Friday, August 25, 2017

TIFF 2017 Off-sale Screenings

Here is a posting for current off-sale films for TIFF 2017. Note that films that appear off-sale here may come back on-sale as tickets are released or if the festival releases additional inventory.

Please post additional off-sale (or films that come back on-sale) in the comments. Thanks!


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At today's single ticket window for Patrons... Suburbicon, Borg/McEnroe, and In Convo with Angelina are off sale.

Also Gaga is not even listed on the sales page -- it's not off-sale, just not even there. The page in the guide says single tickets won't be available until September 5.

Glad to see you're back, but where's all the usual stuff?

TIFF said on Twitter that Gaga tickets are Regular and not Premium, and would be available starting September 2 during the TIFF Members 365 Single Ticket Day.

They need to get their act together. When was this ? At 11:44 am they tweeted me a link to the CSV, saying it is "the most accurate and up to date" version of the schedule," and it shows Gaga as Premium. The page on the site says September 5.

Wouldn't doubt its actually Premium. Just going off what the TIFF Help Twitter page is saying re: tickets. As far as I can tell, all films say you can buy as of the 5th if you click their showtimes right now off the TIFF website, but single tix for TIFF members 365 is Sept 2, "insiders" is Sept 3 and public is Sept 4.

Glad to see you're back, Richard!

great to see you back, so very helpful for lesser member scheduling

What great insight. Truly appreciated. For the 1st post which screening of the Borg/Mc is no longer available? Also I corresponded with TIFF and was also told the Gaga doc was regular screening available on Sept. 2 for members (with equal access for all members regardless of membership level).

As of 12:30 pm Bronze package redemption nothing is off-sale over and above what was already listed above.

A friend and I have our selection windows at 3pm ET, so we'll update this page around 3:30pm ET today with anything else offsale.

What screening for Suburbicon?

The first (premium) one Sat Sep 9 at POW.

How is it working for seat selection at RTH or POW showings? Do you select individual seats online?

For packs, they pick your seats.

I believe when it comes to single ticket day, you are able to pick them yourself.

Also -- every Regular ticketed movie -- with the exception of Gaga -- was available today from what I could see.

I just finished my fulfillment, which was the 6 premium flex pack and 10 day ticket flex. No problem with the premiums I wanted but when I went to fulfill my 10 day, the Saturday and Sunday dates didn't even show up! I went back and forth three times to re-open my window and nothing. So I have three vouchers and been on hold with them to figure this out. Very strange.

Let me know if anyone else saw this.

I picked best available on the seating each time - when I clicked on seat map a couple of times, nothing showed up. My seats seem okay.

mgny441: Yes, I had the same problem on trying to fulfill my daytime pack - the last 2 days did not show up (so I'm left with a voucher as well).

RE: Reserved ticket selections, yes, David is correct. I bought single premiums yesterday at POW and was able to/had to select the individual seats. "Best available" wasn't even an option. For package selection today it was the other way around. "Best available" is the only option. There IS a link that says "seat map" which opens a box when you click it but only a TIFF graphic shows up.

I fulfilled a 60 pack today and had no problem picking films on the last Saturday and Sunday so that's weird that happened to people.

I think I was just told the problem. There apparently is a difference in the 10 day packages - the operator finally came on and just before she finished her sentence, she dropped off. From what I heard, if you buy a 10-ticket daytime vs. 10 "regular", I guess, you can't buy day films on the weekends. I had no idea there was a diff in these packages - I've bought the 10 pack for 15 years. So I bought the incorrect package.


- Borg/McEnroe (premium) on Thursday, 9/7 (both screenings)
- The Upside (premium) on Friday, 9/8 at Roy Thomson
- Suburbicon (premium) on Saturday, 9/9 at Princess of Wales
- C'est La Vie (premium) on Saturday, 9/16 (both screenings)

All other premiums and regular tickets were available as of 3:30pm ET on Sunday, 8/27.

I had a 6 ticket regular pass and didn't have issues with the weekend films.

I was happy that the computer didn't freeze up during selections this year because last year I had to get on the phone and wait 90minutes to make my selections. However, I anticipate that single ticket day for members will be a bit of a nightmare.

It remains bizarre that the Lady Gaga doc isn't even available. The entire point of paying for a membership is to be able to access the films earlier.

Not off sale, per se. Just some info about what's popular based on people's TIFFR interest from a few hours ago:

Films Ranked by 'Interest':
1. Shape of Water
2. Downsizing
3. Killing of a Sacred Deer
4. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
5. Lady Bird
6. Disaster Artist
7. Call Me By Your Name
8. mother!
9. The Square
10. The Florida Project
11. Suburbicon
12. Molly's Game
13. I Love You, Daddy
14. The Death of Stalin
15. The Current War

Interested in getting tickets for In Conversation With Angelina Jolie and Lady Gaga's documentary. I am a TIFF member and I'm allowed to start purchasing Sept. 2nd. Do you think more tickets will be available by then? Also, I see that Lady Gaga is not available yet for members who already purchased. Why is that?!

