Monday, August 29, 2016

TIFF 2016 Off-sale Screenings

By popular request, here is a posting for current off-sale films for TIFF 2016 (as of Sep 2 10:58 PM). Note that films that appear off-sale here may come back on-sale as tickets are released or if the festival releases additional inventory.

Please post additional off-sale (or films that come back on-sale) in the comments, but restrict any questions around the ticketing systems or issues with it to the previous post on this blog. Thanks!

Thursday, September 8

The Magnificent Seven
Toni Erdmann, 5:30 PM
Things to Come, 9:15 PM
Free Fire, 11:59 PM

Friday, September 9

Toni Erdmann, 12:15 PM
Graduation, 5:30 PM
Little Wing. 6:00 PM
A United Kingdom, 6:30 PM
American Pastoral, 6:30 PM
The Wedding Party, 6:30 PM
Marie Curie, The Courage of Knowledge, 6:45 PM
Wavelengths 1: The Fire Within, 7:00 PM
The Birth of a Nation, 8:00 PM, 9:00 PM
ARQ, 9:15 PM
Snowden, 9:30 PM

Saturday, September 10

Elle, 9:00 AM
American Pastoral, 10:00 AM
A United Kingdom, 11:15 AM
Trespass Against Us, 11:45 AM

Fire at Sea, 12:00 PM
The Cinema Travellers, 1:30 PM
The Ornithologist, 2:15 PM
The Magnificent Seven, 2:30 PM
The Journey, 3:30 PM
The Red Turtle, 3:45 PM
Citizen Jane: Battle for the City, 4:00 PM
The Death of Louis XIV, 6:30 PM
Queen of Katwe, 6:30 PM
Lion, 6:30 PM
Wavelengths 2: Incantati, 7:30 PM
Moonlight, 8:30 PM
Personal Shopper, 9:00 PM
The Handmaiden, 9:30 PM
Below Her Mouth, 9:30 PM

Sunday, September 11

Lion, 11:30 AM
Certain Women, 12:15 PM
Mascots, 2:45 PM
Kekszakallu, Lightbox 4, 3:00 PM
After the Storm, 4:30 PM
Julieta, 6:00 PM
Wavelengths 3: Post-performance, 6:00 PM
Loving, 6:30 PM
The Handmaiden, 8:30 PM
It's Only the End of the World, 9:15 PM, 9:30 PM, 9:45 PM
Nocturnal Animals, 10:00 PM
Blair Witch, 11:59 PM

Monday, September 12

Their Finest, 3:00 PM
The Dreamed Ones, 3:15 PM
La La Land, 6:15 PM
Wavelengths 4: Indefinite, 6:30 PM Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer, 6:30 PM
Anatomy of Violence, 7:00 PM
I, Daniel Blake, 8:30 PM American Honey, 9:00 PM
Arrival, 9:30 PM

Tuesday, September 13

The Salesman, 5:45 PM
Manchester by the Sea, 6:00 PM
Deepwater Horizon, 6:30 PM
La La Land, 11:30 AM

Wednesday, September 14

Paterson, 9:00 AM
Manchester by the Sea, 11:30 AM
The Salesman, 1:00 PM
Prevenge, 9:15 PM
The Headhunter's Calling, 9:30 PM

Thursday, September 15

Graduation, 9:00 AM
Black Code, 12:30 PM
The Secret Scripture, 6:30 PM
The Terry Kath Experience, 8:15 PM

Friday, September 16

I, Daniel Blake, 6:00 PM
Paris Can Wait, 6:00 PM
La La Land, 9:30 PM

Saturday, September 17

Certain Women, 12:00 PM
Nocturnal Animals, 5:45 PM
Edge of Seventeen, 8:00 PM

Sunday, September 18

Jackie, 3:45 PM
It's Only the End of the World, 9:30 PM


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is this normal for so many screenings to be offline so early on? i had a 9 am selection time today and these were all offsale before i could do my picks.

is there not a 4 ticket limit for patron circle members as well? or is this very well another of tiff's wonderful glitches?

@kewpie - My guess is that it's a merry band of scalpers hard at work yet again, banding together to buy out all the popular films and re-sell them at exorbitant prices on craigslist.

Seems odd that there are off-sale screenings already. Did all of the Benefactor and Patron's Circle members *really* snap up all of the tix to a Sunday afternoon screening of "Kekszakallu" already? Strikes me as unlikely.

The Wavelengths programme has a very dedicated following and many screenings in it sell out very quickly as it can be extremely hard to find these films in other theatrical showcases. Its definitely not Benefactors/Patrons, just the hardcore cineastes who dont give two shits about the premium films that actually will play in theatres for a while not long after the festival.

I wish I hadn't gotten a six Premium pack because 4 of my choices are off sale already?
I pick on Wednesday. Maybe they saved some Premium seats for us peons?
Last year I only got shut out of Danish Girl premium but I was able to get a seat through a local friend. But getting four sold out movies is not going to happen. The premiums left that aren't at Roy Thompson Hall aren't so great I avoid RTH because there are no talks and the upper balcony is awful.

Last year I remember following this thread and was amazed at how many were off sale (mainly Premiums) even before the Contributor level package selections began. I put up a little Twitter rant aimed at TIFF about it and they told me that it's because higher levels not only have earlier package selection but that Patrons also are allowed individual ticket sales for three days. This year I was able to test that theory because a friend of mine is Patrons Bronze and she was able to go in and select individual tickets on Friday, long before any package sales were scheduled to begin. She told me that the Premiums for La La Land and American Pastoral were gone even then. So they were snapped up by Patrons during individual sales.

I think a lot of Patrons (not all, to be sure, but a lot) relish their ability to go in and select individual tickets ahead of everyone else and they buy the big buzz celeb Premium screenings. At least that's what it looks like based on last year and this.

I first went to TIFF about 12 years ago and it was much fun in those days. I'm not being sentimental. I come from out of town but I wonder if this trip is worth it anymore. I wasn't expecting Lion and Manchester to sell out so fast.

Like Larry, I'm also at the Ambassador level, and there were many premiums off sale even as of our selection time of 2pm ET on Sunday.

