Saturday, August 29, 2015

TIFF 2015 Off-sale (Sold Out) Screenings

This post is a placeholder for people to add comments for any films that they notice as sold out (i.e. off sale) when completing the online ticketing process for My Choice packages for TIFF 2015. Feel free to post a comment for anything you see as sold out when you log in to make your picks to help others out.

Note that films may come off sale if people release them before checking out because they changed their mind or failed to complete the check out process. Also, even though a screening sold out during the My Choice selection process, it may become available again when individual tickets go on sale.


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Blogger Andrea said...
I found out that these are both off sale as of Saturday, the 29th.

9/12 Legend RTH
9/14 Dressmaker RTH

Reports on twitter are also saying the following are off-sale:
9/11 - The Martian (premium)
9/14 - Black Mass (premium)

Blogger Maria TT E said...
9/11 - Eye In The Sky
9/11 - Our Brand is Crisis

Both are off sale as well.

As for The Martian, the Gala on 9/11 AND the regular screening the next day, Saturday, are both off sale.

More twitter reports: Premium Demolition 9/10 8pm is offsale (6:30 was still on sale).

So far the only regular screening reported offsale has been the 9/12 The Martian.

Most of the above films are still showing as ON-SALE, however don't allow you to select any tickets when you try to actually select them. The only two that were explicitly listed as OFF-SALE as of early afternoon 8/30 are:

Demolition RTH 9/10 8pm (only the 6:30pm was showing at all in the selection website)
Miss You Already 9/12

In addition, the following were not explicitly stating they were OFF SALE, but had no ticket availability when selected:
9/12 - The Martian (regular)
9/13 - Beeba Boys (premium)

Demolition at 6:30 pm is showing but is marked off sale when you click on it.

I can also confirm that Black Mass on 9/14 (Premium) is marked off sale when you click on it.

Thanks for the updates all. Keep em coming. My window is Thursday Sept 3rd. Who knows what will still be available. Lol

Neither Martian off sale

Didn't see any of the buttons on the main selection screens marked as off-sale as of 12:16 PM on Aug 31.

The Dressmaker on Monday, Sept. 14th is OFF sale as of noon, Aug. 31st.

for me they did not show up as off sale on the page where you select the film/time. It says tickets not available when you click the film to select the number of tickets. So I am wondering if some are being reported as available when they really aren't.

Managed to score a pair for the 9/12 screening of The Martian at Roy Thomson, so definitely still available as of 1PM. Was surprised to see the tickets designated as "Section Mezz L6," though. Haven't done Roy Thomson before, so is it normally assigned setting sections for screening there?

Lady in the Van 2:00 Saturday at the Lightbox no tickets left for me.

Why doesn't TIFF maintain a listing of OFF-Sale films and allow people, in advance of their selection date, to access the list so as to assist them in their selection process? . Last year I was selecting 15 films in a MY Choice Package and had worked out 15 first choices and 15 backups, only to discover, when I was selecting on the phone, that 20 of the 30 films were OFF SALE and the TIFF rep and I spent the best part of the next hour trying to find 5 more films to fit in to the ten that were available. We only managed to find 3. How much easier for all concerned if TIFF were to make the OFF-SALE list available on their website on a daily basis (even once a day at the end of the day would be OK and even though the list may not be cast in stone). No one at TIFF seems to know why a list of OFF-Sale films is not made available, even though they all seem to agree it would be a great idea.

Does anyone know the answer?

Ditto zero hectic - I have friends who got tickets for the same Martian screening today. Maybe there's a specific number of tickets allotted for each ticket batch?

@mikey - Because that would make too much sense. There isn't much about TIFF that makes sense.

Has anyone been able to select tickets for "A Flickering Truth" Sept 18 6:30pm? It never said "off sale", but just did not give me the drop-down menu for quantity of tickets.

Like Alex said above, The Lady in the Van on 9/12 at Tiff Lightbox is off sale. It's listed but when you click on it, says no tickets available.

The Martian for 9/12 definitely WAS available at 3:30 today.

As of 5:00 (CDT), tickets to The Martian first showing and Black Mass first showing were not available.

Trumbo 9/13 9am offsale this morning

Legend - RTH - offsale
Mississippi Grind - RTH - offsale

Wasn't showing as offsale in the list, but wasn't able to select tickets for the Kill Your Friends on the 12th.

There was only 1 listing for Demolition... the one at Roy Thompson Hall.
There was only 1 listing for Room, which was on the 16th.