Good question, Sarah. I've been asking the same question for days. Some others have brought it up, as well. Nobody seems to know. The only thing I can think of -- and I'm not saying I agree with this -- is that someone somewhere made the decision to make it more accessible to members at the basic level. I guess they figured if they put it up like a normal screening it would only go to high rollers and high level members and I guess they figured many of her fans don't have that kind of money. They probably also figure that while Gaga fans can't necessarily afford the hundreds for a higher membership they CAN afford the basic cheapest one, so it's a way of getting money out of the little people, too. They figure a Gaga fan will fork over the basic membership money.

Just a guess.

The Premium - first screening

In Conversation With... Angelina Jolie is off sale (Aug 28, 10:47 AM).

I wasn't looking at Premium, but I just redeemed my Flex Pass and only the Jolie talk was off-sale at this point.

Good luck everyone!

Everyone take note -- TIFF started listing their Schedule Changes today.

Most are just timing, but they swapped the screenings of Battle of the Sexes and The Florida Project at the Ryerson on September 11.

And appear to be adding the new Denzel Washington movie, Roman J. Israel, esq.

Nothing but the aforementioned "In Conversation With... Angelina Jolie" Off Sale as of 1:45P.

While I'm in favor of assigned seating, I'm not digging the execution. You should be able to pick your own seats. Out of three assigned seating screenings I'm hitting, only one seems to have generated seats I would normally find acceptable (as close to dead center in the Center Orchestra section as possible). The other two shoved into the far right corner of the Orchestra Right section at the PoW. Hopefully it won't be too bad.

this is our 20th tiff and we have never had to deal with assigned seats. are all films at Elgin and POW assigned or just galas? if assigned seats, no reason to line up early?


Denny - Not Elgin. Just Roy Thomson and PoW - but *all* screenings at these two locations.

You'll still want to line up ~30 minutes in advance, I would think, but with assigned seats, there should be fewer folks getting in line 2 hours in advance to get the best seating.

When you buy your TIFF tickets, you'll get an email that will officially say this:
"Please note assigned seating is available only at Roy Thomson Hall and the Visa Screening Room at the Princess of Wales Theatre. For all other venues, seating is General Admission (noted as GA or GEN on your ticket). Seat rows and numbers on tickets indicate to Front of House staff which section to direct you to, including reserved sections if applicable.

We recommend arriving one hour prior to your screening. Seating is guaranteed only until 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the screening. We start admitting the Rush line 10 minutes prior to start time."

I wonder if they will ever do reserved seating for every venue? It would certainly change the nature of running around the downtown core to get to the venue at least 60 minutes before or being able to schedule movies that are closer together.

Nothing to really add here, but I am surprised that we haven't seen more "off sale" films today (Monday). Last year, I seem to recall many more off sale films by the time my window came up on Monday.

Like everyone else, I only saw Angelina's ICW off sale when I redeemed my regular flex pack at 12:30 today.

The lineup is kind of weak this year, especially compared to last year. I think ticket package sales are down.

I can't believe they are already changing screening times. Especially as everyone is trying hard to slot things in, it just makes it that much more difficult.

I think that if more screenings become assigned seating, it isn't adding any benefit to my experience. If I can't pick where I want to sit then I shouldn't be forced into a seat that I would not want to pay for. Especially if they can't tell me before I decide to buy the ticket. I see no advantage to this as I have no problem waiting in line for the seat that I want. Also, a lot of times you see people at the screenings and you want to sit together, this eliminates that. I'm not impressed so far this year.


- Borg/McEnroe (premium) on Thursday, 9/7 (both screenings at 6:30pm and 8:00pm)
- The Upside (premium) on Friday, 9/8 9:30pm at Roy Thomson
- Suburbicon (premium) on Saturday, 9/9 6:30pm at Princess of Wales
- The Current War (premium) on Saturday, 9/9 9:30pm at Princess of Wales
- In Conversation With... Helen Mirren on Saturday 9/9 at 7:00p at Glenn Gould Studio
- Public Schooled on Saturday, 9/9 7:15 PM at Jackman Hall
- In Conversation With... Angelina Jolie on Sunday 9/10 at 7:30p at Glenn Gould Studio
- The Mountain Between Us (premium) on Sunday, 9/10 6:30pm at Roy Thomson
- Kings (premium) on Wednesday, 9/13 at 6:30pm at Roy Thomson
- Long Time Running on Wednesday, 9/13 at 9:00pm at Roy Thomson
- C'est La Vie (premium) on Saturday, 9/16 (both screenings at 6:30pm and 8:00pm)

* No guarantees as to the completeness of this list.*

Hey, not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask but for anyone who has done the Visa Infinite presale before, how does it work? This is my first year trying for that. Haven't received any emails from them yet.

