Friday, August 31, 2007

Dropped Off in Box 49

My friend dropped the other half of our collective picks off at the box office at 10:00 AM this morning. At that point, the staff were filling boxes 47 to 50 in parallel, and we ended up in box 49. Interestingly, last year there were 40 boxes in total. The boxes didn't look any different, and theoretically there should be fewer order forms because of a change in the process, so I wonder if that means even more people are using the advanced ticketing this year.


I got my selections in Box 41 this am right around 9am. It was interesting as they had 2 ways to drop off. If you were confident in your selections you could put them in a box by a volunteer. If you wanted to have staff check them you waited in another line.

I'm glad I waited, I had a couple of notations that weren't very clear (some of my 2nd picks had not very similiar start times as my 1st picks), so they suggested how I could clarify that for the staff when processing. So far everyone has been really great and helpful and the lines have moved very smoothly.

According to this post over on the TiffReviews forum, there were 75 boxes in total, and box 66 was drawn.

Mine was sent by courier at on Thursday at noon. I don't know what my box number is=p..

Do they tell you what box your order form is in?

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