Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What Are the Stars on the TIFF Schedule?

If you're wondering what the stars along the right-hand side of some of the films are in the schedule, that "star strip" indicates a premium screening for that film. A premium screening is a "red-carpet experience," and you cannot select these screenings with the My Choice film packages when you are filling out your Advance Order Book. For these premium screenings, you would have to have bought one of the TIFF Choice gala packages, or you can buy individual tickets when they go on-sale on September 3, 2011.

Note that directors, actors, and crew generally still show up to the non-premium screenings, so it's not vital that you go to a premium screening unless it's someone really big.



firstly, i would like to say you have a great blog here. it has answered so many questions i had, as i am a first-time tiffer, and continues to still as the festival approaches.

i am using to select my movies and organize my schedule; it does such a great job starring the premium movies, and all that. So, my question is this: can I select a movie that is part of the 'gala' or 'special features' program, but doesn't have a star? for example, lets say I choose "killer elite," but the showtime i want doesn't have the premium star. would i still be able to sign up for this film when i fill out the advanced order process? so, essentially, i just want to know if i can sign up for any film with my my-choice package as long as it doesn't have a premium star? i don't so much care about the red carpet event, i just want to be able to see the film; i would hate to be rejected for the film because i misunderstood something and didn't take the time to ask for clarification.

thank you so much in advance for your feedback.

Thanks, glad the blog is a help.

To answer your question, if you have a My Choice package, you can pick any screening that doesn't have the premium stars, even if it's in the Gala Presentations programme.

Safest way to check is, if it's listed in the Advance Order Book, you can pick it. If you look, all the premium screenings should not be in the Advance Order book.

how can you tell which movies the celebrities will attend?

The director, cast, and/or crew are most likely to attend the first screening of a film, i.e. the one that occurs first in the schedule. For bigger films, they might only show up for that screening; for smaller films, you may get someone in every screening.

You may be able to see them enter the theatre, especially if it's a gala at Roy Thomson Hall or the Visa Screening Room. Inside, they will usually appear on stage before the movie starts. They may or may not return for a Q&A after the film.

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