I'm aware of the Visa Infinite pre-sales for packages (which was back in June) and Visa Infinite Priority Line to get into POW but I'm not aware of any other Visa Infinite presale.

I received an email about the infinite sales last year and everything I tried had sold out in less than 5 minutes. I think they had very few tickets. If I remember correctly it was listed the day before or after individual sales.

Hello. What about mother! at POW...isnt that off sale as well?

mother! at POW is off sale for the Sep 10 screening. The others are available.

my package window is tomorrow and there's 5 films i want to see but i only have 3 package tickets, so i'm trying to figure out which 3 i should pick tomorrow and which 2 i should leave for the public onsale, in terms of popularity.

if i post my 5 picks, will you guys give me your opinion?

Hi all, I saw that Roman Israel, Esq. (new Dan Gilroy film) was added to the schedule changes last night but then removed shortly after. If anyone is picking their films today, if you could check if it's showing for selection or not. I'm thinking maybe they will add it before single ticket day or later on maybe. The times shown before the removal was Sept 10th Ryerson 9pm and Sept 15th Scotia 9:15pm.

my five tiff picks, your opinions would be greatly appreciated as per my post above.

molly's game
the killing of a sacred deer
film stars don't die in liverpool
woman walks ahead

I would do the last three as they don't have release dates. The first two do.

killing sacred deer will be a tough ticket
film stars & disobedience would be good choice.

can't see woman walks alone being hard to get and ollys game shold open very big so unless you wanted to see the star, i would pass

v. good point, didn't even think about that

Just got done fulfilling package - only the conversations were off-sale. Interesting note about securing tix - in the details of the order when it says "Seat" on non-assigned seating venues (everything but POW and Roy Thomson), your seat is how many have thus far have been sold, so if it helps figure out how much room is left, as of 11 am EST, 8/29:

The Price of Success - 12
Grace Jones - 23
Loveless - 23
On Chesil Beach - 48
Bodied - 50
Lady Bird 29

Sept. 8
The Summit - 8
Kodachrome - 39
Death of Stalin - 5
The Ritual - 9

Sept. 9
Outside In - 5
On Chesil Beach - 17
The Children Act - 35
Mary Goes Round - 18
A Season in France - 21
Ravens - 12
The Rider - 28
Mom and Dad - 32

Sept. 10
Ava - 43
Mary Shelley - 25
Alanis - 8
I Kill Giants - 42
Who We Are Now - 20
Dark River - 44

Sept. 11
Happy End - 22
Euphoria - 20
Disaster Artist - 30
Unicorn Store - 19

Sept. 12
Jim and Andy - 25
Lean On Pete - 38
Thelma - 38
A Worthy Companion - 17
The Third Murder - 3
Racer and the Jailbird - 46
Brawl in Cell Block 99 - 43

Sept. 13
Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool - 32
A Fantastic Woman - 42
I Love You Daddy - 37
Loving Pablo - 24

Sept. 14
Kings - 4
Marrowbone - 36

Sept. 15
Plonger - 24
Woman Walks Ahead - 26
Youth - 25
Thelma - 30

Sept. 16
Outside In - 24
Chappaquiddick - 22
Kodachrome - 17
My Days of Mercy - 48
I, Tonya - 10

To whoever was asking about Roman Israel... it's not an option in package redemption (yet)

Wow. Thanks Stephen Saito.

Stephen, do you mean Lady Bird on Sept 8?

You're right, Vladimir. Sorry - Lady Bird on Sept 8 at the Ryerson at 9

The numbers you've listed are the tickets sold, not the tickets remaining -- correct?

Friday September 08
Call Me By Your Name
9:30AM Bell Lightbox 1

It wasn't listed as offsale, but the system wouldn't let me put 1 ticket in my cart.

I can confirm with Patrick, Call Me By Your Name Sept 8th is off sale but just not listed yet.

Welcome back! I looked for you on Twitter today. I managed to get 'conversation' tickets today so they must have gone quickly. I have a couple of tickets to trade in the ticket trade section of this blog (including a Borg/McEnroe). Just to clarify, the trade forum here is still ONLY for trading or if you're trying to sell a ticket (NOT buyers)?

I'm assuming no one knows of other things that have gone off sale since whatever was posted about last?

