10th - 11 am

Hotel Mumbai - Sunday September 9th 10 pm

The Predator - Friday September 7th 9:30 pm

White Boy Rick - Sunday September 9th - 9 am

Monsters and Men - Friday September 7th - 2:30 pm

Mid90's - Monday September 10th - 2:45 pm

Please email me @

Are all First Man regular showings sold out?

Just did my picks. As of 11 am, August 30, I can confirm that:

Shoplifters: Both screenings are off sale
Sunset: Both screenings are off sale
Cold War: Sept 14 off sale; Sept 16 still available
Beale Street: Sept 9 off sale; Sept 10 still available

Just selected at 1pm. Widows on Sept 16 best seat was Mezzanine Row D at Elgin

Both "Long Day's Journey into Night" and "Burning" at the Lightbox on Thursday the 13th were unavailable.

This was Tier A

Long Day's Journey on the 11th is also unavailable. Fortunately the rest of my 10 picks were still available and I should be able to rush that one if i can't pick up a single ticket.

I fulfilled my package on August 30th at 3:00 and can confirm that Shoplifters is off sale. I only checked one of the screenings and forget which one.

It took a couple minutes for my packages to appear as available, probably at 3:02, they appeared.

I successfully got the following movies:

09/07/ 12:30 Vox Lux (going by myself so got one ticket only)
09/07/2018 2:30 PM Outlaw King (husband is going alone so got one ticket only)
09/08/2018 03:00 PM The Hummingbird Project
09/08/2018 06:30 PM Ben is Back (going by myself and my seat is so good, I think it must be wrong)
09/09/2018 05:45 PM Her Smell
09/09/2018 11:59 PM Climax
09/10/2018 02:45 PM Mid90s
09/10/2018 05:30 PM Roma
09/10/2018 09:30 PM Free Solo (going by myself)
09/10/2018 09:30 PM Shadow (husband going alone)
09/11/2018 11:00 AM High Life (still listed under the 10th)
09/12/2018 10:00 AM Green Book
09/12/2018 02:30 PM Boy Erased (going by myself)
09/14/2018 01:00 PM The Front Runner
09/15/2018 12:00 PM Ash Is Purest White (husband going alone

They need to be more clear about the tier seating, and you should be able to see what seat you’re getting before you checkout, or be able to select from what’s available. It might be harder to do when tickets go on sale due to the amount of traffic, but that definitely should’ve been an option for the package redemptions.

I bought a Vox Lux ticket without upgrading to Tier A and got a seat on the far right of the orchestra at the Elgin. When I upgraded to Tier A for Halloween I got a similar seat.

Can someone who purchased tickets already let me know if the following galas are offsale:

Ben Is Back - 9/8 at POW
Boy Erased - 9/11 at POW


Any idea, if a movie is not off sale but you don't like your assigned seat, is it possible to exchange it for a different seat? I'm in Row A for a movie that isn't sold out yet. Trying to figure out what to do.

Anyone know if VOX LUX on September 7 at 1230 is still available?

What are the likely chances of picking up any screenings of; First Man, Widows, Galveston, The Sisters Brothers, and White Boy Rick? I got a 10 ticket weekday package and got all my first picks that had screenings during that time (bar First Man), so I'm going to be trying my hand again on Sunday.

See above. This is on my list.

See Katelynn's post above. Ben is Back is on the list.

Any members having luck getting single tix this morning? The site appears to be down...

I'm trying to log into my account manager and it keeps saying that my user credentials are invalid. I tried to reset my password and haven't received an email. What is going on TIFF?!

The pre-sale is only open for Contributor and Patron level members between 10-12pm. Regular 365 member access begins at 12pm. I am a regular member and tried the site at 10am just to see what would happen -- I could log into the account but not get access to festival tickets. Try again at 12pm and you should be able to get in, I think.

Unless you are a Contributor or Patrol level member then the site truly may be down...

Can't seem to log in, looks like I'm not the only one. You'd think they'd learn to improve their servers by now...

Yep I’m a contributor same thug happened to me

I am getting a notice saying that my credentials are wrong, but I was logged in earlier this morning just fine - is anyone else getting this issue? I'm in slight panic mode at the moment. Please, someone help!!!

TIFF is resolving the issue. It should be resolved in the next few minutes, according to their twitter. I'm already stressed out and I haven't even purchased yet! For people purchasing this morning, update us if you were able to log in!

Trying to log in again and keep getting "backend error" on the login page...

I was just able to log in but when I tried to buy one of the films, it kicked me out.

Ugh tried resetting my password, though I know it’s correct. Never received an email either

I got in and bought a set of tickets and checked out. Now I'm back in a queue.

Well, it’s not TIFF without a ticket buying fiasco.

I was able to log in twice for single ticket sale, once right at 10:00 and once at 10:45. And twice I got kicked out during the check out stage. I was able to log in again at 11:10 and went through the selection process as quick as I could. This time, I was able to check out successfully. Good luck to those who are still trying.

I was ALMOST there and was going to just add one more ticket before checking out. Then it kicked me back out to "please wait" queue. Frustrating!

I’m 365 member so 12pm is when we can book but I’m trying to get in now so I’m at least in as there’s a queue system and tell you not to refresh. How does this work come 12pm if I happen to get in before then. Does your account automatically refresh at 12pm or should you refresh account page.

I'm only a individual member and I already bought a bunch of tickets. I called them, they said it was contributors from 10-12 just so that it didn't bog the system down. (clearly that didn't work). Any level of member can buy from 10am on

Well I’m glad I’m trying now

I'm also an individual member and I was able to get in at 10am then was immediately booted. Finally got back in around 11:15 and was able to buy my tickets. The good thing is that I think almost everyone has been having this issue up until the last 30 min or so and I can't imagine that tons of tickets have been sold in that window.

