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TIFF 2013 Ticket Pickup Starts Tomorrow, Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday, September 2, 2013 is the first day you can pick up your tickets for My Choice, TIFF Choice, and individual ticket purchases. Go to the Festival Box Office (or if you are a TIFF Member, you can go to the appropriate TIFF Member box office) to pick up your tickets.

If you have a My Choice or TIFF Choice package, you will need your pickup vouchers, reservation #, photo ID, and the purchasing credit card for verification. Note if you used senior or student pricing you will likely also need those IDs as well. In practice, they may only check your voucher and photo ID, but I'd recommend having the other items as well to avoid any issues. If you lost your voucher, then according to the festival website, they can only be replaced in-person on September 2, and you will need the above items (minus the vouchers).

If you want to exchange selections (provided your package allows it), you can also do those starting September 2 and up to 7:00 PM the evening before the screening you are exchanging. Note that not all package allow exchanges.

If you are not doing any exchanges, I would recommend that you do not show up at the box office first thing on the 2nd, as people making exchanges will likely be there, and those usually take a long time, so you'll be waiting in line for nothing.

If you bought a TIFF Choice package, you should receive an e-mail on September 2 outlining the films the festival has selected for you.

If you purchased a Back-Half or Daytime package, your selection window will start on September 2. If you want to see which films are already off sale, you can go the site now for individual tickets and see which ones are unavailable.


I had to replace my credit card after I bought my package, but i have all the other stuff it says to bring? Will I be ok?

I mean. I ended up losing my credit card. so i got a new one since then.

You're probably fine if you have everything else. They'll probably check the voucher and your photo ID.

Some films like Mandela and August:OC are not listed as offsale, but when you click on them it says no inventory available. Is that a mistake or are they offsale?

@Anon, Those films are probably actually off sale.


You could try switching your view (eg from By Film to By Schedule).

I'd read the suggestion, and it worked for me when I was buying Flex Pack tickets last week.

How do you get tickets for the free screening of Shivers on Thursday? Is it just show up/first come first serve?

Could we start a 'Trades' thread? The scalpers are setting exorbitant prices this year...

Yes, trades, please.


Thanks, but I was looking at By Schedule

I had Mandela yesterday, but when I submitted the payment there was an error.

I think a trades thread would be a great suggestion.

People are selling tickets for hundreds of dollars that's insane.

I would want to trade Labor Day for the Double or Mandela on Saturday. Just because I'm seeing BITWC before Labor day and I'd definitely get there in time, but I wouldn't get a good seat to Labor Day and the Ryerson theatre really hurt my knees if I don't sit at the end.

Can you make a page here so we can all can sell or trade to each other in a safe environment? craigslist people are nuts. 600 dollars for two august osage tickets. come onnnn

New thread for trades please!

I just picked up my tickets @ Metro Hall with no issues and no wait. Public Line and Members line.

For the person asking how to get a ticket for Shivers, as well as the other screenings in the CTQ programme of “Curated gems from the history of Canadian and international cinema”, yes: it is first come first serve. Last year I saw a few of these, have particularly fond memories of Dial M for Murder in 3D and Tess. Show up at the venue, early (obviously), and ask a volunteer where to get a ticket. They'll either direct you to the person giving out the tickets, or direct you to the proper lineup.

Since everyone seems to be asking for it, I put a new page for *trades*. Do not post sales or requests there, so I don't have to actively manage the page. I've also disabled anonymous comments, so you will have to sign in with your Google account to post there (and actually everywhere else on this blog now).

I plan to pickup my tickets on Thursday the day of the festival. How long should I expect to wait to get my tickets? I want to make sure I leave enough time to make my first screening. Thanks!

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