It appears that the interest around TIFF has grown over the years to the point where many thousands of dollars in membership/patronage are required in order to see desired premiums. I'm not sure if there is a solution here (perhaps a percentage of tickets held back via lottery?), but I do expect the gentrifying trend to continue.

That said, replying to Gabriel Oak, I think it's reasonable for Manchester by the Sea to have gone off sale quickly, given the huge buzz coming out of Sundance. And when I saw how many off sale premiums there were, I also began to wonder if my premium pack purchase was in vain. Good luck to you in your selection window. At least there will always be 'In Conversation with Mark Walhberg' available. :/

Thanks Brian. I don't have much interest in Mark Wahlberg, sadly. Manchester by the Sea is playing at NYFF so I may catch it there in a less crazed environment. (The alternative that night is Two Lovers and a Bear and I hear that isn't worth the time). I no longer attend the gala screenings at RTH, I just can't stand it up there.
At least my non-Premium choices look promising.

At the NYFF, when a film is so popular they arrange multiple screenings the same night in other venues. For Life of Pi, Ang Lee and the lead came by to introduce the film at each venue. But that's Ang Lee for you.

I'm Patron Bronze member.Our window to buy individual tickets was on Saturday,Aug 27 @ 2pm.All of the Gala/RTH were off sale by 2.30pm.I have to say that if you're after Galas you need Gold or Silver account.Also,new ticketing system is ok,not perfect.

For Snowden and other premium screenings that are off sale, I suspect that it's mostly because they are holding back blocks of tickets to distribute to sponsors. Yes, patron's circle members buying individual tickets are a factor, but that cannot account for all the seats in Roy Thomson Hall. As for the Wavelengths series, in the past it was always at AGO (Jackman Hall) but this year they are in Lightbox 4. In the past they don't usually go off sale so early, I wonder if TIFF has set aside Wavelengths tickets for a school group?

I want you Patron members to know that several of my friends who are regular members could not buy their Choice packages online the first day because the system wouldn't accept Visa cards (how ironic). I was only able to get a Premium 6 pack because I used my Master Card by accident. So a friend of mine who became a member specifically to get a 6 pack got shut out.

TIFF: The (Rich) People's Festival

I was able to place my order online. Looks like the regular screening to "A United Kingdom" on 9/10 is off-sale or close to. It wasn't listed as such, but I wasn't able to buy a ticket.

My selection window doesn't start until Sept 2 at 5pm (yuck). None of this is encouraging!

Placed my order without a hitch...

The 9/8 screening of THINGS TO COME seemed to be off-sale. It wasn't listed as such, but when I clicked it it said "Not available".

We noticed the same thing about Things to Come yesterday at 2pm. Odd. Ryerson is huge. Either this is a glitch or they're pulling it from the festival?

I just checked changes ( and there was no mention of that

But there is a new Lion on the 15th at 9pm at PoW.

I got tix for Things to Come on Sept 11 so it is still showing

I leave town on Sept 14 :-(

For Off Sale screenings make sure to check back on Single Ticket Day as soon as it opens and also the day of the screening you want to attend they release tickets that morning as well. I managed to get tickets for 7 films that were off sale during my package selection using those 2 methods.

TIFF always holds tickets back but you have to be lucky to get them as there won't be many. On the VISA cardholder presale I was able to get a premium pack although they were sold out to members. But it looks seems as though most of the top choice premium tickets are already off sale for packages. I anticipate they will be back on sale during single ticket day, which is a real bite in the ass for us package buyers.

I suppose you could lump me in with the "cineastes" who go to Wavelengths, and I can tell you from experience, they don't usually sell out this early. That is very odd. However i'm flabbergasted about Terry Kath Experience, it's my primo target and my window's not 'til Thursday, yikes. What's up with that??

There's only one screening.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Will a trades/sale page be opened on this site? (I have an extra to the 6:30pm premium of The Edge of Seventeen on the 17th that I'm happy to sell at cost.)

Just completed my window (the site worked but is not intuitive at all -- you have to save all of your choices first and then hit "find my tickets"), and there were a few more than this offsale now. I was panicking and trying to get all mine so I didn't take screengrabs, but the 8pm screening of Edge of Seventeen on Sept 17th is also offsale now.

Also, there are seat numbers printed on every ticket but the TIFF box office employee told my friend that's just a Ticketmaster quirk and they don't apply. So still plan on lining up at least an hour early.

Did anyone choose the digital option? Does that allow easy exchanging through your phone? I can't imagine this actually working.

I got my 12 pack premium flex the day before they went off sale. It just appeared on sale so a few of us snapped them up. Was shocked to see them available. I definitely agree checking on Single Day if you can't get as I read so many times last year stuff off sale at package selection - yet available on Single Day. That's why I don't agree it's a fair system when you can't even exchange a voucher for a film on Single Day.

I have gotten tickets on the 7:30 AM Day Of's that were otherwise offsale and have seen previously off sale tickets be available on Single Ticket Day as well. So always good to check again later.

FWIW back in the old lottery days I had a 20-pack and ended up with 20 vouchers. i.e., I went to TIFF with NO tickets. But every morning I got to the box office when they opened and got all the tickets for everything I would have gotten anyway. That said, I was up at 5 am every day and in line at 530. But that's when you had to go to the box office. There was no online. It can be done, though. There's also rush line. Plus people are always returning tickets so at any time after the 4th tickets could suddenly show up in inventory.

One of my best TIFF experiences was being given a free premium ticket to Enemy on the rush line. I was also given a free ticket from a producer on the rush line to The Savages.

That's why it pays to get to Rush early as we had same at Prisoners. Got given 2 tix by a lady from WB. It was reserved seats in with cast. We've never had much success on Single Day getting much of what we wanted so just did rush a lot. We decided to book a package this time to hopefully get a lot of our choices and not waste hours where we could be in watching movies. We figured as long as you were in first 10 you're 95% guaranteed to get in. We never not got in to anything. Only time I heard of a recent film that hardly any rush got into was Black Swan. Don't know how true that is.

Saturday the 10th - Personal Shopper
Sunday the 11th Certain Women
Off Sale

@Brian Shicoff - Is your Edge of Seventeen ticket still available? I'm hopeful since nobody else on this site has asked but I expect by now it will be gone!