I just did my Choice 10 pack and got all 10 of my first choices. Nothing was offsale that I wanted.

Once again. Here is the TIFFR account for reported (and rumoured) off-sale reports.

Will update as much as possible.

Room is premium on the 15th, so that's probably why it wasn't available to a Choice 10.

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It looks like I got in just under the wire for Kill Your Friends on the 12th.
Luckily none of our first choices were offsale.

Ah that makes sense 42man, never thought of that.

And thanks Trevor for the TIFFr list!

off sale:

Sicaro 9/11
Demolition 9/10 at Princess of Wales

Is London Road, 9:30pm on Sept 10 at Elgin still available?

The Martian on 9/12 is still available as of now.

@Julie Martinson, London Road is available as I'm checking.

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The Lobster on 9/12 at Bloor Hot Docs is off-sale.

Just wanted to say I had a disastrous experience trying to fulfill my package - loading time was slow, it would only allow me to pick by title, not schedule, and I found that affected some films that it told me were off-sale at first (Maggie's Plan 9/13 and My Big Night on 9/13). But since I clicked on a few that were noted as being off-sale on here and received a different phrase, my advice is if you suffer the same pains as noted above, you may want to come back right before checking out and seeing if they're still off-sale. Ultimately, I wound up getting everything I wanted.

For everyone that has been on for selection, any idea if the Arabian Nights trilogy can be purchased as one ticket on Saturday September 19th? Thanks!

Was told that the second screening of The Danish Girl is off-sale.

The Arabian Nights films on the 19th are three separate films, requiring three tickets. The trilogy showing on the 17th only requires one ticket.

I just finished ticketing ( my selection 10, regular screening ), Whatever peole said off sale on this website are all available, I guess they have certain amount available ticket each day.

** I don't know about premium, only regular one

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So this TIFF link is not 100% dependable? We should still check manually if they are available even they are listed here?

That's not a TIFF link, it's an independent website that I think gets much of its input from this page, and then organizes it in a clean format.

Sometimes things do change; always good to look if something you really want is listed here or there. These pages do give a good heads-up so you can be ready for alternate planning.

just completed my selection and noticed the following were offsale:
amazing grace 9/12
the lady in the van 9/12 and 9/14
the lobster 9/12

Just finished picking and Into the Forest 9/14 was offsale.

Just updated

Of course always come to this forum for the most up to date info.

The Lobster- Sat Sept 12 @4:45pm was offsale when selecting this morning.

Our Little Sister was off sale on 9/12, High Rise and The Assassin were off sale on 9/13
Got the Martian just now on 9/12, but the Lobster is off sale on 9/12

Glad I got my Our Little Sister tickets at 10am this morning!

are people on here lying or does the tiff system offer new tickets everyday?

9/11 Son of Saul off sale

Now offsale:
Son of Saul on 9/11, Un Plus Une on 9/12, Truth on 9/13

@droos I think they may hold some back, I know people who got The Martian earlier today.

I would recommend everyone to keep trying during your selection window if any of your choices are listed as off sale. I picked up three tickets to the second screening of The Danish Girl (noon on 9-13) after it had been listed as off sale.

As of 2:30 on Wednesday, I got The Martian on 9/12 and Demolition, but High-Rise (9/13) and Our Little Siter (9/12) were off sale.

When I initially tried to schedule Demotion by searching by *date* it was listed as off-sale. When I tried again using the search by title function ten minutes later it gave me a ticket.

My understanding is that sometimes people are picking and a film goes "off sale" but then if they don't complete their process (or change their mind) the tickets that were in their cart go back, which could explain the Demotion thing. Or maybe it's just buggy.

Also The Lobster on 9/11 was still on-sale for me.

FYI, I had the martian for the Saturday no problem at 10:30AM todya.

I took Mark Newman's suggestion and was able to get two tix to opening night for Where to Invade Next. When I started my window it was off sale. Clicked on High Rise on and off for the entire hour hoping 9/13 showing would open up. No luck but the second showing on 9/14 is still available. Not sure why everyone went for the second showing of the lobster but the first one is still available for 9/11 and it's showing at a better theater (Wales).

Forgot to mention that I also got two tix for son of saul 9/11 after it initially looked to be off sale.

Off sale for me this afternoon:

The Kind Words 9/11 12:30 pm
High Rise first screening with extended Q&A

A few of the films off sale at TIFF I'm seeing at the NYFF.