Are all In convos offsale or just jolie and mirrens?

I believe Loveless at 12:30 on Friday, September 8 is off sale. When I completed my selections a red-fonted notice popped up saying that Loveless needed attention. When I tried to select it again, the same notice popped up. Never told me it was off sale but the fact that I couldn't select it made it pretty clear it was off sale. I chose another film and my order went through.

Went off sale by 2pm. I know bus I had a ticket when I clicked Find My Tickets at my 1pm selection time, but then when I clicked add to cart I got booted for inactivity somehow. By the time I redid everything that and the first screening of I Kill Giants went offsale

Bardem was onsale at 2pm

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Just got 35 of my 36 first pick tickets.

I saw 3 marked as off sale:

Saturday, September 9:
In Conversation With... Helen Mirren
Public Schooled

Sunday, September 10:
In Conversation With... Angelina Jolie

In addition, when I went to select I Kill Giants on September 9, it wouldn't let me select it, so I presume it will be marked as off sale shortly.

That was my number 1 pick. Oh well.

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Ex Libris - The New York Public Library on 9/8 was offsale when I fulfilled my package at 6:00 p.m. tonight. Tried two separate times and ended up opting for 9/16.

I just made my selections. The following were off sale:

Stronger - 9/8
The Upside - 9/8
Suburbicon - 9/9
The Current War - 9/9
mother! - 9/10
The Mountain Between Us - 9/10
Breathe - 9/11
Kings - 9/13
Long Time Running - 9/13
C'est la vie! - 9/16

What's strange is that Downsizing appeared to be on sale still. Same with the 9/8 screening of Call Me By Your Name. But others before me in this thread said they were off sale. Certainly is confusing. I was able to get most of what I wanted, but I'll have to investigate further on how the exchange process works.

Cmbyn regulat is offsale. Downsizing might be my mistake, I probably chose sth else that is close to downsizing...sorry!

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Exchanges are easy. They begin Sept 5. You can do them in person, over the phone, or online.

Officially: "You can exchange tickets beginning September 5 at 7am for free online in your TIFF Account. Exchange tickets in person at the Festival Box Office or over the phone, up until two hours prior to the start of your screening, for $2.50 per ticket. Please note there are no exchanges for Buzz List package or Closing Night tickets."

Last year I made an exchange on my cellphone. Took just a few minutes.

Ex Libris is coming to the Hot Docs cinema in October.

Members don't pay a fee for exchanges. Otherwise my exchanges would have cost me more than $100 last year.

As a non-member how much do exchanges cost? I ask because I am very interested in the Roman Israel Screening Friday the 15th. But we don't actually know if it's happening?

film_no_r: Did you make these exchanges via your TIFF account or in person?

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9/8 Death of Stalin was off-sale for me as of 9pm.

Exchanges only cost a fee if you do it in person (and aren't a member). If you do it online through your TIFF account it is free even if you're not a member.

Anyone had issues with selecting seats at Princess of Wales / RTH when fulfilling packages? I wasn't able to load the seat map and got a randomly assigned seat as designated by the system. What is the point of assigned seating when you can't choose your seats in the first place?

The seat selection only works when you purchase individual tickets. Package fulfillment assigns the seats for you.

Online, mobile and at the main box office. They've listed fees for a few years, but I've never paid yet.

Fantastic! Thanks for the info!

Just had my package window now. Got everything I wanted EXCEPT the premiere of Disaster Artist, midnight at Ryerson 9/11, which was not marked as off sale but when I tried to get it, it said there was no inventory.
Didn't notice what else was off sale.
My dad did the Visa Infinite presale this morning, he got the link in email yesterday. It was only for select films at PoW. We got mother! but Suburbicon and The Current War were already off sale.

Before screenings of The Death of Stalin were offsale as of 1pm.

There are 3 Death of Stalin screenings though?

sorry, the Fri Sept 8th and Sat Sept 9th showings of Death of Stalin are offsale.

I just redeemed my package, and the following shows were offsale:

The Other Side of Hope - 9/8
The Death of Stalin - 9/9
Mary Shelley - 9/10
Happy End - 9/11
Catch the Wind - 9/12
Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool - 9/13

Looks like The Breadwinner - 9/10 - is off sale now too

I redeemed my package at 8 pm, the following were offsale:

Loveless - Friday 8th
The Other Side of Hope - Friday 8th
Happy End - Monday 11th
The Florida Project - Monday 11th

These were off-sale for me as of my 9:00 p.m. selection window:

Fri, Sept. 8 - Borg/McEnroe
Sat, Sept. 9 - Molly's Game, I Love You Daddy
Sun, Sept. 10 - Suburbicon

Damn, Molly's Game, I Love You Daddy, Disaster Artist and Suburbicon all gone. Really regretting buying a package given I got 1pm tomorrow. :(

This might be useful:

August 31: 10pm — Package redemption closes. All unredeemed packages and tickets will be converted to vouchers, which can be used starting September 5 at 7am.