11th Certain Women was onsale again, I was just in there for my 9 AM time.

So how do we select movies??? This makes no sense. I click Purchase, then "Continue" on my 30-pack, which leads me to a different looking page, with a list of the festival days, each with "Select up to 773 Item(s) (Optional)" under it, and nothing at all clickable.

... Nevermind, it works in IE. Chrome however has issues for me.

So I take it you had no major problems with online system today??? I'm in at 1pm today. I'm hoping for Sing, Denial and Nocturnal Animals premieres on Sun 10th. I was wanting LaLaLand premiere but will settle for 2nd screening on Tue morning if available. Their Finest 2nd on Mon. Arrival 2nd screening Tue. Headhunter's Calling Premiere Wed. The Secret Scripture premiere Thu. I'm hoping Manchester By The Sea premiere may miraculously come back on. So far only LaLaLand, Lion and MBTS for me appear to be off sale going by this list. There's actually some good regular premieres Thu that I'd have expected premium. I have been surprised at some things that have gone quickly like Norman and Deep Horizon.

Not sure if I can post trades or sales in this thread but I'd be willing to buy or trade a ticket to the 9/10 screening at Winter Garden of A United Kingdom.

I have two non-premiums for trade or sale.

9/10 - Colossal
9/13 - Norman

You said you ended up on IE after Chrome caused problems- I know when it was a virtual waiting room people did that and completed order on browser that got in first. Just wasn't sure if you started to redeem package on 1 browser that you could start again on the other browser without forfeiting package into vouchers.

I had one major problem, which was that none of the films show up in Firefox. Switched to Chrome and experienced no issues.

I prepare my schedule in order of the screenings/dates, so it is somewhat confusing to get to the review page (after clicking "find my tickets") and having my selected screenings all out of order. (It looks to be in order of venue.)

9/10 Personal Shopper and 9/11 Certain Women don't have the off-sale notification by them, but upon selecting them, no tickets were available. Otherwise I didn't notice anything else off-sale.

To Moira: 9/13 La La Land was still available at my 10 a.m. time.

Thank you I can be hopeful then

This Firefox glitch mentioned above is troubling since my computer only updates the Firefox server at the moment. Has anyone else used Firefox successfully to order tickets?

Had no issues with Chrome.

For people experiencing the problem where no tickets are listed under the dates when selecting your package in Chrome. Go to your settings select "Clear Browsing Data". Then I selected "Cookies and other site and plugin data". I then restarted Chrome and all the films now listed properly. I hope this helps.

@Gabriel Oak - I used Firefox and didn't have any major issues in terms of UX.

My office internet may have been slow when I clicked on SAVE to get the check mark (this is important to have the system recognize your ticket choices) and that took longer than I liked.

Two questions since I can't reach anyone on the Lightbox phone:

Is there a way to share digital tickets to those without a smart phone? Can they still be printed out? I have a friend without a smart phone.

Also when does the clock start counting down -- after you put things in a cart or before? How much time does one actually have to choose? I have two packages -- one 6 ticket premium and one 20 pack.

I can answer #2 - you get 30 minutes after you place in the cart to checkout - confirm the order. I don't think there is a clock for choosing your films.

Am I right to assume if 2 packages the clock starts at Find Tickets, you add to cart - clock stops then you redeem 2nd package in same way, once added to cart you then check out and it will check both out together?. If I opt to print at home I can go straight back in and follow the procedure to get PDF copies?.

I just chose my flex pack which is non premium (doesn't list those films when chosen) Tuesday August 30 11am. I was not sure how to start it at first but clicked VIEW CART to start. It seemed to freeze when trying to save so I hit HOME then back to VIEW CART and started over. You have to wait a bit till it shows. Time starts after you confirmed all movies so there isn't a clock when choosing like said earlier.

Flicks shown OFFSALE while choosing with a flex pack (non premium) at 11am Tuesday August 30

Friday Sept 9 7:00pm Wavelengths 1: the Fire Within

Sat Sept 10 6:30pm The Death of Louis XIV

Sat Sept 10 7:30pm Wavelengths 2: Incantati

Sun Sept 11 3:00pm Kekszakallu

Sun Sept 11 6:30pm Wavelengths 3: Post Performance

Mon Sept 12 3:15pm The Dreamed Ones

Mon Sept 12 6:30pm Wavelengths 4: Indefinite

Friday Sept 16 9:30pm La La Land

Thanks everyone for your comments. Not sure what to expect when I go in tomorrow morning. My work computer would be more efficient but I can't be choosing films at work because people would see what I'm doing. So I'm forced to do it at home at my older computer.

Has anyone tried ordering on an iPad? Wonder if that is a recipe for disaster.

@Moira: As of last night I was able to get the Nocturnal Animals premiere.

@Quintefox: As of last night the 6:30 screening of Edge of Seventeen was still available. The 8pm screening was off-sale, but I'm guessing both of those screenings will be treated as the "premiere" as they're both listed as premium and they are across the street from each other, so it would be easy for the director/cast to attend each one.

Sun Sep 11 2:45pm Mascots

I was able to get everything I wanted except for the Sun/11 showing of Mascots. No tickets available.

Mascots should be moved to a larger venue.

@GabrielOak I'd like to know the answer to your iPad question too! I will be at FanExpo on my choose date, Friday Sept. 2nd at 4pm (Yummy) so will try to order using my iPad. Otherwise, will I be able to call in, or will I have to wait until 8pm when I get home to use a computer?

I tried calling in this morning but after holding on for 30 minutes I had to go back to work.

But calling in is an option you just don't know when they will answer.

Also, I got this e-mail today from my Credit Card stating that Visa Infinite card holders will get early access to buy TIFF tickets before the general public.

Here's the link;

Only a few films listed. Thankfully none of the ones I'm interested in going to at the Fest itself.

Ah, ok thanks Gabriel. Yippee.

2:00 window on 8/30 I got the following as *Unavailable* although they weren't listed as OFFSALE (with the red tag):

Certain Woman (Reichardt) on 9/11
Saleman (Farhad9) Both dates.

