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2017 Ticket Trades

By popular request, I've created a page for comments for ticket trades. Only post here if you are willing to trade tickets, or sell for the value you paid for the ticket. Do not post here if you are simply looking for tickets (if someone hasn't posted that they've got the ticket you want for trade or sell, then no one here likely has it) or are trying to sell above face value; I may delete such comments (note that the range of prices for premium tickets is $52 to $59, and regular tickets is $28 to $35).

Double check any ticket before accepting it; I would not accept an under-25 or senior ticket unless you obviously fit that demographic, otherwise you risk not being admitted if TIFF chooses to check your ID on the way in the door.

A transfer through Ticketmaster is probably your safest bet, and then maybe TIFF-printed tickets; personally, I'd avoid accepting PDFs or print-at-home tickets.

Use the information here at your own risk; I do not know anyone who may be posting here, and any arrangements you make are strictly between you and the other person. If you have any issues, there is nothing I, nor the festival, nor Ticketmaster can do for you; you're on your own.

Note if you do post here, you should delete your comment once you have gotten rid of your ticket, so that you don't continue to get inquiries. If you have problems deleting your comment, post another letting me know, and I'll try to remove it when I get a chance.


I have two tickets for Hostiles at 8:30 PM on 9/16 at Ryerson Theatre. I would like to trade for two tickets to the following showings:
Hostiles: 9/11 at 9:30 PM, 9/12 at 7 PM or 9/15 at 9:15 AM
I Love You Daddy: 9/9 at 5:30 PM, 9/11 at 4 PM, 9/14 at 1:30 PM
Manhunt: 9/11 at 2 PM, 9/14 at 9 PM, 9/15 at 11:45 AM
Molly's Game: 9/9 at 11 AM, 9/9 at 1:30 PM, 9/14 at 9:30 PM
Suburbicon: 9/9 at 6:30 PM, 9/10 at 12 PM, 9/13 at 9 AM
The Current War: 9/9 9:30 at PM, 9/10 11 at AM, 9/10 at 11:45 AM, 9/13 at 10:45 AM
I am willing to hear offers for other movies.
Contact at

@Andrew Moore -- some of the times you have listed for the likes of Molly's Game and Current War are Press & Industry tickets, which you need a badge, a volunteer pass or sheer luck to get into. So don't count on being able to trade for those tickets.

Same word of warning to everyone else -- if it is listed as P&I on the TIFF site or on TIFFR, that screening is not ticketed or available to the public.

Looking for the following (see below). Please email me ( if you have any. I'm coming from out of town and TIFF completely f-cked me. I'm completely disheartened, because I've spent well over a thousand for hotel, and then the membership which did absolutely nothing (I only got half the movies on my list... Had to sacrifice and pick other choices - films I didn't want to see - just because I don't feel like watching only 1 movie per day...

3 tickets to Brad's Status (premiere)
2 tickets to Dunkirk (premiere)
1 ticket to The Breadwinner (premiere)
2 tickets to The Disaster Artist (premiere)

Again, my email is

I'd really appreciate it. I'm willing to buy any ticket available for trade as well (swap). I could Paypal, e-transfer, etc. I'm also willing to pay a little extra (but not much).

Thank you.

Selling Face Value (Pairs) 2 tickets

Borg/McEnroe Friday Sept 8 4:00PM
Disobedience Monday Sept 11 12:00PM
Battle of the Sexes Monday Sept 11 2:30PM
C'est La Vie! Saturday Sept 16 9:00PM

tagelothanasis at gmail dot com

Hi, can someone explain to me how tickets for Dunkirk can go off-sale at 10:00 a.m. for TIFF insiders? I called the Bell lightbox folks and they said they don't have an explanation as to why there are no tickets on sale for tiff insiders. Do they not reserve block of tickets for each sale wave (i.e: TIFF members, TIFF insiders, and general public)? This is getting frustrating.

I asked about Dunkirk too this morning and was told members were able to buy yesterday so I guess they got them all :-/

I goofed and did not get "other side of hope" Friday 645 pm.. 2 tickets for a friend

will trade for 2 tickets of the following which are off sale

Mary Shelley sun sept 10 1:30pm 2 tickets or
the cured sat sept 9 9pm 2 tickets or
the shape of water sept 15 9PM 2 tickets i have 1 ticket for each
of borg/mcenoe sb1 fri 8 sept 4pm or public schooled sat 16 sept 9:15pm

email me at if you would like to trade.

I have one ticket for DEATH OF STALIN on the 17th that I'm looking to trade for the 9th. Would be willing to purchase outright. email at debbie wang 92 [at] gmail.

One of my friends will not be arriving in Toronto in time for the Colin Geddes farewell to Midnight Madness event with screening of Wolf Guy. It's a freebie!

Also desperately seeking 2 tickets for Long Time Running, Thursday 14th 3:30pm

justmisplaced at yahoo dot com

Looking to trade my ticket to Unicorn Store- Friday the 15th at 6pm.

I am in search of Death of Stalin- Sunday the 17th at noon.


Is there actually an exchange button. We are only getting transfer/resale.

