Friday, August 31, 2007

Box 66 is the One

The festival will process advanced orders starting with box 66 this year. They'll continue with box 67, 68, and so on until they reach box 75. Once box 75 is done, they'll circle back around to box 1 and continue processing from there.

My picks ended up in boxes 21 and 49. I figure I'll have a fairly good chance with the picks in #21, but #49 might be a little iffy.

Last year I received an e-mail confirmation of my order around 1:45 PM on Sunday, and I was in the latter half of the boxes to be processed.

Dropped Off in Box 49

My friend dropped the other half of our collective picks off at the box office at 10:00 AM this morning. At that point, the staff were filling boxes 47 to 50 in parallel, and we ended up in box 49. Interestingly, last year there were 40 boxes in total. The boxes didn't look any different, and theoretically there should be fewer order forms because of a change in the process, so I wonder if that means even more people are using the advanced ticketing this year.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Preliminary Film List

My preliminary film list is below. We'll see by Monday which films I managed to get.

Chacun son cinema
Dans la ville de sylvia
Dr. Plonk
Encounters at the End of the World
Everything to Gain
Flash Point
La fille coupee en deux
A Gentle Breeze in the Village
Glory to the Filmmaker
It's a Free World
Jar City
Le scaphandre et le papillion
Silent Resident
Son of Rambow
Starting Out in the Evening
Sukiyaki Western Django
Le voyage du ballon rouge
Young People Fucking

Advanced Ticketing Deadline

Just a reminder, all advance order books must be submitted by 1:00 PM this Friday, August 31, in order to be eligible for the advanced order process. If you fail to submit your package by this time, your order will be processed after everyone who did make the deadline.

If you didn't buy a Festival Pass, a Daytime Pass, or a 1o-film package, your options for buying tickets are as follows:

  1. Buy a VISA Screening Room or Gala ticket at the Festival Box Office (444 Yonge St), online (, or by phone at 416-968-FILM or 1-877-968-FILM.
  2. As of September 5 at 7:00 AM, buy tickets for any film at any box office, online, or by phone. Expect slow response on the website and long lines at the box offices on this day.

Dropped Off in Box 21

I dropped my form off at the festival box office at 1:00 PM today (August 30), and I was in box 21. They were also filling box 20 at the same time.

There was a line to drop off the forms; it took around 10 minutes or so to get through the line. Expect the wait to be longer on Friday, when the majority of people drop their forms off.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Out of Town Packages

Sounds like there was a big screw-up with the out-of-town packages this year, and that hundreds were held up in customs in Newark today because they were missing manifests. Not sure where the problem was this year (although some reports seem to indicate it could have originated because of insufficent addressing info by the festival). Other people have reported problems with packages clearing customs in previous years, but it sounds like the problem might have been bigger this year. Some people are reporting that they're getting delivery promised by Thursday, although I'm sure many will only believe it when they see it.

Check out the comments to this post at the Midnight Screenings blog to see how other people are doing with their packages.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Programme Guide Gift Bag

If you ordered a 2007 Programme Guide, you should have gotten a gift bag. Unfortunately, what I didn't realize is that they had a limited number (3,000 for this year) and they ran out around 6:00 or so today. The photo below shows what the bag contains (courtesy my friend who did manage to get one):

Out of Town Packages

Blutz over at the Midnight Screenings blog has an interesting story on the out-of-town ticket packages and a disaster narrowly averted...

How the Heck do I Fill Out the Order Form (2007 edition)?

In case you wondering how to fill out an order form, you'll need the following:

1. The official film schedule:

2. The Advance Order Book:

3. A yellow highlighter.

4. A green highlighter.

Let's consider an example where you want to see the film L'Annulaire on one of the days of the festival. Note this is an example from a previous year. The order form looks as follows:

First, write the number of tickets you want in the box labeled "1st" next to the name of the film. In this example, we want 2 tickets. This will represent your first choice for this timeslot.

Next, highlight the name of the film with a yellow highlighter (you will have received one if you picked up a programme book, otherwise supply your own). Note the colour MUST be yellow. Do NOT highlight the barcode.

Next, find a film around the same time that will be your backup choice if your first choice is already full when they get around to processing your order form. Note this step is optional. If you do not specify a backup film and your first choice is full, you will receive a ticket voucher which you can redeem at a later date for another film at the festival.