First of all I'd like to thank everyone who went before me for sharing so many tips as it helped me get through my choices quicker. Now if you have multiple packages - as soon as you do Find Tickets to review - on first package the clock starts, add to cart then you have 30 mins to do all remaining packages - it's not 30 mins per pack so make sure you have back ups chosen. I did have a few glitches but only when I tried to change tix amount on some choices - Is easier to remove tix completely then select again. I did have to close browser a few times and reopen and start process again but didn't lose any ticket thankfully. I only had 12 and 10 pack but can appreciate if you had a 40/50 you'd be tearing your hair out. When you review tickets and add to cart it asks for delivery method - choice of 3 - mobile, will call or Online Account - choose online account as that allows you to print the tickets and also transfer to friends. I did call 10 mins in because The Headhunter's Calling Wed Premiere had select yet showed - not available at this time - it said 45 min wait but I think I was through in 20. Very nice lady called Peggy who checked but there was no inventory on her system either. I got regular tix so will try to get premium on Single Day or via Exchange. Was surprised Nocturnal Animals still available as I expected that to be a must see. Got pretty much all my choices. Surprised The Secret Scripture Thu Premier off sale already. I cleared cache and disabled extensions in Chrome so whether that all helped I don't know. Hopefully they've figured the issue and rectified it. I'm just sorry all you higher paying members had so much hassle but appreciate you sharing your issues.

They put these high profile foreign films in such tiny theaters!

So am I the only one who got will call in order to actually feel the awesome stack of tickets in my hands, like previous years? :-) I hate digital everything.

Congrats Moira! So happy for you. :) They did address a number of the tech issues. The main problem now is more that the site is just too confusing to many people and, as we know, not very intuitive. Too bad everyone didn't come here! At any rate, hopefully things will go more smoothly as they work out the kinks.

3:00pm 30/08 timeslot:

Unable to get tickets to American Honey Sept 12th 9pm and Personal Shopper Sept 10th 9pm.

I also wanted to thank the people on this thread for giving tips and sharing your knowledge of the process!

only 30 minutes this year? in the past it was an hour. have 35 films to schedule

I have 26 films to choose. The problem is the 20 pack because I have a lot of variations depending on what I get as premium. I choose at 9 am tomorrow. Will be relieved when it's over. 30 minutes is not a long time at all.

Thanks everyone for the updates. No matter how late your ticket selection window is, please keep us informed of offsale screenings. Some of us have really late ticket selection windows.


I have tickets to the LA LA LAND premiere at Princess of Wales. Looking to trade for the Manchester by the Sea POW premiere and American Honey 2ND public SCREENING at scotia at 9 pm

@AMC MovieTalk I unfortunately don't have either of those screenings, but is it possible for me to buy off you? If not I'll understand.

Anyone who has tickets to the La La Land premiere I am super envious. I have no idea what premieres I will wind up. Moira, if you're still reading, what premieres did you get?

If anyone has a La La Land premiere ticket to sell my e-mail is
I was hoping to get that, American Pastoral and Lion and guess the premieres are all gone.

Hope I'm not stealing your thunder @Gabriel Oak but if anyone has tickets to either that La La Land premiere or the premiere of Mascots they can also email me at

This comment has been removed by the author.

also i changed my name to HELLA HELLO

Mascots premiere is off sale too? What is left between the first Thursday and Tuesday, the only nights I can use my premier pack?

I don't know of there will be another post for this, but looking for

Personal Shopper 9pm Sat 9/10
Certain Women 1215pm Sun 9/11

My time is Thurs at 1pm. If anyone has any extras, I can try to get you something else. Thanks in advance!

@Quintefox: yes, my one extra ticket to The Edge of Seventeen at 6:30pm on 17 September is still available at original cost. Please contact me at my full last name (shi.... at gmail dot com)

Limehouse Golem- Sat,
Sing, Denial, Nocturnal Animals - Sun
Bleed For This - Monday - couldn't get LaLa Land premiere
La La Land, Arrival - Tue
The Headhunter's Calling - Thu
My friend is in Thursday at 5pm we're hoping THC Wed premiere come back on and The Secret Scripture Thursday Premiere too as both off sale. We want Their Finest 2nd Screening on Mon too.

I just picked (6:00 PM, 8/30) and I was able to pick up a ticket for the Wednesday Salesman screening. The Tuesday night screening was still unavailable (which was the one I wanted, sadly).

Toni 6Erdmann Friday, 9/9 12:15 off sale as well as The Journey Saturday, 9/10.

with the great help from this site and 2 emails from tiff, i was able to schedule our 90 pack in the allotted time. if you go back after looking at your order, your time appears to start again. was afraid that we might lose our selections but didn't just a new 30 minutes. DON'T HOLD ME ON THIS but it was my experience. only films off sale that i attempted to get were:

i was able to get things & women at other times but salesman was off sale at both times (will do the 7 am thing- have had a 98% success rate over the last 18 years)

for some reason they would onlly let be get 4 tickets for PATERSON, thought that the limit was 6 but maybe a change

This comment has been removed by the author.

I think 4 tickets to one screening is more than fair given the demand for seats.

i'll work out a trade TONI ERDMANN 2nd screening for the la la land premiere as well

Looking for two tickets to the La La Land Premiere. Let me know if anyone would be willing to sell?


You can email Pierre Bois. He is Senior Manager, Membership & Engagement at TIFF. You can reach him at membership (at) tiff (dot) net

He has offered to help solve your ticketing issues!

American Honey was my top pick. Thankfully I got a friend to grab me a single ticket on Monday, bcs I knew I'd have no chance when I pick Frday. Such a high profile film needs to have more than one non-prem screening at Scotia. They also consistently fail to make every film accessible for day pass holders.

Can I ask anyone going in to redeem premium today - if you have time - can you check to see if The Headhunter's Calling RTH Wed 14th 9.30pm Premiere is showing off sale in red or if Select by it click on it to see if ticket amount shows or it states "there is none available at this time". I was told by box office yesterday it tends to say that when all tix are saved but not yet added to cart and could be released at anytime. Unfortunately none did in my time. My friend is due her slot at 5pm tomorrow so it would be nice to know if we still hold out hope. We were shocked this film seemed so popular as felt out of all our choices that would be a side bet to guarantee. If anyone still to go in today has spare premium and happy to get 2-3 for Wed 14th instead of choosing vouchers I'll happily transfer money straight away via PayPal.

