Monday, August 30, 2010

TIFF 2010: Box 9 out of 39 Drawn

In this year's ticket lottery, there were 39 boxes, and box 9 was selected as the starting point. This means all orders that were dropped off in box 9 will be processed first (after donors are processed), then box 10, 11, 12, etc., up to 39, after which boxes 1 through 8 will be processed.

If you filled out an e-mail address on your Advance Order Book and your envelope, you should get an e-mail between now and September 2, letting you know which of your choices were filled; for any that weren't you will receive vouchers that you can use starting September 2 to select a different screening. Don't panic if you don't receive an e-mail, a number of people every year don't.

You can pick up your tickets or vouchers starting on September 2, 2010 at 7:00 AM at the Festival Box Office at King and Peter. If you actually got all your choices, I recommend you do not show up first thing at 7:00 AM, as the lines will likely be long.

For all those that did not participate in the advance order procedure this year, general tickets go on sale starting September 3.


Is it just me, or does 39 boxes seem quite low? But donor ballots are also being processed before all of us, right?

Can we exchange tickets for free if we pick up tix not on Labour Day but the next day?

Is it safe to say that If my selections are in Box #15, there is a good chance that I will get most of my First Choices? First time ordering advanced tickets for TIFF so hoping that I get most of them!

probably a good chance but not necessarily guaranteed. depends on how popular your film selections were and the demand. i've been in that position before and ended up with second picks. as commenter tess noted, festival donors are usually processed before the advanced submissions and seats are held back as well. you're in a great position but i wouldn't necessarily hold my breath on getting all my first choices. still, i hope you do!

Thanks! Yeah, I figured that the most popular movies are the first to go, and depending on the popularity and capacity, they could go quite quickly! The only thing I was worried about initally was that I wouldn't get my First or Second pick as I'll be out of down when the tickets go on sale to the public and won't necessarily be able to redeem my vouchers. But i'm feeling more optimistic after the ballot draw!

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woohoo! Got an email confirmation this morning stating I got all 5 of my #1 picks! Can't wait!

The only number 1 pick I didn't get (I was in box 15 too) was Hereafter.

to Anonymous at 3:35pm - yep, I believe you have until the day before a screening to exchange your tickets so you'd be fine.

Thanks for responding Tess. So, the 2.50 charge only applies if you exchange on the day of the screening? My issue is that I can't make in on Labour Day but I don't want to pay the fine....

Had to look up the service charge you mentioned. It only applies to people buying single tickets (the ones that go on sale starting September 3).

I'm assuming that you have one of the TIFF packages where you choose your own films? For those packages, there's no service charge to exchange - you can exchange up to the night before your film, no same day exchanges. If you have a TIFF package where they pick the movies, you're not allowed to exchange at all. Hope this helps :)

Yay! I'm thrilled I can exchange tickets for free. I wonder when they started this...I've got the 10-tix pack. Why do people bother to line up for hours on Labour day if they could exchange anytime? Weird.

well im' guessing that they might want to exchange for another movie and want to ensure its not sold out. Since the movies are first come first serve, the movie they want to exchange for might get sold out if its popular once it goes on sale to the general public.

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