September 1: Although your Box Office remains open, no ticket sales will take place in person, by phone, or online. Enjoy the holiday!

September 2: 10am to 4pm — Members' exclusive pre-sale. This is your next opportunity to purchase individual tickets through your Festival Account Manager.

September 3: 10am to 4pm — Insiders’ pre-sale online via (for TIFF Partners and email subscribers).

September 4: Tickets go on sale to non-Members via

September 5: Tickets can be purchased or exchanged at the Box Offices (7am to 10pm), over the phone, and online via your Account Manager.

September 6: Box Offices open from 7am to 10pm at Metro Hall (225 King Street West, lower level)

September 7: Box Offices open from 7am to 7pm (closing early for Opening Night).

September 8–17: Box Offices open daily from 7am to 10pm

Will - Even though you received a less than ideal time slot, you still get to pick your selections before single ticket day which is when the majority of the public gets theirs - which is never a pleasant experience either.

Does anyone know if you can transfer your tickets to a friend via Ticketmaster?

I was considering getting tickets for my wife's friend that will be attending separately from us. I was going to have her pick them up at the box office, but they my require id and credit card.

Transferring them to their Ticketmaster account would be easiest. Does anyone know? Thanks in advance.

@Brad - yes you can transfer your ticket(s) to a friend via Ticketmaster. I did it other day, it was easy.

@Andrea Thank you for the quick reply- I appreciate it.

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Just did my back half picks.
The Third Murder on 9/14 is "not available", so is likely offsale

Thanks TiffTalk community for all the info!

Both of the Disaster Artist screenings were showing "not available" for me this morning.

@Brad Just a heads up although it is run by Ticketmaster, this won't show up in their regular TM account. They need to set up a separate TIFF Ticketmaster acct. (I was on the phone with my mom for 30 mins explaining this earlier today)

Happy End screenings on the 11th and 12th are both sold out. Disobedience on the 12th is sold out.

The screening of C'est la Vie on Sunday 17th was sold out.

@Julie Good to know. I would've assumed that a Ticketmaster account was enough. Thanks for the clarification.

@Julie and @Brad, sure enough I transferred the ticket to another TIFF member using Ticketmaster, so that makes sense.

Kind of stupid that you can't juts transfer to anyone with a TM account. Maybe TIFF is just licensing their technology.

Are other people getting emails from TIFF today with personalized film suggestions? Seems to be based on some algorithm although shouldn't they have done that last week?

I got one. At this point I think they're aiming to send something out every day. Now they are focused on individual sales, which is why they didn't send them out sooner. They figure a package is a package -- you're not spending any more money when you fulfill packages. But suggestions will entice buyers.

Notice how there are now at least six new events that have been added to the schedule, NONE of which were made available for package selections (or even Patrons Circle single ticket purchases). All are being held back until individual ticket sales on Saturday for members (and Sunday for Insiders and Monday for non-members). Clearly the focus now is on selling as many tickets as possible starting Saturday. That's why they waited until today to announce Roman, for example, even though we knew it was being added a week ago.

TIFF ticketing crashed and is down or barely functioning. It's not just you.

It's completely crashed now, isn't it?

TIFF Help @tiff_help
Replying to @larry411

We are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!

TIFF Help @tiff_help

We're aware all Account Managers are down and are working to resolve the issue. Thanks for your patience, film fans!

They should have implementing a queue even after window selection to let people in. Problem is anyone at any window is currently hammering if they couldn't do it earlier in the day.

If only they had a tech company as a Lead Sponsor like, say, Bell.

Oh, wait...

I got in and got this:

There is a problem with your request, please contact TIFF at 1.888.599.8433 or
An error occured with the availability server / geometry service

Obviously issues.

This just went up:

AccountManager is undergoing system maintenance and is currently unavailable.
Please check back shortly. We appreciate your patience while we update the system.

If you have any questions, please contact the box office of the team or organization.

The AccountManager Ops Team

It's even worse now:

AccountManager is undergoing system maintenance and is currently unavailable.
Please check back shortly. We appreciate your patience while we update the system.

If you have any questions, please contact the box office of the team or organization.

The AccountManager Ops Team

ANdI was on the flex pick page. HAd 2 movies in my bucket.

Okay, I got to the login screen... and it needs me to relogin.

It;s back to doing what it did earlier. The site is up but it takes so long for pages to load that they time out.