If anyone has a Visa Infinite card, today at 10am they released a bunch of tickets for card holders. I just scored 2 for the La La Land premiere on Spet 12 for $49 each! Other premieres available include American Pastoral, Bleeder, Nocturnal Animals, Trespass Against Us, Lion, Denial and Bleed For This. Go here:

To follow up on the Visa Infinite card post I just made, if you're trying use Firefox. I couldn't get the tickets to load for me on Chrome.

Visa Infinite was a complete bust for me... Glad you got lucky!

infinite was a no go for me as well
was always able to get them in years past

Someone just tweeted that they got La La Land tickets through Visa and they were only $49, while a premium package works out to $68 per ticket. Plus Visa tickets have assigned seating. If only TIFF treated its members that well...

Infinite was a complete waste of time! I logged in at exactly 10am in the morning on Firefox AND my cellphone, yet didn't get any tickets. I'm shocked coz I've always been able to secure tickets via the Visa Infinite pre-sale every year, even logging in an hour past the start time!

this is the last year i buy a tiff membership

This is first year I've bought package and was quite shocked premium worked out nearly $20 more a ticket than Single Ticket Day. Considering a fair number of premiums are off sale for majority of pack holders don't think it's fair to charge that - you end up being left with possibly lots of vouchers that end up being used for $40 rush tix.

last year black mass was the only movie that i remember being offsale for contributing members, but i think the martian was quickly put offsale on contributing members selection day. the year before that i don't think anything was offsale and same in 2013 although gravity went quickly but was still available.

i am guessing either sponsors are taking a larger # of tickets or businesses are using high level memberships as a business expense and possibly providing some tickets to clients?

@droos -- I wonder if scalpers have gotten in on the action this year? They'd have to buy a membership, but it might be worth it considering the demand. We'll see if a bunch of premium tickets end up on StubHub.

This is probably my last year buying a premium package. @tiff_help just replied to someone that "Packages and Tickets are the same price for both Members and Non-Members." So what's the point of getting an advanced members package if most of the premiums are gone before your window? Also, I don't get why a 6 pack of premiums works out to $67.75 per ticket, but a Visa Infinite ticket works out to $51 per ticket. They're both using Ticketmaster and both have a base premium ticket price of $49, so why are TIFF members paying so much more in service fees?

It's not just this year that scalpers have gotten in on the action. It's been going on for years, and TIFF has done nothing about it. They're getting money either way, so I guess they don't really care WHO is buying their memberships.

@Unknown - It's not actually the service fees that TIFF members are paying more for, TIFF has actually increased the price of the packages so that you end up paying more for each ticket. The advantage of flex packs used to be that you pay less overall per ticket than buying them individually, and that you get an advance shot at your selections. Now, not only people are paying more in a package, but as we've seen, many people's picks are offsale before their window comes around - lose/lose situation. It really sucks :/


could be scalpers, and there will always be scalpers, but some patron's circle members weren't even able to grab tickets during their selection window, so the memberships that put the first batch of tix offsale are $4000 or $6000 memberships. they gotta sell a lot of tickets to cover that.

premium single tickets are $49 available on single ticket day, but the premium packages have always been priced higher b/c of the earlier selection window. but as we have seen this year there is no benefit to the premium package anymore.

plus tiff wants to sell their premium buzz pack for 5 films at $1,510.

It'll be interesting to know what films people got in the buzz pack. I never looked too much into that but could you stipulate days or could you be given any premium films over entire festival.

I went in for my package selection at 10 this morning, and both the 8pm and 9pm showings of Birth Of A Nation were showing up, but when I tried to select them, it said the item is not available. I assume someone else had it in their cart and finished it off. Someone else will need to confirm if it's listed a Offsale now.

My favorite reply from @TIFF_help to a customer this morning on Twitter was this: "The Premium Flex Packages have a higher price point as they guarantee access to Premium Screenings".

How can they still be playing the "guarantee access to Premium Screenings" card? This year proves that buying a premium flex package doesn't guarantee you access to anything.

I selected my tickets this morning without a problem. Do be aware that, unlike past years, there's no ability to sort by date or name; you'll be presented with a very long list that starts with the first Sept. 8th show and ends with the final Sept. 18th show. Have your picks arranged by date before you start and you'll be fine. When you get to your cart, you'll have to select a delivery method and agree to the site's terms before you can checkout. The display for these is small and appears at the bottom of the list of chosen screenings.

As of 9:30 a.m., these are ALL the REGULAR screenings that were off sale:

Fri Sept 9
7:00 Wavelengths 1

Sat Sept 10
9:00 Elle (not listed as off sale, but no tickets were available)
6:30 Death of Louis XIV
7:30 Wavelengths 2

Sun Sept 11
3:00 Kekszakallu
6:00 Wavelengths 3

Mon Sept 12
3:15 The Dreamed Ones
6:30 Wavelengths 4

Fri Sept 16
9:30 La La Land

I was able to pick up some non-premiere tickets for screenings others in this thread have asked about. As of this morning, Lion (Sun 11th, 11:30), La La Land (Tues 13th, 11:30), and Manchester by the Sea (Wed 14th, 11:30) were still available.

this year's debacle is going to cost tiff big time. the people who got the worst of the scheduling problems were the big donors ($400+) and those who bought the more expensive packages. those of us peons who only had flex packages and inexpensive memberships scheduled after the system was working well - at 6:00 last nite we got 84 of the 90 tickets needed. guess that since we look for the smaller films which aren't going to "open big" it is easier. can't figure out why a person would spend so much for a film which is going to open at every mall multiplex in america in the next 6 weeks. also most can be seen the next morning at 9:00 or so for a regular ticket.

i think for package holders TIFF could have an exchange policy that is before single ticket day - I think we should be allowed to go in and exchange or use any vouchers up to 4th Sep. Surely they can see it's not right that a package holder at an earlier slot misses out and gets frustrated when they hear it's back on sale during other slots or worse on Single Day - when they are then forced to lose out or pay extra cause they can't use a voucher. I get the - you pay a premium as you have access before Single Day but not when stuff appears off sale to those members who don't pay $$$$ for membership. What I also don't agree is general members and public being grouped in together - surely a member - even if it is just $99 membership should get priority public.

