Sunday, September 03, 2006

Confirmations Going Out

E-mail confirmations are going out as the festival processes the advanced ticket orders this weekend. My friend was in box #7, and he received a confirmation this morning (Sunday, September 3) around 9:00 AM. That means they've already processed over 25 boxes.

Interestingly, we got all the first choices, including movies such as: Alatriste, Bugmaster, Paris, je t'aime, Pan's Labrynth, and Renaissance.


Any news on your BOX #12?
I'm in 11 and still no word.



I got into box #32 and still have not receive an email from the TIFF staff. Starting to grow a little paranoid. Perhaps I wrote my email incorrectly....


I'm actually feeling a little better now that I hear "anonymous" at #12 and "verisimilitude" at #32 haven't received confirmation yet. Could be that they did the draw, filled the orders, and are now going back and doing the confirmations by the actual tickets. Could be that they are sending out verifications from box #1 and up?

I am in box 7 and still waiting, could someone please give me the e- mail address from which the confirmation was sent to them? Thanks, Fae

I'm in box 21 - the worst!! Last year they had the EM confirmations out on Fri. So fast that it made my head spin!

Apparently this year, they used a new ticketing computer program/outsourced - not sure as I can't get the truth from FF staffers. But - they have said that there have been real problems with the ticketing system.

I think that's why we haven't heard earlier!

With the whole "customs" drama, which I know is not TIFFs fault, I should have expected more drama and hand wringing. That's where I'm at since it's 8pm CST and still no email. I know my FedEX tracking # said it was delivered by 10:30 a.m. on Friday, but still, the wait is KILLING me.

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