For those who have had tickets shown as off-sale at the start of their session, but then somehow reappear as on-sale before they checked out, is there anything you had to do to get them to show up as on-sale? Or is it just a matter of waiting around during your hour-long timeframe and selecting them again?

@Jordan just keep clicking on them, I got lucky but didn't do anything special

Based on my personal 20+ years of TIFF experience, I am going to go with Kenneth R. Morefield's suggestion that the system is just plain buggy.

While it is true that some tickets may become available when someone doesn't complete the process or removes tickets from their basket, it doesn't explain how films previously found to be offsale become available hours later. If SEAYL got tickets following my advice, that means his selection window was likely later than mine, yet he snared Son of Saul tickets after it was definitely offsale during the full hour of my selection window earlier in the same day.

I tried multiple ways of selecting films (by title, by schedule) and that didn't seem to make a difference. As stated previously, the best advice is to keep trying until most of your hour is up.

Yeah i just tried, and i could get 2 tickets to Danish Girl.
I think they release more every hour, especially for the larger theaters

Yes, I totally got tickets to The Danish Girl, but was unlucky with Truth and my alternate for that time-slot High Rise or my back up alternate The Assassin. Haha

I am picking some premium screenings tomorrow and I'm feeling not too hopeful about getting what I plan for. Would I be better off talking to someone on the phone?

I am hoping to get The Danish Girl premium tomorrow.

That High Rise first screening seems really hard to get.

Dheepan Sept 11 at Elgin 10 PM was not available as of 9:15 am today.

The premium screening of Trumbo on the 12th at 9PM was offsale for me this morning as of 11AM. So disappointed!

Where To Invade Next, Sept 10th at 9:30 is off-sale as I write this.

Re: "That High Rise first screening seems really hard to get."

The first screenings of the Platform films at the Visa are combined public and press/industry, so a big chunk of the tickets will be hard to get in advance for those films, but rushing them might be relatively easy depending on how may P&I folks pull tickets.

So far no casualties for any of my picks. Just alternates. Hopefully I won't be scrambling to adjustment my schedule at 11:30am tomorrow morning.

I have updated the off-sale TIFFR with all the info posted here. Thanks to those of you who have contributed information.

The Lobster and Son of Saul on 9/11 are showing as unavailable as of 1:15 PM.

Where to Invade Next on 9/11 off sale
Sicario 9/12 off sale

The Lobster on September 11 is off sale as well.

Does anyone have any advice for Midnight Madness?

I am making my picks tomorrow and feel like I can save Midnight Madness picks for the general sale on Sunday. I did this last year and was fine, any opinions? Looking to see Green Room.

For Midnight Madness I've never had problems getting tickets for them on the 2nd screenings on the regular ticket sale day. Same for "most" of the actual midnight times. I recall Tusk being sold out last year even during the advanced ticket select window for the first screening. My advice is if you really want to see it - I wouldn't save it :) It could be risky.

For Midnight Madness, I usually pick whichever one I want to see most or think will sell fastest, then save the rest for general sale. Never had a problem with the general sale though other than Tusk and Martyrs.

Son of Saul 9/10

Just bought my tickets:




A TALE OF LOVE AND DARKNESS ON 9/10 at 7:00 p.m. at Winter Garden and EVERY THING WILL BE FINE 3D on 9/11 at 7:30 p.m. at TIFF Bell Lightbox were unavailable when I selected during the 4:30 p.m. round.

I'm willing to trade my ticket for:

Sicario Sat. Sept. 12 @ 11 am


Equals Sat. Sept. 19 @ 3 pm

in exchange for:

Dheepan Fri. Sept. 11 @ 9 pm


The Lobster Sat. Sept. 12 @ 4:45 pm

Also willing to exchange [Son Of Saul Thurs. Sept. 10 @ 6 pm] for Demolition Thurs. Sept. 10 @ 8 pm

Down to negotiate as well, if need be.

Let's exchange contacts if interested. Thanks.

At 5:30 pm today there were many more off sale. The ones I remember:
Saturday 12th: 11 am Sicario
Sunday 13th: 11 am Legend at Elgin
9:45 Everything will be fine at tiff lightbox
Monday 14th: 11 am Brooklyn
9:30 am Remember

There were a few more but I can't remember them now

I'm surprised no one has commented about TIFF changing the way it indicates off-sale screenings. In past years, when selecting by date, "off-sale" appeared instead of the time for screenings that were unavailable. Now you have to select the film to find out if it's available. This really slows things down for me. It also made it impossible to scroll through the listings and compile a full list of off-sale screenings for those with later selection windows. I didn't have time to check all screenings, but here's a list of the off-sale screenings I found:

THURS 10th
Where to Invade Next

FRI 11th
Every Thing Will Be Fine
Son of Saul
Un Plus Une
Where to Invade Next

SAT 12th
Amazing Grace
Eye in the Sky
Lady in the Van
Kill Your Friends
The Lobster
Our Little Sister
Un Plus Une

SUN 13th
About Ray
The Assassin
Every Thing Will Be Fine
Kill Your Friends

MON 14th

In happier news, at least two shows previously listed as off sale are available again. If there's something you really want to see, check to see if it's back on sale; you might get lucky.

