Monday, September 06, 2004

Got Our Films

Went down to the College Park box office this morning to pick up our tickets and see what films we managed to get out of our advanced selections. Showed up about 8:50, a few minutes before the office officially opened. There were probably about 500 or more people in line ahead of us by that point. It took about an hour or so to get to the front of the line, where we exchanged our coupons for the selected movies.

Turns out we received tickets for all 13 movies we selected. We expected at least one of the packages to come through, since it was in box 15, and they started processing from box 10 this year. But the rest of the tickets were in boxes 24 and 31, and there were only 43 boxes in total. Looks like we got lucky. Some of the films sold out so far appear to be the ones with bigger name directors, but there are also a number of foreign films for which all their showings have sold out already.

I was kind of surprised to hear that one showing of Evolution of a Filipino Family sold out, considering it's *9* hours in length. At least it's showing at one of the Varsity VIP theatres.


My experiences at the Toronto International Film Festival. Note this blog is not affiliated with the Toronto International Film Festival Group or the festival itself.
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