I'm getting further. On 4 picks. I Kill Giants did not load but not listed off sale either.

Currently trying to "check out" my selections.

And it's having problems...

Why 4 different check out steps? Each one struggling.

Finally finished it. that took... too long.

I know, it's like every click you wait...and wait...and pray it doesn't kick you out. And then there's another step...and one more...

Under the Tree - Sept 16 @ 6:15 let me select it, but then said no tickets were available.

TIFF Retweeted
tiff_help's avatar
TIFF Help @tiff_help

The 10PM deadline to redeem Flex Packs has been extended because of this outage. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience!

Any updates on the off sale list?

First They Killed My Father - 9/11 still available?
Stronger - 9/9 still available?
The Upside - 9/9 still available?

That was stressful... my first time going to TIFF. Could log into account but no option to Redeem, then after awhile I saw redeem but no package under it. Finally saw package close to 1/2 hour after my window was suppose to open. It was slow going, but no glitches after that. Sarah - was able to get Stronger 9/9, but that was over 1.5 hours ago.

First They Killed My Father - 9/11 still available? YES
Stronger - 9/9 still available? YES
The Upside - 9/9 still available? YES

FROM TIFF: Due to the technical issue with Account Manager, #TIFF17 Flex Package Redemption has been extended online to Sept. 1st at 10AM EST.

On Sept 5 when we can exchange tickets online - how does that work? Do you sign into your account, pick a new screening and find out if tickets are available and then pick the tickets you want to exchange for it? Is there an option to 'Exchange' on right that shows up that day and at what time? Thanks!
Also - when purchasing individual tickets, is it done through your account too or is there another link I should go to?
Thanks for any help - first year and figuring things out.

Thanks! Crossing my fingers for Sept. 2nd!

I didnt see any good choices with my premium flex pack. With the vouchers will more films be available to choose from on the 5th or should i just pick ones available now?

Starr: When purchasing individual tickets, members would go to the same account and click "CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE" under Tickets + Join + Donate. You'll then see every screening by day and time. Non-members will purchase through

The exchange process was confusing last year so they may change it. You started by picking the film you want and then you would pick the one you want to give up. People were really confused by it. They may change it having you first pick the one you want to give up and then the one you want.

Unknown: Sometimes Premiums that are now off-sale will become available on the 5th as people exchange tickets. If someone exchanges one, for example, it will then show up as available in inventory. This can happen anytime so even if it's not there at one time it may show up later. They USED to hold back tickets for individual sales but last year they didn't. Anything that was off-sale after package redemption was still off-sale on individual sales days.

Either way, if you pick something now that's available you can exchange it on the 5th the same way you'd exchange a voucher. It's the same process.

Actually last year I found a few I tried for with my package and couldn't get did come back on sale on single ticket day. It's Only The End of the World and Birth of a Nation did.

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Does anyone know if the premium screening for battle of the sexes is still available ?

Does anyone know if call me by your name premium screening on Thu night Sep 07 still available?

Thanks Richard - very helpful! Hen you say member - I'm not a paid member but am signed up as TIFF Insider so am assuming individual tickets I'd purchas through this same account as my package?

Unknown: Yes, it is still available.

Starr: From the TIFF site:

September 2 Member individual tickets pre-sale (10am—4pm) — only on
September 3 Insider individual tickets pre-sale (10am—4pm) — only on
September 4 Public individual tickets on sale (10am—4pm) — only on

@Larry Do you or anyone else know if there is a list of all of the films that have been added to schedule after August 24th (the day the official schedule was released)? Just looking for the late additions and titles that may not have been previously announced.

@Brad -- TIFF will be posting a list sometime in the next few days. I think they said on their Twitter it would be today or tomorrow, but for sure it will be up by Sept 4 when the Public sale starts.

Your best bet right now is to skim through the comments on this post -- -- to see what is and is not off-sale.

Thanks Larry! (What I should have said before...Should have waited till after my first coffee)
Looks like Ticketmaster for me then. Will look at getting another account set up.

What's the likelihood that some of the off-sale screenings from package time come back on sale on the second. I remember a lot of tickets coming back on last year, if I'm not mistaken.

@Brock if history is anything to go off (and I've been doing TIFF for 12 years now), some will come back on sale and some won't. I'm guessing something like In Conversation with Angelina Jolie won't come back on sale but Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool Gala might. Subirbicon might not, because it seems to be the hottest ticket this year. But you never know. It's really hard to tell. Typically the rule of thumb is that if a movie playing at a smaller venue (TIFF Lightbox, Scotiabank, etc.) sells out really quickly during package fulfillment, it won't come back on sale. The bigger the venue, the more likely it is they release more tickets.

