Monday, August 31, 2009

Box 48 out of 54 Drawn

Processing of advance orders will start at box 48. There were 54 boxes in the draw this year.


I put this on Movie Moxie's blog but I'll add it here too in case anyone's curious.

I got an email confirmation at 10:46pm for box 24. I got 21/25 first choices and 3 vouchers.

I didn't get A Serious Man (or back up, Triage), Broken Embraces (or back up, An Education), Day Will Come (no back up selected) and Cairo Time (got the back up, Precious but it conflicts with another screening).

Not a big deal as A Serious Man, An An Education and Cairo Time will all be in theaters sooner or later.

Oddly, I did get the Elgin screenings of Chloe, Precious and The Jonses... how strange. I totally thought I had lost out on those being about half way in the draw.

So hopefully I can exchange my vouchers when I get back from vacation next week. Considering I got most of my choices, I'm happy!

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