Friday, August 31, 2007

Box 66 is the One

The festival will process advanced orders starting with box 66 this year. They'll continue with box 67, 68, and so on until they reach box 75. Once box 75 is done, they'll circle back around to box 1 and continue processing from there.

My picks ended up in boxes 21 and 49. I figure I'll have a fairly good chance with the picks in #21, but #49 might be a little iffy.

Last year I received an e-mail confirmation of my order around 1:45 PM on Sunday, and I was in the latter half of the boxes to be processed.


I haven't received any e-mail from TIFF.

Was I suppose to have gotten something? Were they suppose e-mail you about the draw?

You won't receive an e-mail until they've processed your order. So if you're in box 65, you won't get one until late Sunday. Last year, a number of people did mention that they didn't receive an e-mail at all, while a lot of others did. Probably depends on where you are in the draw, and if they can read your e-mail address.

If you don't receive anything, you can try calling or e-mailing the box office, or you can just show up early Monday morning at the Festival Box Office at College Park. In such a case, I recommend you get there at least an hour before the opening time (10:00 AM) as there will be a long line.

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