Saturday, August 25, 2007

Gala and VISA Screening Room Films that are Sold Out

* Updated Sunday, September 2 at 11:40 AM.

The following Gala and VISA Screening Room films are now sold out:

Thursday, September 6
6:00 PM - Fugitive Pieces - VISA
9:00 PM - Persepolis - VISA

Friday, September 7
6:00 PM - Then She Found Me - VISA
6:30 PM - Rendition - Gala
9:00 PM - Lust, Caution - VISA
9:30 PM - Michael Clayton - Gala

Saturday, September 8
6:00 PM - No Country For Old Men - VISA
6:30 PM - Eastern Promises - Gala
9:00 PM - The Assassination of Jesse James - VISA
9:30 PM - Le Deuxieme Souffle - Gala

Sunday, September 9
11:00 AM - Then She Found Me - VISA
2:30 PM - Shake Hands with the Devil - VISA
6:00 PM - Nightwatching - VISA
6:30 PM - Elizabeth: The Golden Age - Gala
9:00 PM - Into The Wild - VISA
9:30 PM - The Jane Austen Book Club - Gala

Monday, September 10
11:00 AM - The Assassination of Jesse James - VISA
3:00 PM - Elizabeth: The Golden Age - VISA
6:00 PM - In The Valley of Elah - VISA
6:30 PM - Sleuth - Gala
9:00 PM - Atonement - VISA
9:30 PM - Across the Universe - Gala

Tuesday, September 11
11:00 AM - Across the Universe - VISA
6:30 PM - Cassandra's Dream - Gala
9:00 PM - Silk - VISA
9:30 PM - Cleaner - Gala

Wednesday, September 12
11:00 AM - Cassandra's Dream - VISA
2:30 PM - Atonement - VISA
9:00 PM - Romulus, My Father - VISA
9:30 PM - Blood Brothers - Gala

Thursday, September 13
12:00 PM - Margot at the Wedding - VISA
6:00 PM - Angel - VISA
6:30 PM - Reservation Road - Gala
9:00 PM - Before The Devil Knows You're Dead - VISA
9:30 PM - The Walker - Gala

Friday, September 14
6:30 PM - Closing the Ring - Gala
9:00 PM - Rails & Ties - VISA
9:30 PM - Caramel - Gala

Saturday, September 15
11:00 AM - Closing the Ring - VISA
6:30 PM - Emotional Arithmetic - VISA
Roy Thomson Hall Closing Night Film and Party - Gala

Some of the VISA Screening Room films and some of the galas still have individual tickets left.

If you weren't able to get the films you wanted, you have a few options:

  1. Check back on the website or at the box office periodically. The festival will occasionally release extra blocks of tickets, especially on the day of the showing.
  2. If you have a 10-film book, a Festival Pass, or a Daytime Pass, you will still be able to select VISA Screening Room films and the second showing of gala films, even if the individual tickets are sold out on the website. Each gala has two showings; the first is in the evening at Roy Thomson Hall. The second showing is in one of the other theatres on a subsequent day. You can't use your 10-film book or pass to get a ticket for the Roy Thomson Hall showing, but you can use them for the second showing.
  3. Stand in the rush line at the theatre. If there are any ticket holders that don't show up or if they have extra seats that are not being used by festival guests, some of the people in the rush line may be allowed to purchase a ticket for the showing.
As someone in the comments mentioned, you can go stand in front of Roy Thomson Hall by the red carpet to watch the celebrities arrive even if you couldn't get a ticket for the film. The same holds true of the other theatres as well, but there's no guarantee you'll see anyone. Last year, Viggo Mortensen did show up at the Ryerson for a showing of Alatriste, as did Sasha Baron Cohen for Borat. I saw Matthew Modine at the Elgin, Ed Harris at Isabel Bader, and Guillermo del Toro at another theatre.


If they are selling the VISA Screening Room tickets now then how much will be left for the 10 ticket holder draw?

Do they allocate some seat specifically for that draw or do they just put into the draw whatever didn't sellout today?

"Check back on the website or at the box office periodically. The festival will occasionally release extra blocks of tickets."

I'd also like to add, once at the festival, don't wait on those long lines to check availability. Call the box office to check, then pick up the tickets. Tickets that weren't available in the morning may be available in the afternoon, it changes constantly. (At least it did two years ago when I was there.)

I bought a bunch of tickets this morning, and I can't wait! We are coming from NY, and our experience at the festival two years ago was fantastic. Probably the most fun you can cram into a short period of time.

I don't know for sure, but we've always speculated that the festival reserves out specific numbers of seats for advanced ticketing and for individual ticket sales.

Since this is the first year they're selling the VISA Screening Room tickets in advance of the 10 ticket holder/festival pass draws, I wouldn't hold out much hope that they're reserving any seats for those participating in the draw. Unless someone from the festival states otherwise, it's highly unlikely anyone would be able to get into one of the sold out shows through the upcoming draw.

I wrote the festival to inquire on this issue; check out their response at the following post:

VISA Screening Room Tickets and Passes.

My experiences at the Toronto International Film Festival. Note this blog is not affiliated with the Toronto International Film Festival Group or the festival itself.
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