@Moira, I wholeheartedly agree with your comments. Want to add too that the slot assignment for ticket package holders should be assigned by when the package was purchased, i.e. the earlier you buy your ticket package, the earlier your film selection slot is. Last year, I was assigned a late Thursday slot whilst my friend who bought his ticket package a month after I did got a Monday slot...

@Denny from toledo: The experience of going to a big movie's 1st screening (even one that's going to open wide in a few weeks) is pretty unique. You get to see the movie with the cast/director and then participate in the audience Q&A with them immediately following the films. I've always loved mixing a few of those big Hollywood premieres in with regular screenings of foreign or more obscure films.

In previous years, you could get into pretty big films at venues like the Ryerson that weren't gala or premium screenings. But every year, TIFF moves more and more premieres into the "premium" section. So you're paying more for them, can't always get tickets for them, and then you have less to choose from in regular 1st screenings that have any kind of star power. It's a mess.

I expected that to be case and I only got mine the day before they went off sale. Just saw a 12 premium flex back on sale. I got 1pm slot yesterday which is quite early within that section. My friend isn't until 5pm tomorrow

@unknown it's funny you say that because we felt at 2013 there was more Q&As at 2nd screenings than at last year. There has always been Q&As at POW 1st screenings that I've attended. We were always told better chance of Q&A at 2nd screenings of premieres first shown at RTH. Last year it was pot luck. I'm really looking forward to Sing Sunday afternoon premiere as it had in Variety I think all cast attending and Jennifer Hudson and Tori Kelley doing a few musical numbers after Q&A.

@Denny - I share the opinion above concerning seeing the big films during TIFF. It's entirely a different vibe when you see the movie during the Festival vs at a Cineplex. And yes, there is the added bonus of the Q&A (sometimes some added tidbits about the film) as well as seeing the stars themselves.

I'm typicallt back-to-back movies during TIFF so am happy to pick up premium tix occasionally to see the actors, as I don't have the luxury to wait hours for them at the theatre entrance.

Just piping in here -- typically unless said otherwise, the Gala screenings at RTH do not have Q&As. Just intros. And unless your seats are on the floor, they aren't great. Always better to stand on the red carpet if you want to see the stars -- and then go to the second screening where there is almost always some form of Q&A or intro from the filmmaker/cast.

It is very rare in my experience that a second screening does not have a Q&A, unless it's on the final weekend. Even then, Bill Nighy and David Hare showed up for the Sunday afternoon screening of Page Eight the day after it was the Closing Night premiere. So you never know.

I've seen a couple of Q&As at RTH during galas, but for the most part the cast/director just come out for a few mins onstage before the movie starts. There used to be no Q&As at the Elgin (except for Michael Moore movies, where he always broke that rule), but the last two years I've seen more and more there.

A lot of 2nd screenings to have Q&As, but they are not guaranteed. It's usually based on how close to the premiere the 2nd screening is and if the stars are still in town.


Are you referring to American Honey on Monday, Sept 12?
I have a ticket and would trade for La La Land premiere

I no longer have the ticket anymore unfortunately or I so would, but if you're willing to sell the American Honey ticket to this adoring Andrea Arnold fan my email is

I had a lot of trouble with my order this morning. The first time I chose my tickets I did not understand the set up and thought by clicking the Save panel I was choosing one ticket but you had to also fill in the other box. That was not explained in the instructions at all. So after choosing 26 tickets I was told the clock ran out and I had to do it all over again.

The second time around I missed saving Their Finest second screening so I have to wait until September 5 to see if I can exchange.

I also had trouble with the premium package. I thought I had saved a Premium screening of Rage but it turned out I did not. I was able to talk to someone at TIFF Lightbox, and explained to them my confusion. They were able to take my voucher and give me the Rage screening.

But now looking over my order, I doubled book films on Thursday Sept 8. Things to Come had been off sale on Sept. 8 so when I saw it became available I grabbed it. But unfortunately I forgot I had a premium ticket for I Am Not Madame Bovary which is at the same time, I bought that really out of desperation because nothing else among the premiums worked in my schedule. Doing the choices twice flustered me.

I now see I could easily switch I Am Not Madame Bovary for Free Fall Midnight Madness that night but who knows if it will be available on September 5?

I have done TIFF orders for several years including on paper with colored pens but I have to say this new system was not intuitive at all.

This is not really a complaint. I am used to working on computers. But I feel like a dummy.

I want to add that Pierre Bois has been extremely helpful in the membership office.
If I get to see him in person when I am in Toronto I will thank him profusely.

And when you do talk to staff on the phone, they have been very nice this year. And think they understand the confusion going on.

rekha and ayesha in the membership office have been great as well. shout out to them.

@Gabriel: PLEASE do not feel like a dummy. There are MANY others who have done exactly the same thing as you. I'm pretty tech-savvy myself. I run a large film festival. I set up our ticketing system last year. My #1 goal was to make it as intuitive and dummy-proof as possible. And my first time through the TIFF list I messed it up, too. And even once I figured it out there were still plenty of issues. You're 100% correct, this was not made clear in the instructions, nor have they made any attempt whatsoever to contact people to give them a heads up about this.

And get this...when I finally gave up on the site (after an hour) and did get through on the phone (after 95 minutes) the phone rep, as nice as she was, ALSO made the same mistake and accidentally gave me two tickets.

a friend said that the Loving premiere on Sun Sept 11 @ 6:30 is off sale

Is Graduation still on sale? Someone with single ticket access said it was not, but maybe it still shows up for package holders?

Fyi - quite a few more films were unavailable than is listed here. Most of them did not have an "off sale" sign, just no tickets when you clicked on them.

Some of these were:

Both sep9 shows of birth of a nation.
Sep 9. Arq
Sep10 Elle
Sep16 í, Daniel blake
Sep18 jackie

Good luck all!

Andrew, was GRADUATION still there?