I hope that helps. I might not be the most informed, but I'm just going off my experience from the last decade and a bit.

Thanks for the help. Just the answer I was looking for (mainly to get my hopes up haha).

More Speakers/Conversations added, incl Brie Larson, Louis CK and Aaron Sorkin:

Are those mostly industry events? I don't see it being open to the public.

Could be industry yes, but I wonder if some of these may turn into ICW sessions open to the public. Will keep an eye on the TIFF site.

Thanks for the info!

And ICYMI, Dan Gilryo's new film starring Denzel Washington and Colin Farrell just got added. Sun Sep 10 Ryerson 9pm first screening, not Premium. Tix on sale to members tomorrow:

This is the official Changes/Additions page although it has lagged behind a bit.

Roman Israel was added on Tuesday -- both the press release and the page for it in the Film listings has been there for days with the screening dates and times -- yet it is still not on the Changes/Additions page.

Vladimir is on the money. It's impossible to know what their intentions are. For years the policy was to hold back on tickets for individual sales, since the members above a certain level would sometimes snag them all, leaving nothing for the public and lower level members later on. They even promoted this fact. Then, last year, just as everyone was expecting a lot of off-sale screenings to come back on, they didn't. There were a few, as folks have mentioned above, but it was nothing like in previous years where just about everything became available. Many of the screenings that sold out early in the process simply remained off-sale last year. But Vladimir may have the key - they might be able to look at the demand and the size of the venue and see if they can release blocks from the reserved sections. There are often hundreds of seats reserved for cast and crew, sponsors, buyers, etc. at the big premieres, especially in the larger venues. Perhaps by tomorrow they will have a clearer picture of how many seats need to be held, allowing them to release some.

There is usually a complete list of off-sale screenings that is posted the night before individual sales, i.e., tonight.

Thank you Larry for all your help! It is much appreciated as always!

P.S. Vladimir also mentioned Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool Gala coming back -- if it helps, I can tell you that, as a Patron, I was able to go in early this morning and buy two tickets for it and could see the availability. There are LOTS of seats. Hundreds. So I don't know why it was showing as off-sale for people but it's hard for me to imagine them not being available tomorrow considering how many seats I saw.

12 years for me, too...and the ticket selection/purchasing process is always an adventure. It's never been easy.

Does anyone here expect tickets to Battle of the Sexes (premiere) or The Disaster Artist (premiere) to come back on-sale for tomorrow morning?

Screening added for Neil Burger's THE UPSIDE on September 14 at 6:00PM.

Tiff Insiders presale begins on Sept 3 at 10am, info should have gone out in today's Friday TIFF weekly (if you subscribed prior to today).

My Friday TIFF weekly today tells me that the pre-sale for Members 365 (that's me!) and Contributors starts TOMORROW SEPT 2 at 10 AM (including tickets for Roman Israel).

@The TV Snob -- Those Speakers and Masterclass events are for Industry pass holders only, not the public. The only talks the public can go to are the In Conversations.

Does anyone know if the Insiders presale code is generic or unique?

Quick question... How does the seating work for POW? Let's say that I want to purchase 3 tickets/seats... Are all the 3 tickets/seats that I purchase assigned together or am I able to choose 2 seats in one section and 1 seat in another. I hope my question isn't too confusing...

Tnx David I think you're right. Was excited about a Conversation with Aaron Sorkin but it does look like it's press/industry only...

Inside code is genetic based on what I got

I'm not seeing any films listed for the film fest on my TIFF ticketmaster account. I'm a TIFF member btw.

Don't refresh the page - they will eventually show up after a couple of minutes. Site is ridiculously slow. I hate ticketmaster :(

Hey people. If you're having trouble loggin on go back to and it'll put you "in line". Who knows how long this will be...

Yeah the site is wonky and slow, timed out on me a few times when purchasing so i just hit the back button and luckily didn't lose my ticket. Oof. But I have been in and out several time and was never in the line very long.

The sale is via the TIFF site via the Festival Account Manager page, FYI if anyone is confused.

Wait wait @suckingalemon, you got in already? I've been waiting "in line" for 20 minutes and have tried going to again on a different tab and logging in and it gives me the same page

Quite slow, but I managed to snag the ticket I most wanted - Film Stars. I'm too cheap for Denzel though ;)

Keep the faith, got in after 20min. Most of my picks available but no Disaster Artist for Tue Sep 12, 645pm :(

Managed to get in at 10.00 AM sharp and snagged a Happy End ticket. Been waiting in vain after that, it's been more than 20 minutes now.

Had several tickets in my cart and just been bounced! Anyone else have this happen?

I have a couple tickets in my cart and keep getting to the final 'submit order' screen and it not working, they're going to expire soon!