In this example, Battle in Heaven will be the backup choice. Next to your backup film, write the number of tickets you want in the box labeled "2nd". In this example we still want 2 tickets.

Next, highlight the name of the backup film with a green highlighter (you will have received one if you picked up a programme book, otherwise supply your own). Note the colour MUST be green. Do NOT highlight the barcode.

Your form should look as follows:

Repeat this process until you run out of coupons or choices. For example, if you ordered a 10-film package, and you wanted 2 tickets for each film, you would select 5 1st choice films and optionally, 5 2nd choice backups. If your second choice for a film is not close to the first choice, or it is not obvious what or where the second choice is, feel free to write a note or draw an arrow, but don't write over any of the barcodes, and don't make things difficult for the festival staff by making it complicated.

If you purchased 10-film packages or the Festival pass, you can select any film except for the galas at Roy Thomson Hall. If you purchased a daytime pass, you can select any film that starts before 5:01 PM except for the galas at Roy Thomson Hall.

For a 10-film package, you can select a maximum of 10 tickets for a single film. For a Festival or Daytime pass, you can select a maximum of one ticket for a single film (i.e. you can't get a ticket for you and a friend for the same film using a pass).

When selecting films, don't forget to account for the following:

  • Films may not start or end on time
  • Times in the schedule do not include time for Q&A sessions after the film if the director or actors are present
  • You should account for travel time between theatres, as some are far apart from one another
Unlike in previous years, you can place all your choices in a single Advance Order Book, regardless of how many passes or packages you bought. If you bought 3 10-film packages, then all 30 1st choices and all 30 2nd choices can go in the same book.

Once you have finished picking your films and filling out the order forms, ensure you fill out the "Ticket Order Form" information at the bottom of page 3 of the Advance Order Book.

Once you have filled out that information, place the completed Advance Order Book in the envelope you received when you picked up your form:

Fill out the "Total Number of Tickets Requested in this order" box at the top right of the envelope. If you have 3 10-film packages, then you would write 30 in this box.

Fill out the contact information on the envelope. If you include an e-mail address, then the festival should notify you by e-mail which of your choices were filled and which were not when they have finished processing your order. If you bought the pass or 10-film package for someone else, ensure their name is also included on the form in the spot provided.

Take the Drop Off Voucher that you should have received in the mail a while ago and place it in the envelope window. Do NOT include the Pick Up Voucher; you need to keep that to pick up your completed order starting September 3 at 10:00 AM.

Do NOT seal the envelope; leave the flap open or tuck it in, but do not seal it.

If you have a festival or daytime pass, then you will submit one envelope per pass. If you bought multiple 10-film packages under your name in one order/transaction, then you will submit one envelope for all the packages. This is different from how the process worked in previous years. Basically, you should have one envelope per Drop Off Voucher that you have.

Drop off the envelope at the Festival Box Office at College Park before 1:00 PM on Friday, August 31 (that's this Friday!). Note this is the only box office that will accept these forms. If you do not turn in your envelope by 1:00 PM on Friday, then you will miss the lottery, and your form will be processed after everyone else's.

You can pick up your completed orders starting 10:00 AM on Monday, September 3. If you receive an e-mail from the festival saying you got all your choices, then I would recommend that you do NOT show up first thing in the morning, as there will be long wait. If you didn't receive all your picks, then you should line up in the morning, as you will receive ticket vouchers in place of your missed picks. You can then move to another line to immediately use those vouchers to pick other films that are still available; alternatively, you can wait to use those vouchers during the festival, but there's no advantage to doing that.

Monday, August 27, 2007

World and North American Premieres

The Midnight Screenings blog has a link to Variety's list of which movies at this year's festival are international or North American premieres. The blog also has some good articles on how to schedule your films, as well as a breakdown of the number of seats in each festival theatre. The latter could prove useful if you're trying to gauge how many tickets might be available for a given film.

Advanced Ticketing Starts Tuesday

If you bought a festival pass, a daytime pass, or one or more 10-film packages, then starting Tuesday, August 28 at 9:00 AM you can pick up your Advanced Order Book, the festival schedule, and the programme book (if you bought one). These can be picked up at the Festival Box Office at College Park, 444 Yonge Street (at Yonge and College), south entrance, market level. The Festival Box Office is open from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM for August 28 to 31. As mentioned in an earlier post, you don't have to show up right at 9:00 AM, as there is no advantage to getting your picks in first; the festival operates on a lottery system rather than first-come-first-served.

