Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Programme Guide Gift Bag

If you ordered a 2007 Programme Guide, you should have gotten a gift bag. Unfortunately, what I didn't realize is that they had a limited number (3,000 for this year) and they ran out around 6:00 or so today. The photo below shows what the bag contains (courtesy my friend who did manage to get one):


NOOO.. I missed out on that nice bag.. I went after 6 also..

Btw, what off-the-beaten-path do you guys plan on going to this year and think is good?

Right now, I just have the movie Night on my list.

Aw, I didn't realize they were limited - what a drag! A fair amount was promo/advertising but there was some fun stuff there. I admit, the chocolate did help to win me over just a little.

Those of us out-of-towners miss out on all the goodies. I haven't gotten a bag from TIFF since 2003. < pout >

Apparently you didn't miss much. The bags seem to get cheaper every year; this year, it is made out of a thin fabric, the outer part on the front and back is laminated in plastic, and the sides are unlaminated fabric.

I am looking to buy a TIFF 2007 bag, if anyone is interested in selling, please contact me!! :D Just the bag, I don't need the chocolate and other goodies in there!

Also, how did you get this Programme Guide gift bag? Did you sign up online ahead of time somewhere? And if so, where and how did you find it? (Planning for next year already!)

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