The premiums of Our Brand is Crisis and Spotlight were offsale by 6pm. I don't know what's different, but I have had years picking at the very end and got better picks than I did a day ahead this time. Everything sold out faster than usual.

Can someone confirm Son of Saul on 9/10 is offsale?

I saw the 13th Legend was back on-sale as i made my picks at 10:30 today.

I was just in getting my tickets and Legend 9/13 was I guess back off sale again and Kill Your Friends 9/13 was also off sale for me. As has already been noted, Brooklyn 9/14 was also still off sale, which I tried anyway just in case.

Just noticed two more off-sales
Sept. 13th The One's Below
Sept. 13th Kill Your Friends

Sept 11 - Hitchcock/Truffaut is off

Made my picks last night. Most of the big movies from the opening weekend were off-sale. I tried about 10-15, all of them off-sale (The Lobster, Legend, Black Mass, Dheepan, Every Thing Will be Fine, High-Rise, Sicario, etc).
I assume I made a big mistake and should have waited till morning to make my picks, given that it looks like they release new tickets every day.

I tried to get Dheepan on the 11th, Sicario, Kill Your Friends, and Eye in the Sky on the 12th and all were off-sale this morning. High-Rise from the 13th was also off-sale but got the 18th instead.

Does anyone know if there is a ticket trade site up for this year yet? I can't find it, but I thought I'd double check. Thank you!

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what time do online tickets go on Sunday?

I was told 9 am by TIFF but i read somewhere about 7 am?


These were sold out at 4PM today.
Spotlight Sept 15th
Victoria Sept 17th
The Witch Sept 18th (I got 1 ticket but then went back to add a 2nd ticket and it was sold out by then)

I think that's all I noticed that weren't already listed.

I can confirm Sep 17 Victoria was off sale. Also, Sep 10 Hitchcock/Truffault, Sep 13 Youth, and Sep 16 45 Years.

Son of Saul Sept 10
Being Charlie Sept 14
I Smile Back Sept 16
London Fields Sept 18

hi I would like to trade 2 Dheepan tix I have for Sat the 12th for the Fri 11th showing but can't find the ticket trade section for 2015, please let me know where I can list Or if anyone is interested please let me know thx

@suckingalemon - Box office hours are 9-9 right now, then it switches to 7-7 on Sept 10. So yes, tix on sale Sunday at 9am :)

Is Danish Girl Sat 6.15pm off sale. Don't see it on list but would expect that to be popular.

Looks like I'll be rush line for most of my choices. Wanted Thu or Fri Demolition, Fri The Martian, Sat I Saw The Light and Danish Girl, Sun Legend and Brooklyn, Monday Black Mass, Tue Spotlight and Septembers of Shiraz. Wed Mississippi Grind.

I've never rushed a screening before. It's cash-only for $20 flat, correct? Any advice on how far in advance to line up?

If it's premium screening $40 but regular is $20. Cash only. It depends the popularity of film. I went a few years ago and for the opening night The Fifth Estate people were out from 10am. Same for 12 Years a Slave, August Osage etc. We got in to all of these plus Dallas Byers with 4 hours+ queuing. We were quite near front at every screening but I've no idea how long the last people to get in queued. There's pros and cons as you could queue for hours and not get in. We kept on being told 1-2 hours max before you need to arrive. We did get into Third Person at Elgin only showing up 15 mins before so it can happen.

Thanks for the advice. Depending on if the single-ticket gods decide to help me out at 7am next Friday (and if single ticket day tomorrow is a bust), I'll probably rush for Son of Saul (Sept 11) at minimum.

While I'm at it: what's the lineup usually like for the free People's Choice screening on the last day of the fest?

