Friday, September 15, 2006


Renaissance is a futuristic film noir set in mid-21st century Pairs by way of Blade Runner. Karas (Daniel Craig) is a cop assigned to track down Ilona Tasuiev (Romola Garai), a missing researcher who works for a huge corporation called Avalon. Ilona's medical research may be the key to her disappearance. Along the way, Karas continually runs into roadblocks, while mysterious cloaked figures always seem to be close on his heels.

The story is typical sci-fi dystopian fare, but the visuals make it especially appealing to watch. The whole movie is in black and white, with motion-captured actors animated and rendered on the screen. That style, from director Christian Volckmann, gives the whole movie a hard-boiled noir feel but one firmly entrenched in a near-future world just around the corner from ours; you could almost call it a European anime.

Renaissance is well worth seeing for those into sci-fi or animation.


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