My friend phoned today as her slot tmrw at 5pm. She was told The Headhunter's Calling Wed premiere still not available. It's had no buzz and Gerry's movies don't always do great business so we're shocked it's gone already. We're hoping if not on tmrw at her slot some will be on Single Day - or those who got it in any TIFF Choice Buzz pack will exchange. I know people have different tastes but it has surprised me what films went very quickly. Surprised not hearing films like Sat night's The Bleeder or Sun's Nocturnal Animals premieres not sold out yet.

According to one of my friends who went in to redeem regular package at 9am the only one she couldn't get was La La Land Tue 2nd screening as now showing off sale to her . All her other regular choices available - Lion Sun AM, Nocturnal Animals Mon AM, Their Finest Mon PM, The Headhunter's Calling Thu AM.

Thanks a million for this post and for all the comments here! They were an enormous help when I ordered this morning.

I was closed out of several screenings (Personal Shopper, Elle, Certain Women) but knew about them in advance (thanks to this post) and was able to re-do my schedule last night in preparation.

I live in Buffalo, have been a loyal TIFF/Cinematheque member for almost 20 years, and attend both the festival and many year-round screenings. It is sad that TIFF has recently been fawning so openly over the moneyed elite -- but it's not surprising given its corporate ambition over the last few years.

I never felt more nervous about getting my tickets at the festival than I did this year. But I want to say that this "collective" here in the comments eased my anxiety a lot.

So: thank you! And I hope you will put up such a post every year. :-)

As of 10am:

Still on sale:

9/8 Things To Come

Off sale:

9/8 Toni Erdmann
9/11 Julietta

Midnight Blair Witch was off sale.

The two ARQ I thought I could get were both off sale.

Yeah Blair Witch at midnight was off sale when I tried at 11am today.
Below Her Mouth on Saturday 10th 9:30pm was also offsale.

The Red Turtle - 9/10
After the Storm - 9/11
It's Only the End of the World - 9/11 all three screenings

Made my picks (finally) at 11 this morn. Despite following this thread for 2 days I still messed up (dumb "find tickets" button) and had to do it over again, but you have all been a lot of help.
- Marie Curie 6:45 Fri 9 off sale (only one I didn't get)
-Terry Kath Experience still available!!
-Surprisingly, Deepwater Horizon Wed 14 still available

Still find it bizarre that almost all the Wavelengths are off sale, and many Shorts are still available. That's s complete reversal of previous years.

La La Land 9/13
Paris Can Wait 9/16
Below Her Mouth 9/10
Moonlight 9/10 (not showing up as off-sale, but when you try to save it says unavailable)

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off sale: Anatomy of violence Monday Sept 12

Also a question - I selected mobile tickets as my delivery method. How do I actually get the tickets on my phone? Do I just show my confirmation e mail?

Super confused :(

Off sale: Graduation, Friday 9 September.

Anyone have two extra tickets to The Salesman on Tuesday 13 September? It's a longshot but it'd be amazing if you could help me out.

Redeemed my package about half an hour ago. I found the instructions from TIFF attached to the dated email fairly clear but I was aware of some of the traps thanks to the input from people on this site. Thanks to those who have shared their problems and their successes.

I noticed that both Daniel Blakes are now Off Sale as is Cinema Travellers on 9/10. Also both Toni Erdmanns are now Off Sale. I didn't see a listing for Jackie on 9/11 (unless I overlooked it) so perhaps they have cut back to two showings only. And, sorry, I can't remember if they were Off Sale!

I signed up for home delivery but haven't received the files yet. Can anyone speak to the time it takes for that email to arrive in your box? Thanks. The confirmation order arrived immediately but there were no ticket files attached.

They don't come attached as we all discovered. You go to manage tickets in your account and print at home or transfer to friends. Their email with instructions led you to believe a PDF would come with confirmation email

If you choose online tickets, can you still pick up in person? I kind of like have the hard tickets.

I also did mobile tickets.

So if you choose the "print at home" button you should get a PDF and that's the phone option?

Or is this available through the TIFF app (I haven't downloaded this yet)

@Moira. Thanks for your reply. Not an intuitive process, is it? And if I had known how many clicks it would take to print each ticket, I might have chosen to pick up the hard copies. Mind you, I'm from out of town and did not look forward in previous years to arriving Thursday afternoon and then lining up for two hours to pick up tickets. Any number of clicks is better than that! Cheers.

@Moira. Even better response...I emailed customer relations and they attached the files to an email. Printing them out just became easier! Customer relations lives up to its name.

I'm sure some of these were said already but what I saw off sale to note were:

Graduation (Fri 9, 5:30PM)
Julieta (Sun 11, 6PM)
The Handmaiden (Sun 11, 8:30PM)
La La Land (Tue 13, 11:30AM)
Certain Women (Sat 17, 12PM)
The Cinema Travelers (Sat 10, 1:30PM)
3) The Handmaiden - Visa Screening Room - 9:30pm Sept. 10
4) American Honey - Scotiabank - 9pm Sept. 12
7) The Wedding Party - Scotiabank - 6:30pm Sept. 9

Just a quick FYI there is a way to print all your tickets at once instead of one-by-one.

1) Under Manage my Tickets, you see My Ticket Options. Under that it should say Transfer and Print. To the right of that click "manage my tickets."
2) Now you should see September calendar. At the far right there's a little icon that says "Advanced Options." Click that and you wait while it says "your request is being processed."
3) Now and Advanced Options dialogue box shows up.
4) There's a dropdown that says Choose an Action. There you can choose Transfer tickets to friends or Print tickets. If you select Print tickets all your tickets should show up with check boxes.
5) Scroll down and click "done."

There are a few steps after that but they are fairly obvious. Print, yes, accept terms,etc.

Does anyone know if it'll be a problem giving tickets to my friends after I've printed them out since they have my name on them? I didn't realize there was an option to transfer to friends before printing them out. Will the tickets be accepted at the venues?

On topic, yesterday at noon when making my selections I didn't see any off-sales that haven't already been mentioned, although I was able to get a ticket for Things to Come on the 8th despite supposedly being unavailable.

Off sales I hit today were already listed above except...

