Monday, August 20, 2007

Important Upcoming Dates

With only 17 days to go until the festival starts, there are some important dates to remember:

Wednesday, August 22: The full schedule for the festival is available on the festival website, after 12:00 PM. You can also check out TIFF Reviews for more information about the announced films.

Saturday, August 25: Gala and VISA Screening Room tickets go on-sale on the festival website and at the various box offices for the general public. If you didn't participate in the advanced ticketing process, this is your first opportunity to buy individual tickets.

Tuesday, August 28: If you ordered a pass or coupons that require you to select films, the order forms are available starting on this date. Subsequent posts at this blog will explain the advanced ticketing process in more detail. Programme Books and printed festival schedules are also available.

Friday, August 31: All advanced ticketing order forms must be turned in to the College Park box office by 1:00 PM. All forms received after that time will not be filled until advanced ticketing has been completed. The festival will notify you by e-mail what tickets you did and didn't get.

Monday, September 3: You can pick up your advanced tickets, and choose replacements for any films you didn't get in the advanced draw.

Wednesday, September 5: Tickets go on sale to the general public for all films.

Thursday, September 6: The festival starts.


Great post of dates and details! I just can't wait until the 28th and get my hands on the festival book and schedule! Phone will go off the hook and I'll be in a complex land of pen, pencil, highlights and likely graph paper to draw up my schedule.

I'll look forward to hearing more info on the advance ticketing process, it's the first year I've gone as a patron!

What are the price of single tickets?
Specifically Gala night single tickets?

I haven't been able to find this information anywhere! google, old blogs..nothing..


I looked back at some of my old single tickets, and a couple of years ago, a single non-gala ticket was about $19.50, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was over $20 a ticket these days.

Kevin, you asked, "What are the price of single tickets? Specifically Gala night single tickets?"
-- according to this TIFF news release:
Tickets (available as of September 5) $19.34
Gala and VISA Screening Room (available as of August 25) $37.50

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