Brian - They've moved the People's Choice screening from Ryerson to Roy Thompson this year, so it's going to be a new experience! RTH seats like 2,000 though, so I'd say the lineup will be hilariously long but your likelihood of getting in will be very high :)

Thanks, E. Hadn't even noticed the venue change! I'll (hopefully) walk out the 3pm Vertigo and then get back in line :)

I'm only able to attend the last half of the festival (9/16-9/20). What are my odds of getting a Q&A with the casts or directors?

Plan of attack for tomorrow: better to add all movies one can at once then check out? Or better to check out right away w/the one you really want? If they're in your cart the tix is spoken for, yes? Or can you lose it if you don't check out right away?

I went in 2013 and my biggest annoyance when getting single day tix was being allowed to put tix in my cart to then check out and find they'd sold out and have to start complete order process again. It wouldnt even check out the tix that were available and due to this i lost further tix that then went off sale. I was told it was glitches in system. I could understand if i hadnt done it within an alloted timescale I was furious. I'm dreading same thing happening tomorrow.

My arguement was and still is - if it shows for sale and you can cart it then the ticket should be yours unless you dont check out within alloted time.

@Matt H It's not very often in the last half. Some directors will stay for the second or third showing, but most of the final showings do not have any cast or directors attending.

@Moira Couldn't agree more. That's the way ticketing systems (ie Ticketmaster) usually work. Would be great for TIFF to get on board with that sort of system.

As frustrating as it can be, I sort of see things from their POV though... they really only need this sort of system one day a year, so I can't imagine them wanting to throw too much money into fixing it up.

@Matt H Usually my experience is that if it's the first screening of a film, it's likely there will be a guest. If it's not, the likelihood goes way down. So whether or not it's late in the week is irrelevant, but it's more so to do with how many screenings each film has.

Hi Guys, in buying individual tickets, will I be able to see right away that the ticket for a schedule is off-sale? Or I'll just know it when I check out? Also, will I be able to buy more than 1 individual tickets in buying individual tickets?

According to the @tiff_net Twitter account, there will be a list of off-sale screenings available in the virtual waiting room (where you idle until you're admitted to the actual purchasing system). And yes, you can buy more than one ticket (I think the limit is 4 *per screening*, but don't quote me on that).

yes 4 tix for any screening. I'll just be happy to get any tix I want. Not sure how user friendly system will be to navigate from film to film but that's the "fun" of TIFF. It took me nearly 4 hours in 2013 to get through online. There was 2 of us and I got through first. It was manic.

A listing of off-sale screenings will be available while in the virtual waiting room. It will update every two minutes, per @tiff_net.

I just clicked on the buy tickets link, and saw the following:

"Ticket buyers will be sent to our virtual waiting room first. Get your wish list and alternate selections ready. Once you enter the store, you have 30 minutes to make your selections.

Only Festival tickets will be available for online purchase today. If you would like to purchase tickets for a screening at TIFF Bell Lightbox, please call or visit our Box Office."

Best of luck to everyone trying to grab single tickets this morning.

Huh. Had read on that although tix don't go on sale until 9am. The waiting room would open at 7am. Guess that's not the case.

Does anyone remember how this worked last year (I didn't attend in 2014)?

Short cuts 7 was off sale as of Sept 3/ at 11 am

I did not encounter that 'Virtual Waiting Room' note... Where did you actually click Buy Tickets? Did you select a particular film then select buy tickets? In my case I logged in the member account and I did not encounter that note. It just told me that the individual tickets will be available at 9 AM.

Go to and you should see a note about the waiting room, and an option to proceed to if you just want to look around and not buy single tix.

Unless a different link that I'm not aware I've been on page and I'm not in any virtual waiting room. What link did you go via to get that message "buy tickets" I get it when I just go to If I click on "want to browse" and go to the films page and click buy tickets it just goes to a page saying tix on sale 9am.

Just a heads up because I only noticed today -- High-Rise screening on Sept 18 at 12pm was cancelled, and the Where To Invade Next screening from Sept 20 at 6pm got moved into its place.

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Tiff net tweeted all digital access into queue is 9am.

@Moira This should answer your earlier question about tickets being held while in your cart. From @tiff_net: Depending on the volume of demand, we won't necessarily be able to guarantee that tickets will be reserved while in the cart.

@David Baldwin Thanks for the update. Where did you see the schedule change? I can't even get past the front page to view the schedule at the moment.

@Brian Cashion Saw it on the site this morning. Was able to access it and thought to check sked changes. Already had a ticket -- guess I'm getting a voucher now :(

Off sale --
 Thu Sep 10 | 6:30PM | PRINCESS OF WALES
 Sat Sep 12 | 9:00PM | SCOTIABANK 4

Waiting in the queue...

