Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Can I Pick Premium Screenings in the Advance Order Book?

At this point, it sounds like no, you shouldn't pick Visa Screening Room Premium Screenings even if they do show up in the Order Book. People seem to be hearing different things from different people (commenter Tess earlier heard it was ok), but commenter Parabola did a bit more investigation:

"I went over the box office folks, and the person there brought over someone "official looking". He said it was a screw-up that the premium shows were in the Order Book. He wasn't sure what the resolution would be, but advised that if you want to risk picking something obviously "premium" (e.g., those 6pm/9pm showings at Elgin), be sure to have a backup choice because he didn't know if any of those selections would end up being honored."

So, the safest bet at this point is to not select anything that might be a premium screening. This would be any screening at the Visa Screening Room (the ones at Roy Thomson Hall don't show up in the book) that also happens to be the first screening of the film at the festival (you can check which screenings each film has on pages 85 - 91 on the official schedule).

I haven't heard back from the festival on my e-mail query, but feel free to add comments to this post if anyone hears anything else. Hopefully the festival will make some sort of clarification.



I am writing from the customer service department at TIFF, and would like to provide clarification.

We did indeed misprint the run with the and included Visa Screening Room premium screenings. We will be honouring selections to these, however we advise making second choices as these events will have already been onsale as singles to our donors, and there may not be sufficient inventory left to meet demand. Hopefully this error on our part will be an added enhancement to your experience and not cause any confusion.

We hope you have an amazing festival, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at customerrelations@tiff.net

The TIFF Customer Relations and Event Ticketing team

Thanks very much for the update. I also heard back from Jesse in customer relations and he communicated the same message which I've posted up.

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