Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2009 Programme Book Gift Bag

If you ordered a 2009 Programme Book, you will get it in a tote bag filled with some goodies (while supplies last). If you just ordered one of the ticket packages or passes, you don't get a tote bag.

This year, you get:

  • A tote bag (kind of like the reusable bags Loblaws sells)
  • A Stella Artois beer glass
  • Orville Redenbacher microwave popcorn plus a small bag from RBC to put in (just like you get at the theatre)
  • A 35 g sample of Gillette Style Power Gel
  • A 50 ml sample of Pantene Pro-V Shampoo
  • A 7 ml sample of Olay Definity
  • A coupon for 10% off a Porter Air flight
  • A $1 coupon for Covergirl products
  • A Pizza Nova gift card
  • A 3 sample serving of Starbucks coffee
  • A gift certificate for Matignon restaurant (worth $10 at lunch, $20 at dinner)
  • A flyer from Mike Weir Wine
  • A Toronto tourist magazine
  • A 591ml bottle of Aquafina plus water.
  • A pen/orange highlighter (for completing your advance order book)
  • An advance order book
  • An envelope for the advance order book
  • A copy of the official festival schedule
  • The 452-page, full-colour Programme Book
Click on the picture below for a larger view.


You got more stuff than me... I didn't get any postcard sized stuff and only got 1 Starbucks thing. I was surprized at the toiletries but it's always good to have more!

I didn't realized it was if you got prog book but just went to the first set of folks there.

Yeah, it's almost always been program book... at least starting a coupla years ago I think (before that everyone got a bag if you were there early enough).

I'm happy that I now have two Stella glasses. They keep this up and I'll have a full set soon!

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