In your experience, how often do movies that are OFF SALE on the first day of single ticket sales go ON SALE on subsequent days?

Is it worth checking every day at 7 am?


Definitely check at 7am. I've had success with that in the past.

I don't like the fact that screenings that were off-sale during ticket packet selection are now back on sale during single ticket purchasing. I already changed my schedule!

We were able to get 2 tickets to Jason Reitman's live read, and a single to Anomalisa on the 15th.

Unfortunately, we now have 2 tickets to The Lobster on Sept. 12th to try and sell.

Hi Brian,

What's the show time for the Lobster tix you have?

Hey Brian - I'll gladly buy your Lobster tickets on 9/12 - that's what I woke up early for! And now it's off sale...

Got in at 9:05 got tickets to a few screenings that were previously off-sale. At the time Son of Saul on 9/10 was off-sale. Got in again at 9:35 and was able to get a Son of Saul 9/10 ticket.

My recommendation for those trying to get tickets to a particular screening. Keep trying throughout the day.

Listen to Patrick, folks. Off-sale doesn't mean 'permanently sold out'! I got Black Swan tix on single-ticket day... at 1pm, after being told they were off-sale around 9am.

Last year, I tried for Tusk at 7am day-of, and it was off-sale. Went back in around 8:15am and got 'em.

Never give up!

I got London Road Thu, Demolition Fri, I Saw The Light Sat, Danish Girl Sunday, Freeheld Sunday, Brooklyn Monday, Family Fang Monday, Spotlight, Black Mass, Septembers of Shiraz all on Tue. Martian Fri/Sat was off sale and so was Legend Sat/Sun.

Very pleased with the outcome today. Got all my first picks, minus The Martian.

Green Room, Where to Invade Next, Son of Saul, I Smile Back, The Witch and the Jason Reitman Live Read (famous people, yay!). Definitely more I'd like to see, but gotta save some money for Just for Laughs :)

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Was hoping to purchase tickets for Mr. Right on Sept. 19 at 8:00pm. It's neither listed on the offsale list or showing up as an option to purchase. Does anyone have any input as to why this is? It's the closing night gala film.

You guys got lucky. I thought i was ok, but High Rise, Live Table Read, Dheepan, Where To Invade Next...a few others that weren't showing on the 9:50am off-sale list but were all gone when I logged in about 9:52. :(

If anyone happens to end up with an extra ticket (or better yet, two!) to THE MARTIAN (Sept 11 @ 9:30) I'd be happy to take it off of your hands. Hit me up at junkbri at cogeco dot ca

Available for sale (at cost):

1. The Martian, Saturday 9/12 at 12pm at Roy Thomson Hall - 2 tickets
(Would prefer to sell both together)
2. The Program, Monday 9/14 at 5pm at Scotiabank - 2 tickets
3. Final Girls, Saturday 9/19 at midnight at Ryerson - 1 ticket

Contact me at shicoff at gmail dot com

Looking for 1 ticket for SICARIO, Sept. 12, 11 am
Contact me at traduttorre at gmail dot com

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This comment has been removed by the author.

Looking for:

- 1 ticket for The Assassin (prefer Tues. but would take either)

I would trade one of the following for it (or would just buy it):

- 1 for Son of Saul (Fri. 11th)
- 1 for Dheepan (Fri. 11th)


Disgusting that there are already tickets on stubhub and ebay.

Looking for 2 tickets to The Lobster on 9/12 at 4:45. If you have em to sell/trade hit me at leo.erin at gmail dot com

Hi Brian,

I would gladly take those Lobster tickets for Sept. 12th @ 4:45 pm off you, and willing to pay a bit more than retail price if need be. Let me know. marko . orlic 87 at gmail . com


Looking for a ticket to Our Little Sister. Any showing please. Please contact

Looking for 2 tickets to Jason Reitman's Live Read. I've been to both previous years but missed out this morning :(

Email me at peasncarrots_001 at hotmail if you have extras!

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Looking for two tickets to : Green Room (MM) and Final Girls (MM). Two ticket each... email me at opulenteyeproductions at gmail dot com . I've got a backhalf to use tomorrow for 12 tickets so i can get or trade them for anything from Tuesday onward if you need more tickets to something..


Want: The Martian (9-11)

Can trade for The Martian (9-12) and Demolition (9-11)

Hey gang, I know it's a long shot but if anyone has a lead on extra tickets to the following screenings, I would be super thankful for your help!

