Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Advance Order Procedure Updates

I'll be revising the post describing how to complete the Advance Order Book later today, but note that the process for specifying a second choice has changed. For veteran festival-goers, the one thing to note is that if you do specify a second choice for a slot, it's assumed that you want the same number of tickets as you did for the first choice.

Also, anyone participating in the Advance Order Procedure (10-ticket Package, Festival Package, Festival Package Lite, Day Package, or Day Package Lite) can exchange tickets at no extra cost (i.e. the standard $2.50 ticket exchange fee is waived). However, ticket exchanges can only be made up to the day before the screening (i.e. same-day exchanges are not allowed).

The box office opened a bit before 10:00 AM today, and there wasn't much of a lineup to pick up forms.


Hello, do you know how to tell if a screening is regular public or premium public? Are there any premium public in the advance order form? Thanks.

I had the same question. It looks like the evening screenings at the Elgin are included on the advance order form, and I thought those were the new Premium screenings... Anyone know if we can use our advance coupons and passes on these ones?

Commenter Tess added something to the Part 2 article on how to buy tickets to this point. She said the festival told her that anything that appears in the order book can be picked with the advance order packages. It's just that if you happen to pick a premier screening (e.g. it would have to be the first for the film at the fest), there might be fewer tickets available for the advance orders than there would be for subsequent screenings.

Wow, that is completely different from what TIFF said on the phone to me today - they said Premiere screenings are everything at RTH and 'rule of thumb' anything at Elgin VISA screening room at 6pm or 9pm but to check the criteria to confirm.

Would have been really great if they notated Premier screenings in the schedule and order form.

Shannon, that's the message I heard too (I just commented in that other post Richard mentions).

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