Note you must go the Festival Box Office to pick up your order book; you *cannot* go to any of the other box offices. Be sure to bring along the vouchers that you should have already received in the mail. You will need an Envelope Voucher to get your Advanced Order Book, and optionally a 2007 Programme Book Pick Up Voucher for the programme book if you bought one (note that you don't need one to complete the ordering process). The vouchers should be labelled clearly enough, but if you can't figure out which one to use, bring them all and the festival staff will take the appropriate ones from you.

Don't forget to also pick up the free festival schedule. You will need this to figure out when each movie is playing.

Your completed Advanced Order Book must be returned before Friday, August 31 at 1:00 PM. If you turn it in after that time, you will not be included in the advanced ticket lottery.

VISA Screening Room Tickets and Passes

Someone in the comments wondered if there'd be any VISA Screening Room tickets left given that individual tickets went on sale before the advanced ticketing occurred. I wrote to the festival, and got this reply:

The tickets we made available for public sales comes out of a separate inventory - it doesn't affect pass and ticket package holders.... but your access to these tickets will still be determined by both your position in the lottery for the advance order procedure and the demand on said tickets.

You may select any screenings except for anything playing at Roy Thomson Hall.

So the festival does reserve separate blocks of tickets for individual sales and for advanced ticketing. So if you have a festival pass, a daytime pass, or a 10-film package, you can still select VISA Screening Room films or the showings of gala films that are *not* at Roy Thomson Hall in the advanced ticketing process.

Thanks to the festival for their extremely quick reply to this question (someone was actually checking e-mail on Sunday night!).

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Gala and VISA Screening Room Films that are Sold Out

* Updated Sunday, September 2 at 11:40 AM.

The following Gala and VISA Screening Room films are now sold out:

Thursday, September 6
6:00 PM - Fugitive Pieces - VISA
9:00 PM - Persepolis - VISA

Friday, September 7
6:00 PM - Then She Found Me - VISA
6:30 PM - Rendition - Gala
9:00 PM - Lust, Caution - VISA
9:30 PM - Michael Clayton - Gala

Saturday, September 8
6:00 PM - No Country For Old Men - VISA
6:30 PM - Eastern Promises - Gala
9:00 PM - The Assassination of Jesse James - VISA
9:30 PM - Le Deuxieme Souffle - Gala

Sunday, September 9
11:00 AM - Then She Found Me - VISA
2:30 PM - Shake Hands with the Devil - VISA
6:00 PM - Nightwatching - VISA
6:30 PM - Elizabeth: The Golden Age - Gala
9:00 PM - Into The Wild - VISA
9:30 PM - The Jane Austen Book Club - Gala

Monday, September 10
11:00 AM - The Assassination of Jesse James - VISA
3:00 PM - Elizabeth: The Golden Age - VISA
6:00 PM - In The Valley of Elah - VISA
6:30 PM - Sleuth - Gala
9:00 PM - Atonement - VISA
9:30 PM - Across the Universe - Gala

Tuesday, September 11
11:00 AM - Across the Universe - VISA
6:30 PM - Cassandra's Dream - Gala
9:00 PM - Silk - VISA
9:30 PM - Cleaner - Gala

Wednesday, September 12
11:00 AM - Cassandra's Dream - VISA
2:30 PM - Atonement - VISA
9:00 PM - Romulus, My Father - VISA
9:30 PM - Blood Brothers - Gala

Thursday, September 13
12:00 PM - Margot at the Wedding - VISA
6:00 PM - Angel - VISA
6:30 PM - Reservation Road - Gala
9:00 PM - Before The Devil Knows You're Dead - VISA
9:30 PM - The Walker - Gala

Friday, September 14
6:30 PM - Closing the Ring - Gala
9:00 PM - Rails & Ties - VISA
9:30 PM - Caramel - Gala

Saturday, September 15
11:00 AM - Closing the Ring - VISA
6:30 PM - Emotional Arithmetic - VISA
Roy Thomson Hall Closing Night Film and Party - Gala

Some of the VISA Screening Room films and some of the galas still have individual tickets left.