I'm looking for two tickets to both The Lobster and the Jason Reitman Live Read on Saturday the 12th and one ticket to The Witch on September 18th.

If anyone could help me out, it'd mean the world to me - my email address is johnniealward7suns at!

Does anyone know how the free screening of HEAT goes? Do I need to grab a ticket beforehand or is it just a 1st come 1st serve thing? Thanks

Looking for:

The Danish Girl Sat 12, 615PM
Kill Your Friends Sat 12, 9PM
The Lady in the Van Mon 14, 8PM

I usually get 25 & Under tix but will pay adult price if anyone has them. Thank you!

My 2 tickets for The Lobster are now spoken for, but if it falls through I will repost here.

Best of luck to those looking foe tickets.

Long shot: If anyone has tickets to The Martian for either the Fri or the Sat screening let me know. I will pay more than face value if need be. My significant other's birthday is Sept 10th so I'm trying to get them as the best birthday gift ever (he's obsessed with the book). Thanks!
mclean underscore tara at

I have a few single tickets available if anyone is interested:

- Black Mass (Sept 15 @ 2:45pm)
- The Martian (Sept 17 @ 3:00pm)
- Mississippi Grind (Sept 19 @ 3:00pm)

Looking to trade for "Beasts Of No Nation" Sept 19 @ 9pm

Feel free to shoot any other interesting trades my way! Email me at "ildino at"


@Matthew - For free screenings such as HEAT, TIFF usually hands out tickets 2 hours prior to the screening on a first come first serve basis. They also set up a rush line as not everyone who grabs a free ticket shows up to the actual screening.

Looking for tickets for "The Lobster" on Sep. 12 @ 4:45pm. Willing to pay premium. Let me know at 416 8 2 7 2 5 7 9. Thanks!

I was on right at 9am this morning and got 2 tickets for the Trumbo premiere. I was in such a hurry to check out, I didn't even think about getting anything else. By the time I got back in, everything else I wanted was sold out.

If anyone has 2 tickets to Kill Your Friends (Sept 13 at 4:45pm), I would gladly buy them! Email me at kimmie_1500 at hotmail dot com. Thank you!!

Looking for 1 tix for Sept 13 screening of Freeheld. Contact me at

Looking for Sicario Friday Sept 11 and. The lobster sept 11.

I have the Martian for Saturday I'm willing to trade and pay difference

Email me at

re: the free VERTIGO screening: tickets are available only in-person or over the phone. I just got through to the box office minutes ago (with only a 10-15 minute wait time) and they simply reserved one in my name and sent me a confirmation email. Easy!


I was wondering if anyone can tell me, offers that are made online for $150-$300/ticket for premieres, is that actually reasonable and do people actually buy them?


I have a pair of tickets to the Jason Reitman Live Read to sell (as it now conflicts with another screening we'll be catching).

Email me at if interested.

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I would love to grab a ticket to the Jason Reitman Live Read. I could trade a Beasts of No Nation (8:30, 9/13) ticket or just buy it. Email is

I have one extra ticket to Dheepan 9/11 9pm and Maggie's Plan 9/12 930pm

Looking to trade for Demoltion 9/10 @ Princess of Wales

Hola at me

Richard, let's get this trade/sell thread going already.

Does anyone know if tickets for the Princess of Wales theatre have to be picked up before the *day* of the screening, or just before the time of the screening?

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Looking for:

Thursday September 10
Where to Invade Next -2

Friday September 11
The Lobster -3
Dheepan -2

Sunday September 13
High-Rise -3

Tuesday September 15
The Assassin -1


Thursday September 10
Green Room -2

Monday September 14
Brooklyn -1

ticket or flex voucher trading preferred, but willing to pay cost.


Are you willing to sell the two Green Room's? Desperately looking for two tickets.

I am willing Bram, but have gotten more than a few inquiries.
Would really like to trade for a hard (to get) ticket listed above, but will let you know, hopefully by the end of the day Monday.

I unfortunately don't have those tickets, but if you are interested in selling by the end of monday to sell, my email is


Hi Guys, I wonder if there is anyone who got Son of Saul tickets for 09/11 yesterday when the Individual ticket selling opened? It's because the display of off sale in the virtual room is not accurate, when I entered and tried Son of Saul, it says off-sale... So I wonder, if it is really off-sale from the start of the individual ticket selling and the display is not just updated OR some people in front queue managed to buy tickets...

I got one for Son of Saul on the 11th, the waiting room off sale list was just a bit slow to update and not completely accurate I think.

