Sunday, September 03, 2006

Box 12 Confirmations

So, my set of tickets ended up in Box 12, and I received my e-mail confirmations around 12:40 or so. Unlike my friend, I had several movies I didn't get tickets for, so they're probably sold out at this point if you're in boxes 13 to 21.

The Bothersome Man, Tuesday, September 7
La Tourneuse de Pages, Tuesday, September 7
Copying Beethoven, Sunsay, September 10
D.O.A.P., Sunday, September 10

We only got 1 out of 2 tickets for Borat on Thursday, September 7.
We got tickets for Venus instead of Indigenes, on Saturday, September 9.
We got tickets for Quelques jours en septembre instead of The Fountain, on Tuesday, September 12.

So that means Borat, Indigenes, and The Fountain are most likely sold out at this point as well.


If you ordered two tickets for Borat and only received one, that is almost certainly a keying error by the TIFF staff. I have heard of that sort of error happening a fair bit this year.

It does seem that the midnight showing of Borat is sold out, however. In a thread at the message forum, someone says that Borat was sold out by Box 13.

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