If you weren't able to get the films you wanted, you have a few options:

  1. Check back on the website or at the box office periodically. The festival will occasionally release extra blocks of tickets, especially on the day of the showing.
  2. If you have a 10-film book, a Festival Pass, or a Daytime Pass, you will still be able to select VISA Screening Room films and the second showing of gala films, even if the individual tickets are sold out on the website. Each gala has two showings; the first is in the evening at Roy Thomson Hall. The second showing is in one of the other theatres on a subsequent day. You can't use your 10-film book or pass to get a ticket for the Roy Thomson Hall showing, but you can use them for the second showing.
  3. Stand in the rush line at the theatre. If there are any ticket holders that don't show up or if they have extra seats that are not being used by festival guests, some of the people in the rush line may be allowed to purchase a ticket for the showing.
As someone in the comments mentioned, you can go stand in front of Roy Thomson Hall by the red carpet to watch the celebrities arrive even if you couldn't get a ticket for the film. The same holds true of the other theatres as well, but there's no guarantee you'll see anyone. Last year, Viggo Mortensen did show up at the Ryerson for a showing of Alatriste, as did Sasha Baron Cohen for Borat. I saw Matthew Modine at the Elgin, Ed Harris at Isabel Bader, and Guillermo del Toro at another theatre.

Individual Gala and VISA Screening Room Tickets Now on Sale

Individual tickets for the Gala films at Roy Thomson Hall and for the VISA Screening Room films at the Elgin are now on sale at the festival website. Note the main site seems fairly unresponsive right now, so you may have problems getting to the online order form.

You can also call the festival at 416-968-FILM (local) or 1-877-968-FILM (toll free), or go in-person to the TIFFG Box Office at the Manulife Centre (Yonge and Bay), but I wouldn't expect either to be any less busy.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Gala and VISA Screening Room Tickets

Just a reminder that tomorrow, on Saturday, August 25th, at 10:00 AM, individual tickets for the galas at Roy Thomson Hall and movies at the VISA Screening Room at the Elgin go on sale.

Tickets for these films can be ordered in one of the following ways, starting August 25th at 10:00 AM:

  • Online at the festival website
  • By calling 416-968-FILM (local) or 1-877-968-FILM (toll free)
  • In person at the TIFFG Box Office at Manulife Centre

Starting August 28, you can also order from the Festival Box Office at College Park.

Starting Septmber 5, you can also order from the WestJet TIFF Box Office at Roy Thomson Hall.

There is a limit of four tickets, per screening, per person. If you really want to see a gala film at Roy Thomson Hall, you should try to purchase tickets as early as possible, as those films tend to sell out quickly.

If you have a pass or one of the 10-film packages, you typically cannot select the gala showings at Roy Thomson Hall as part of the advanced ticketing process. However, each gala film has a second showing in one of the other festival theatres, which you can select for a pass or a package. You can select any of the VISA Screening Room showings with a pass or package.

Greg in the comments noted that a TIFF press release started that Gala and VISA Screening Room tickets are $37.50 each if you buy them in advance. Note that regardless of how you buy tickets, you can pay by cash, debit, or Visa (Visa is the only credit card the festival accepts).

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Advanced Ticketing

Tuesday, August 28 marks the beginning of the advanced ticket selection for those who bought a Festival pass, a Daytime Pass, or a 10-Film Package (where films are not pre-selected by the festival). If you ordered any of these a while ago, you should have already received in the mail an Envelope voucher, a Drop Off voucher, and a Pick Up voucher. If you purchased a 2007 Programme Book, you should have also received a pick up voucher for that.

Starting Tuesday, August 28 at 9:00 AM, you can go to the Festival Box Office at College Park, 444 Yonge Street, south entrance, Market Level. You must go to this specific box office only. Note that there is no advantage to arriving right at 9:00 AM, for reasons explained later in this post.

When you go to the Festival Box Office, ensure you have your Envelope voucher (and your Programmer Book voucher if you have one of those). You exchange the voucher for an envelope and an Advanced Order Book. Note that it appears that the procedure has changed slightly from previous years, in that you may only get one envelope and form, as opposed to one per set of tickets. For example, I bought 3 10-film packages. Last year, I got 3 order forms and 3 envelopes; it appears that this year, I might only get one. Consult with the festival staff at the box office to ensure you get the correct number of forms based on this year's procedure.

If you have a Programme Book voucher, you can also exchange it for the full-colour, comprehensive festival guide.