That's kind of shady of TIFF to literally lie and say regular members can't buy tickets til noon :/ Trying to log on now for noon and I guess tons have already bought them. That's messed up! Oh well :)

Is the number for the box office 416 599 8433?

Anyone managed to get out of the queue yet? I am still stuck in line for the past 40mins.

I just got in and got Outlaw King Gala at POW and my sought after Beautiful Boy at Elgin Gala. I’m very happy. Booted me out when I tried to get First Man and Halloween premieres though.

How long have people been waiting in queue? I have been in for over 20 minutes. Starting to lose hope. This has become such a mess.

I opened another browser and got in within 5 mins that way

Finally got some tickets. It only took 2 hours, no big, hahaha. Sept 13 2:30 PM showing of Green Book went off sale during the time I was kicked back to the queue, but ah well. Cursing at Tickekmaster on the individual ticket day is a collective suffering and bonding experience for the attendees, in a way.

I usually go to about 25-27 films during the festival and have always bought 20 ticket flex regular packages with a handful of last minute additions bought on the single ticket day. I may just get a 30 film flex package next year if only to avoid having to go through these shenanigans.

I got in, made my selections, but the site wouldn't let me hit "Submit" and I ran out of time. Now I'm back in the queue. This process is incredibly inept and I'm certain I have lot all of my tickets.

I'm still in the queue. If anyone gets in and wants to grab me an 11:30PM HALLOWEEN ticket and a PREDATOR ticket (Premiere) I'll buy them from you immediately!

As single ticket Day shows don’t lose hope if stuff off sale during package redemption. It does annoy me as it’s simply a way to get more money from people. You tend to get stuff on redemption day you might not wish to see just to use up voucher and hope you can trade or sell on

I just wish I could actually get out the queue and into the system.


Ya, I figured that could happen. I got through and only selected one ticket then immediately checked out. I didn't want to risk getting an error after selecting a bunch of tickets.

Luckily I was able to get that one ticket, but now I'm stuck back in the queue to try for a few more.

If anyone can get me tickets to the Halloween and or predator premieres (midnight madness) I'll gladly give them 60 per ticket. My email is viniya . jeyakumar @ g mail . Com

You would think after all these years these turkeys could get it right, but no. Can't that hire competent computer technicians Still waiting in line, 20 minutes and counting

I was able to purchase one ticket at least. I had 2 in my cart but it kicked me out. Had to get in again and I got one ticket at least.

I was able to get into the system but even when you do that, it seems to be completely glitchy. It kept giving me an error message and then threw me back into the queue. They really need to get their sh*t together.

Just keep opening browsers as that’s what has allowed me to get back in to get more tix. Just got Halloween premiere and First Man 4pm Elgin Mon and good seats left. I do agree Tier B getting better seats from my experience here today. Good luck

Now it says I can view tickets except it won't let me. This is a total screw up.

A screen pops up that keeps rejecting my choices on the grounds of technical difficulty. That shouldn't come as surprise to these guys but I guess it does. Get reliable computer technicians for once.

Took me an hour to get in, got 2 tickets and then went to checkout. It booted me off and I had to log back in and cart is empty. Go to add the tickets again and offsale. HAH!

Had all my tickets ready to go - wouldn't accept my payment method and then I got kicked out. I'm about to lose it.


Yup. Just happened to me.

If you guys get through again just go after your top film and immediately try to check out. Try for the others later.

Allowed me to click a ticket but now I am on endless hold as there is no next step available. Mindbogglingly inept. And minor league.

I got some kind of technical difficulty error now when selecting tickets. Now I'm back in the queue probably for another hour just to get booted again. Buying TIFF tickets is a full time job except instead of getting paid you spent thousands of dollars on tickets and membership lol!

Yea, I've gotten in three times, try to pull tickets and its a tech error - try to pay and it won't go past the second screen. I'm currently embarrassed to be a member of such an incompetent organization. I have zero tickets and I've been at the computer for almost 3 hours now.

And the box office phone number is permanently busy because there obviously not enough people there to answer the phone. I wonder if TIFF has anyway that asks themsselves simple questions like "What could possibly go wrong and what can we do about it?" Seems like that person has never been hired.

So frustrating...managed to snag one set of tickets after trying multiple times. Kicked out of the system after the purchase went through, luckily I have the confirmation. Now back to waiting...

*WARNING* Even if you think you didn't manage to buy a ticket be sure to check your bank account! I got kicked back to queue when trying to order, didn't get a confirmation email of purchase, yet my bank account accepted the payment and the tix are showing in my ticketmaster account!

Does anyone know if it's possible to purchase a ticket on behalf of someone else?

If so, do you select "Online Account" or the "Mobile" option in order to best transfer them?

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Is anyone else trying to purchase these on your phone? Still waiting... it keeps kind of refreshing, worried it keeps bringing me back to the beginning of the que.

Yes I now have 3 tickets to High Life premium and 2 to Ben is Back Premium. Ugh. I was charged for all of them.

With mine it wouldn’t let me submit and kicked me out and there was nothing on my event page either. So I didn’t think it went through

Careful everyone - you think you didn't score those tickets, but it if you look at your account, you may have!

I know have two times as many tickets for each screening than I need now. This is a huge error on TIFF's part and it's only going to make it more difficult for anyone else trying to get those tickets.

Well I only received a confirmation email for 1 of each.

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