Maureen, the exchange function is very confusing. I did it by clicking the seat exchange button. It takes you to a scary screen that asks if you really want to exchange your seat, then it shows you a list of all screenings, i.e. seat exchange actually means two things - exchange your seats or exchange your screenings.

Text me at 647-909-6870

I have all of these films in physical ticket form (from the TIFF box office.) My work schedule and family schedule has changed, so these are the left over films that I am unable to go see.

Call Me By Your Name - Ryerson, 7th, 7:15pm (2 tickets.)

Papillon - Princess of Wales, 7th, 9:30pm (2 tickets)

Apostasy - Scotiabank 8th, 7:00pm (1 ticket)

The Upside - Roy Thompson Hall, 8th, 9:30 (2 tickets, unfortunately not right next to each other, but close to each other.)

I, Tonya - Roy Thompson Hall, 9th, 11:30am (2 tickets)

The Leisure Seeker - Roy Thompson Hall, 9th, 3:00pm (2 tickets)

Mary Shelley - Roy Thompson Hall, 9th, 6:30pm (2 tickets)

The Shape of Water - Elgin, 11th, 9:30pm (1 ticket or 2 tickets)

Battle of the Sexes - Ryerson, 16th, 5:00pm (1 ticket)

Vampire Clay - Ryerson, 16th, 11:59pm, (1 ticket)

Again, just text me at 647-909-6870 and we can figure out where to meet up. Probably at my work, which is downtown. Look forward to hearing from you!

Willing to trade:
1 ticket to Novitiate premiere (Sunday 10th, 5:45pm)
1 ticket to Darkest Hour (Sat 17th)

Looking to acquire:
1 ticket to The Disaster Artist (either showing)
1 ticket to Call Me By Your Name (Friday morning)

I have to leave to go out of town and really want to see Apostasy. I bought tickets for the 17th at 6:30. Would anybody be willing to trade me for the 10th, or even the 8th?
Please email

Would like to buy a SINGLE ticket for those two screenings:
Call me by your name Sept 8 9:30am
The Disaster Artist Sept 11 11:59pm
Doesn't have to be face value
Would trade my Revenge ticket on Sept 16 at 3:30pm if that's more interesting to you.

I have: 1 Ticket for Three Christs - Sept 17, 3.15 pm

I am looking for: 1 Ticket for Battle of the Sexes - Sept 10, 6:00pm (Ryerson)
1 Ticket for Borg/McEnroe - Sept 8, 4 pm.

email me: igotothat at gmail dot com

Sorry, to clarify my above-post: I have ONE ticket to trade for Stalin and ONE ticket to trade for Suburbicon.

Could also consider screenings taking place on Wed Sept 13 after 7:30 pm.

Hello World
I am looking for 1 or 2 tickets to:
I Love You Daddy: 9/9 at 5:30 PM
Disaster Artist 11:59 show

I am willing to purchase or trade for below:
Mark Felt 9/11 9pm 2 tickets
Roman Israel 9/15 9:15pm 2 tickets
Brawl in cell 9/16 6pm 2 tickets

Txt me 3024499350

Enjoy the show!

looking to trade
LOVELESS , SEP 8, 12;30
LADY BIRD , SEP 8 21;00

or buying at face value.

E-mail me at
or text to 416 795 7937

@Tony If you don't get any offers from people here, you'll have no problem selling it to someone in the rush line for cash.

For sale:

1 reserved ticket to Sun Sep10 11.15am screening of "Killing of a Sacred Deer" @ POW
2 reserved tickets to Tue Sep12 9pm premiere screening of "Loving Pablo" @ POW
2 reserved tickets to Sat Sep16 12pm screening of "Darkest Hour" @ POW

Email me at if interested.

I am double booked for Saturday night, the 16th. I have 2 tix for Hostiles @ 8:30p, I'd like to trade for Downsizing (Saturday 12)

pls text 630.808.9971 or email

@Jodi Emailed just moments after your post, hoping to hear back

Still looking for a trade:

Trading: (2 tickets)
The Shape of Water Friday Night 9PM

Looking for:
The Sunday screening of The Shape of Water

tagelothanasis at g mail dot com

Want: Molly's Game Saturday

Have: Lady Bird Saturday

Please respond to this message, and email at if willing to trade.

Hi Will,

I have a Molly's Game ticket to trade for your Lady Bird ticket. Responded to your email, mine's

One ticket to Vampire Clay at the closing night screening (Sat 11:59pm).
My friend can't make it anymore. Open to any trade offer!

Starr I will take your two vouchers. Please email me:
You will see the TIFF electronic transfer is not complicated. You only need my email and you have it.


Pierre-Luc Racine

I have a ticket to Lady Bird on sat, looking to exchange one for tonight's showing, thanks!

please email cherrylui525 at gmail dot come if interested

I have a ticket to I, Tonya screening today at 8:45 and would like to trade for a ticket at the 6pm screening. Thanks!

Looking for a single ticket to THE SHAPE OF WATER tonight at 6:30 PM during the last day of the festival. If you have one please email me ASAP at Thanks.

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