Ensure that you also pick up a copy of the Official Film Schedule, as you will need this to complete your order.

Fill out each order form you received with your selections. You can consult one of my previous posts on how to fill out the order form:

Once you have filled out the form, place it in the envelope you received when you picked up the form, and include your Drop Off voucher. Do not seal the envelope, and do not include any Pick Up vouchers; you need to keep those ones yourself for later.

Take your completed forms back to the Festival Box Office and drop them off no later than 1:00 PM on Friday, August 31, to be eligible for the advanced ticket draw. Any orders received after this date and time will not be in the advanced ticket draw. You can drop off the forms any time from August 29 up to August 31 at 1:00 PM.

The festival staff then spends the weekend processing orders. You can then line up at the Festival Box Office any time from Monday, September 3 at 10:00 AM onwards to pick up your completed forms and see what movies you received. Take your Pick Up vouchers with you to exchange for your processed order forms.

Most people line up on the Monday to pick up their completed packages (and there is usually a substantial line). If you didn't receive all your desired films, you can usually line up in a different line that day to select alternative movies with any remaining coupons you have.

For anyone who did not order advanced tickets, general ticketing opens to the public on Wednesday, September 5, online, by phone, and at all the box offices.

Now, why don't you need to line up first thing on August 28th to get your order form? Because the festival has a lottery system to determine from what point they start processing orders. Therefore, there is no inherent benefit to getting your order forms returned early. Here's how the system works:

1. The festival starts with a whole bunch of empty boxes, numbered sequentially.

2. As people turn in their order forms, the forms are placed in the lowest numbered box that has room:

Here we can see completed forms being placed in box #1.

3. Once a box is full, forms are placed in the next available box, in this case box #2:

4. And once that box is full, they move to the next one, in this case box #3:

5. Once all forms have been received by the deadline, the festival has a bunch of filled, numbered boxes:

6. They then randomly draw a number from 1 to whatever the highest number box they have, in this example, 80. The number drawn represents the box number from which the festival starts processing orders. Assume for this example that 33 was the number drawn:

The festival starts processing the forms in box #33. Once they have processed all the forms in the box, they move to the next one in numerical order, in this case #34. They continue until they reach the highest numbered box, here #80. Once they finish with that box, they loop back around to box #1 and start moving upwards, until they reach the box one number before the one drawn (#32). The festival usually sends e-mails out letting you know which of your choices you have gotten.

At this point, all advanced orders have been processed and will be ready for pickup. In this example, if you were lucky enough to be in box #33, you would've gotten all your picks. But if you were in box #32, you probably won't get a lot of your picks. In that case, for each pick that wasn't fulfilled you typically receive a coupon which you can use to select a film from whatever still has tickets available. You can use these coupons any time during the duration of the festival.

Just for interest, the graph below gives you an idea of when people submitted their order forms last year:

The bulk seemed to drop their forms off in the final three hours or so before the deadline. Last year, box 22 was randomly drawn as the starting point. I had forms in boxes 7 and 12, and there were three out of about 24 movies I didn't get.

Actors, Directors, and Others Attending

The list of actors, directors, and others attending the festival this year was announced. The complete list can be found at:

Some highlights below:

Aaron Eckhart
Alfred Molina
Allison Janney
Amitabh Bachchan
Amy Brenneman
André Benjamin
Ang Lee
Antonin Svoboda
Asia Argento
Atom Egoyan
Brad Pitt
Brian De Palma
Bruce McDonald
Carly Pope
Carrie-Anne Moss
Casey Affleck
Cate Blanchett
Catherine Breillat
Catherine Keener
Charles S. Dutton
Charlize Theron
Chris Cooper
Chris Klein
Christopher Plummer
Clement Virgo
Clive Owen
Cole Hauser
Colin Farrell
Daniel Lanois
Dario Argento
David Cronenberg
David Schwimmer
Denys Arcand
Don Cheadle
Donald Sutherland
Donnie Yen
Elizabeth Banks
Ellen Burstyn
Ellen Page
Emily Blunt
Emily Mortimer
Emmanuelle Seigner
Eric Bana
Ethan Coen
Evan Rachel Wood
Ewan McGregor
Fanny Ardant
François Girard
François Ozon
Frank Langella
Freddie Prinze, Jr.
Gabriel Byrne
Gael García Bernal
Geoffrey Rush
George A. Romero
George Clooney
Gillian Armstrong
Gregg Araki
Gus Van Sant
Guy Maddin
Guy Pearce
Helen Hunt
Hugh Dancy
Ian McEwan
J.K. Simmons
Jaime King
Jake Gyllenhaal
James McAvoy
Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Jason Bateman
Javier Bardem
Jena Malone
Jennifer Connelly
Jennifer Ehle
Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Jeremy Podeswa
Jim Broadbent
Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Smits
Joaquin Phoenix
Jodie Foster
Joel Coen
John Leguizamo
John Sayles
Johnnie To
Jonathan Demme
Josh Brolin
Jude Law
Julie Taymor
Juliette Binoche
Kate Bosworth
Kathy Baker
Kelly Macdonald
Ken Loach
Kenneth Branagh
Kevin Bacon
Kevin Macdonald
Keira Knightley
Kristin Booth
Larry Charles
Laura Linney
Leelee Sobieski
Liam Neeson
Liev Schreiber
Lou Reed
Maggie Grace
Marcia Gay Harden
Maria Bello
Marie-Josée Croze
Mark Ruffalo
Martin Freeman
Matthew Broderick
Max von Sydow
Mena Suvari
Michael Caine
Michael Douglas
Michael Moore
Michelle Rodriguez
Mira Nair
Mira Sorvino
Monica Bellucci
Naomi Watts
Neil Jordan
Nick Broomfield
Noah Baumbach
Patricia Clarkson
Paul Haggis
Peter Greenaway
Peter Sarsgaard
Phil Donahue
Rachael Leigh Cook
Rachel McAdams
Rade Sherbedgia
Ray Liotta
Rebecca De Mornay
Reese Witherspoon
Renny Harlin
Richard Attenborough
Richard Roxburgh
Roger Spottiswoode
Rosamund Pike
Rosie Perez
Roy Dupuis
Ryan Gosling
Samuel L. Jackson
Scott Speedman
Sean Garrity
Sean Penn
Shauna McDonald
Sidney Lumet
Sigourney Weaver
Simon Pegg
Stuart Townsend
Susan Sarandon
Sydney Pollack
Terrence Howard
Thandie Newton
Tilda Swinton
Timothy Olyphant
Todd Haynes
Tom Cavanagh
Tom Wilkinson
Tommy Lee Jones
Tricia Helfer
Tyrese Gibson
Uma Thurman
Viggo Mortensen
Vincent Cassel
Werner Herzog
William Hurt
Wilson Yip
Woody Allen
Woody Harrelson

Film List and Schedules

The complete list of films for this year's festival is now available on the festival website at:

Note that this is just a list of the films; for most of the films there is no description of the film or a schedule of what times the film will be showing.

However, there is a complete schedule of times for the Gala films that will be showing at Roy Thomson Hall:

There is also a complete schedule of times for the films showing at the VISA Screening Room at the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre:

For a description of the other films, your best bet at this point is the site. The festival will post the full schedule and descriptions at the official TIFF site on August 28.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Important Upcoming Dates

With only 17 days to go until the festival starts, there are some important dates to remember:

Wednesday, August 22: The full schedule for the festival is available on the festival website, after 12:00 PM. You can also check out TIFF Reviews for more information about the announced films.

Saturday, August 25: Gala and VISA Screening Room tickets go on-sale on the festival website and at the various box offices for the general public. If you didn't participate in the advanced ticketing process, this is your first opportunity to buy individual tickets.

Tuesday, August 28: If you ordered a pass or coupons that require you to select films, the order forms are available starting on this date. Subsequent posts at this blog will explain the advanced ticketing process in more detail. Programme Books and printed festival schedules are also available.

Friday, August 31: All advanced ticketing order forms must be turned in to the College Park box office by 1:00 PM. All forms received after that time will not be filled until advanced ticketing has been completed. The festival will notify you by e-mail what tickets you did and didn't get.

Monday, September 3: You can pick up your advanced tickets, and choose replacements for any films you didn't get in the advanced draw.

Wednesday, September 5: Tickets go on sale to the general public for all films.

Thursday, September 6: The festival starts.

My experiences at the Toronto International Film Festival. Note this blog is not affiliated with the Toronto International Film Festival Group or the festival itself.
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