Friday, August 24, 2007

Gala and VISA Screening Room Tickets

Just a reminder that tomorrow, on Saturday, August 25th, at 10:00 AM, individual tickets for the galas at Roy Thomson Hall and movies at the VISA Screening Room at the Elgin go on sale.

Tickets for these films can be ordered in one of the following ways, starting August 25th at 10:00 AM:

  • Online at the festival website
  • By calling 416-968-FILM (local) or 1-877-968-FILM (toll free)
  • In person at the TIFFG Box Office at Manulife Centre

Starting August 28, you can also order from the Festival Box Office at College Park.

Starting Septmber 5, you can also order from the WestJet TIFF Box Office at Roy Thomson Hall.

There is a limit of four tickets, per screening, per person. If you really want to see a gala film at Roy Thomson Hall, you should try to purchase tickets as early as possible, as those films tend to sell out quickly.

If you have a pass or one of the 10-film packages, you typically cannot select the gala showings at Roy Thomson Hall as part of the advanced ticketing process. However, each gala film has a second showing in one of the other festival theatres, which you can select for a pass or a package. You can select any of the VISA Screening Room showings with a pass or package.

Greg in the comments noted that a TIFF press release started that Gala and VISA Screening Room tickets are $37.50 each if you buy them in advance. Note that regardless of how you buy tickets, you can pay by cash, debit, or Visa (Visa is the only credit card the festival accepts).


hello - since you're so clued in to the whole ordering process - do you happen to know why the website & phone are not working the morning of aug 25th (today?) ... I can't even find the individual tickets listed ... :(

me neither, it's very odd...

It's driving me crazy!!!! They must be having a problem with the website and are keeping the phones busy. I hope that's what they are doing.
I knew I should have stood in line.Urggghhh

Okay that makes me angry....the site's working now and the only gala I wanted to go to is sold people ever sell their gala tickets anywhere?

Yup, finally got on and ALL the movies I wanted are sold out. Even the ones that say they are available are sold out. I'm so frustrated.

So can you still go down and see the celebrities at the galas entering on the red carpet if you don't have tickets to get in? How hard is it to see anyone?

I wouldn't ask here but I've literally searched for HOURS on other websites and blogs and there's just no info that I can find on this...thanks for any help

Since I'm sitting here frustrated I can answer your question.
For Roy Thompson Hall, you can stand across the street from the red carpet amongst the crowd and you should be able to see the celebs. Many celebs will come across and give autographs or just wave to the crowd, others don't even acknowledge their fans. I would suggest going at least an hour before the movie is to start.
The Elgin is a bit more difficult to see anyone but you can still try.

Thanks so much, that does help a lot! I'm surprised there's not more info on how to navigate the's all quite confusing

Where does it say they are sold out???? Don;' you buy the tickets from:

It doesn't say anything about individual tickets....

For Cassandra's Dream gala, for instance, on Sept. 11th, you can't select it...which I take to mean it's sold out

and if you select, say, Lust Caution it then says tickets not available.
If anyone writes on here that was in line this morning, can you let us know what that was like? Was anything available when you got to the ticket counter?

I had some luck getting tickets at Elgin online, though nothing after 7:00pm.

Does anyone know if each of the gala screenings show only one additional time, and only on the next morning? There are things I'd like to see that screen before I get into town on Sunday.

I looked at last year's schedule, and it does appear that the second showing for a gala usually takes place the next day. There were actually some galas last year that had three, instead of two, showings.

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