Oh and on my computer i seem to be stuck on the 'account settings' page, can't get anywhere else.

Yes, the clock keeps running but the site keeps timing out at the final purchase step... keeping hitting 'back' but rinse and repeat

I lost mine, hopefully still available . I got a couple earlier at least, good thing I just checked out instead of trying to do it all at once.

Took about 20 mins but got the tickets I wanted (Colin Geddes' Farewell, ticket # in the low 50s). Took a look at the screening of Killing of a Sacred Deer at PoW to see how seat selection would be handled and turns out it's still best available assigned seating, no option to pick your own. I remember someone mentioning that they had the ability to pick their own seats on Single Premium tickets, but so far it looks those were the only folks who got to pick?

This ticketing process is ludicrous. I waited 30 minutes to get into my account, chose my films without any problem, began the checkout process, and was stalled at the end - "technical difficulties." Went back into my cart three times, same result. After the third time, my cart was closed with about six minutes still on the clock. Now I'm back in line again. What does it take for TIFF to get its act together????

I got booted after several attempts of processing my order. Now back in the queue. This is a mess. They need to fix this nonsense.

Same scenario on my end Quinte. It's 2017 and these guys can't figure out how to run a public ticket sale online, for paying members no less. Perhaps they should take some of the coin from all those premium tickets sold and invest in a proper online system...this is a sham

@zero hectic - assigned seating is only at RTH and POW this year. All other theatres are GA.

The official @tiff_help site just tweeted: "We're experiencing intermittent disruptions on TIFF's Account Manager page. Please refresh your browser if you receive an error message"

@madonnassiter - the screening I attempted was at POW. The seating was assigned. The issue is it still kicks you to Best Available instead of giving you the option to pick your own seats. Single Premium ticket buyers had the option to pick their own, but doesn't seem like anyone else does.

@zero hectic - Ah, I thought you were referring to the Premium screening at the Elgin. I opted for Best Available for 55 Steps at RTH. I think the system would have been even more impossible if they had opened the seat selection tool.

I did my Member presale online at 10am. Despite many site problems for the first 15 minutes, I was finally able to get through and secure my tickets. Dunkirk screening was off sale but I got Call me By Your name which was offsale during my package selection.

** If you've been timed out at final purchase step, make sure you check your bank account online. My VISA was charged eventhough I received no ticket confirmation. TIFF is asking that you send an email to if this has happened to you. Good luck

Goodness, that took ages. I had the same trouble with Ticketmaster not processing the payment at the end. From there it kicked me to queue again, then logged me out. Finally I managed to log back in and select my films (I only had 4-5 I wanted in addition to the ones I'd already redeemed for the Flex Package), and I checked the hell out like I was being chased by something. The entire process took me over an hour.

The only film I wanted for which there was no tix available was Mary Shelley at 1:30 on Sunday Sept 10.

Update: eventhough I was bounced at purchase and received no confirmation, the tickets do show up in my online account and my VISA was charged. So before you go back in and try again, check both your credit card account and your general Ticketmaster account. You may have been charged and the tickets may indeed be there. Don't buy again! Good luck

I got charged twice too for a couple films, just sent them an email about it.

I was not able to get any tix for Third Murder on Fri at 6:15pm and Disobedience on Mon at 12pm. Last one I originally had in my first cart too. Grr.

So @11:40 I finally have my two tickets for Alias Grace that I started trying to purchase @10:00. Thx be to TIFF.

HA! They did charge me twice and Account Manages is showing two tickets for each of the 4 films I just bought. Ah well. I'll email/call later to take care of it.

I have two sets show up in account manager. Not sure if I was charged twice though. When I try to call the line is busy.

Got my tickets for the first screenings of A Killing of A Sacred Deer and Roman J. Israel Esq. confirmed Suburbicon and The Gaga Doc were OFF SALE.

I was charged 5 times on my credit card and have 2 seats show up for the same screening on my account but only received 1 confirmation email for 1 seat. What a mess!

Hey, hyntinki, you have me by two. I was charged three times on two cards (I added a new card to my TIFF account on one of my passes through) for one purchase. A mess indeed.

Quintefox, so I called TIFF and a refund has already been set in place to reimburse 3 out of 5 of the transactions. So don't worry, I'm sure refunds are being issued.

At this point I'm wondering if more tickets that are off-sale now, such as the Gaga documentary or Suburbicon premiere, will go back on sale for the TIFF insiders sale tomorrow or the public sale on Monday. I've noticed screenings like the second screening of "Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool" and both screenings of "Loveless" which were previously off-sale at the end of package redemptions went briefly on sale today for the Members pre-sale...

What's the insider presage code? Anyone willing to share?

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