Hi, I'm new at this so I'm not sure if this is allowed here but if there is even an infinitesimal chance anyone is willing to sell or know someone willing to sell, I am looking for:

- Son of Saul, 2 tickets, 09/11 @ 430pm
- The Martian, 4 tickets, 09/11 @ 930pm
- The Danish Girl, 2 tickets, 09/12 @ 615pm
- Beasts of No Nation, 1 ticket, 09/13 @ 830pm

Thank you :)

Hi, I am looking to purchase one ticket for the following:

September 12th

6:15pm – POW – The Danish Girl (Premium)

September 14th
6pm – POW – Spotlight (Premium)
9pm – POW – Black Mass (Premium)

Please let me know if anyone has these for sale.

This is probably a long shot but if anyone has tickets to The Martian (need 3-4 tickets), I'm willing to buy. Ideally looking for Friday 9:30 tickets but willing to take Saturday tickets.

Also, does anyone know if there's a chance that tickets will go on-sale again? Should I check at 7 am? Would it be worth waiting in the rush line for the Friday screening?

Figured I would give this a go. I'm looking for one ticket to see The Lobster on either day that it is playing. I have a friend that works for the festival and I'll be getting free tickets during the first half that I can trade, but I don't have much to offer in trades at the moment.
I'd be willing to buy the ticket from you as well.
If you happen to have the Friday showing, I could trade for a showing of Mustang at 2:45pm since both showings would cancel eachother out. If you have the Saturday showing, I could trade Girls Lost for the same reason. Just let me know what you're thinking! I'm traveling up from the U.S. and can only stay the first half of the week, so The Lobster was a must for me. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks for your time!

For all those looking for tix. I was there in 2013 and had to do rush for most of my choices as so much sold out by the time I got in on single day. If you know you can allow at least 3-4 hours to queue for bigger films then there's a really good chance you'll get in via rush. We saw 12 Years A Slave, Prisoners, August Osage, Dallas Byers Club, Third Person and Fifth Estate all via Rush.

Looking to trade Brooklyn 9/14 @11am for Victoria 9/17@1:15pm, if you have and are interested let me know.

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Deleted my last comment because I realized I asked for an email yet that wasn't possible, sorry!

Looking for The Assassin (two tickets) Sept 13 9PM showing. Please reply to me if anyone has a pair to sell :)

Thank you so much!

Was at the box office today (labour day) to pick up my package and buy some single tickets. Two films I wanted were off sale:

Sat, 9/12: One Floor Below
Sun, 9/20: An

I have the following for sale if anyone is interested. These were all purchased as part of a Daytime package, so keep that in mind if you try to exchange them later. I'm trying to sell these for what I paid for since it looks like I wont be able to see as much as I originally intended. Each ticket works out to be about $13:

2 x Black Mass - Tuesday Sept 15 @ 2:45pm - Princess of Wales
1 x Miss Sharon Jones! - Sunday Sept 13 @ 5pm - TIFF Bell Lightbox
1 x The Reflektor Tapes - Monday Sept 14 @ 11:45am - Bloor Hot Docs

Let me know!


I have 1 ticket for The Assassin Sep15 5pm @ Bloor Hot Docs for sale. If anyone is interested, please reach me at my email address ranger_et @ hotmail dot com.


I am interested. Can you message me at


Looking to purchase any extra vouchers folks may have (aside from daytime). Please let me know how many you have and price at,


Hello all,

Looking to purchase 2 tickets to Trumbo premiere Saturday September 12th at 9pm. If anyone has any available please let me know! Thanks in advance.

I am looking to trade one ticket that I can't use for "I See the Light" on Saturday, September 12 at 10am for "The Danish Girl" on Saturday, September 17 at 3:15 pm. Thanks!

I have one ticket for Dheepan on Friday the 11th that i'm looking to sell ($25), contact if interested:

I'm desperately searching for two tickets to the Live Read, if you have extras you'd like to sell please email me at

Hi Maria, I've sent an email. Fingers crossed they're still available

Like many others I'm looking for Jason Reitman tickets. One or two! If you have extra or can't use yours please contact me at

Just chose my back-half pack. Wasn't able to get Where To Invade Next on the 18th... it would go to the page, it said Ryerson Theatre but no option to select how many tickets, and the "Add to cart" button was there and worked, but when you click it it said "no tickets were selected" or something... it's not showing as OFF SALE on the main line-up page so wonder what's up with that? I would've liked to have selected it...

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