Monday, June 25, 2012

Packages on Sale to TIFF Members

Packages are now on sale to TIFF Members (if you're not a TIFF Member, you can buy ticket packages starting on July 3 if you have a Visa card, July 9 for all payment methods).

One thing to note; you may get an error if you try to buy a programme book with a ticket package. If this happens to you, buy each one in a separate transaction; i.e. complete one transaction with your packages, and a separate one for your programme book.

Right now for TIFF Members, all payment methods are accepted (Visa, MasterCard, Amex).


Hey I'm not sure if you can help me but I'm from the UK and currently on the checkout phase of the ticket purchase, but because I'm from the UK it doesn't allow me to select any option in the 'Province' box. But then when I go to confirm the order it says this box is required? But as I said it won't allow me to select it, being from the UK. And I can't get through to the phone line :/

Only thing I could suggest trying (no guarantee if it would work), would be to just pick Ontario for the province and see if that let's the transaction through. Worst case, you could call them after the fact to make sure everything went through.

Whoops, just realized you have to pick the country too. I don't know if you could pick Canada, or if that would prevent the credit card processing from working.

Yeah that's what i'm worried about :s. I can't get through on the phonelines either / there's a 49 minute wait time... If i tried later on do you think I'd still be able to get the 6 ticket premium pack and 20 flex pack that i want?

20 Flex Pack shouldn't be a problem. Not sure about the Premium Pack, though, that one will probably be more popular.

I tweeted to the festival your problem, I'll post if I hear anything back.

Thanks I really appreciate that!

This is so frustrating because the phonecall will have cost me a lot by the time I get connected, and I bought a contributor membership specifically so I could get my tickets and film selections early... I hope they're good at dealing with this :/

Apparently it should be working now, give it a try.

Yeah it's working now and I'm assuming I got the packages I wanted because it all seemed to go through fine and I've got a reservation/confirmation number etc. Thanks for your help!

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