Black Code (Thurs Sept 15 12:30PM TBLB4)

Nocturnal Animals Sunday Premiere is off sale now. The Promise tickets not available.

@Doug: It doesn't matter. They don't check names. It can only be use once so whoever uses it first gets in.

If you want to transfer it BEFORE you've printed it out that's easy to do. ALL you need is their email/

Larry I think TIFF need to hire you. If I see you at festival I'm Buying you a drink lol

Off sale: Free Fire Sept 8 (I got the last ticket according the Member services.
I have a ticket for Free Fire Sept 9 at noon that I'd like to trade for the second screening of Their Finest on Sept 12.

I second what Moira said. Thanks for the help Larry.

Movies I can't see because they play opposite other films I want to see: Denial, The Limestone Gollum, Julieta, Colission, Neruda, A Quiet Passion, etc.

More films that were offsale that weren't already listed

American Pastoral - Sept 10
Lion - Sept 11
Manchester By Sea - Sept 14

As of 10 AM on Sept 2, the following showings, while not marked off sale, did not have any tickets available when I clicked on the save button.

The United Kingdom, Sept 10, 11:15AM
Both Handmaiden showings, Sept 10 and 11
Their Finest, Sept 12, 3PM
Paterson, Sept 15, 9AM
Graduation, Sept 15, 9AM
Nocturnal Animals, Sept 17, 5:45PM

Little Wing, Sept 9th 6:00pm

Thanks, folks, much appreciated. #ForTheLoveOfFilm

More as of my 12pm timeslot today:

The Cinema Travellers, Sep 10, 1:30pm
Citizen Jane, Sep 10, 4:00pm
The Magnificent Seven, Sep 10, 2:30pm
Prevenge, Sep 14, 9:15pm

I'm a bit frustrated. Due to my confusion in saving tickets when choosing films on Wednesday, my choice of Their Finest at 3 pm on Sept. 12 did not get saved. I was told on the phone I could make an exchange on September 4, the day for members, but the film is now off-sale. I have a ticket I don't need now for Free Fire on Sept. 9
Would I be wise to bite the bullet and just pay the extra money for Their Finest if it becomes available on the day of single ticket sales? Or hope that a single comes up during exchange day? Or just get a voucher and try rush?

I had the 4pm time slot and there wasn't much left once I figured out how to use the new system. All showings of Lion, American Pastoral, personal shopper, A unighted kingdom, sale.
We also tried for weirdos and it was off sale.
I sad, sad year for us :(

Additional screenings that were off-sale or unavailable that haven't been listed yet include

Sat 9/10:
- Fire At Sea: 12PM
- The Ornithologist: 215PM
- Trespass Against Us: 1145AM

Wed 9/14:
- Paterson: 9AM

Sun 9/18:
- It's Only The End of the World: 930PM

@gabrieloak. If you really really want to see the film, just buy the individual ticket, but if you care about saving some money, then try exchanging it on the 5th/6th. Rushing almost always work. I've only rushed once but from the 40+ screenings I've been to, there's always a bunch of seats that are still available unless the venue was like 100-200 seats, but even then, I would see a seat were and there.

Jodi, sorry to hear that. But there are a lot of very good films beyond the high profile titles and very few so-so movies being shown. I had at least four choices for several of my time slots.

I can exchange on September 4 with my membership. I'd rather not spend more money but Their Finest was a top choice for me because I read the book. It's at POW so rushing probably won't be too difficult.

Does anyone know how online exchanges will work? Are there instructions somewhere? I may have to exchange at least 2 tickets.

Was a premium package worth getting this year? For me, no. I only got one of my top choices by Wednesday: Nocturnal Animals. All the others were compromises. I would have gone to Their Finest premier had it not been held at RTH.

Is Loving at 6:30 on the 11th still available? And is Bleed For This on the 12th? Also what time do the premium sampler package holders get to select tix tomorrow?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Looking forward to spending time with all of you good folks in the rush lines this year. After an off-sale decimation this bad, it looks like I'll have plenty of company.

We should set up a rush line buddy network to help secure spots. If I'm rushing 3 hours in advance for something and you've only got a one-hour window, track me down and I'll let you join me. Repay the favour for the next film when you've got the 3-hour cushion and I've got the narrow one-hour window.

Is anyone here planning to rush Personal Shopper (9/10) and/or Blair Witch (9/11)? I would be all for a buddy system if it does indeed make it easier to get in.

Out of curiosity, I took a look at the 2015 edition of this conversation. Certain Son of Saul & Where to Invade Next screenings were mentioned as being off-sale at some point during package selection... yet I was able to get tix for both on single-ticket Sunday. Further, I tried getting a ticket to the Green Room premiere on single ticket day and didn't have any luck at first; went back into the queue about an hour later and was able to score one. So, don't give up hope!

Not sure why Personal Shopper wasn't given a larger venue. Maybe because it was at Cannes and is at NYFF? Last year Assayas got POW.

@gabrieloak "Clouds of Sils Maria" also played Cannes and NYFF, so I don't think that's it. But I agree 100%... I'd think that coming off the nice buzz that it generated (for Kristen Stewart, especially) that TIFF would want a larger venue.

Maybe Stewart isn't appearing?

@gabrieloak: As far as I know there are no instructions anywhere at the moment RE: online exchanges. I assume (hehe) that once they allow them you would be able to go in to your "manage tickets" section and see an "exchange" option.

This year was the first year I did not buy a Premium package. For the last several years I ended up either, 1) Having a bunch of vouchers that I could not use or, 2) Getting tickets to screenings/events I really didn't want to see, just to use the tickets/vouchers. Last year I did use them all but ended up going to films at Roy and a Conversation just to use them. Two years ago I literally couldn't even find anything that was Premium that I could fit into my schedule. I ended up with $700 worth of vouchers I could not use and spent months working my way all the way up to Festival Director before I was able to get a refund -- which they insisted, at every level along the way, would never happen. But I was relentless.

I did not want to be in that position again so I decided not to buy one this year and just hope none of the films I really wanted to see were Premium. There were Premium screenings that were already sold out even before Patrons package selections began.

As far as venue sizes, I can tell you that anticipated demand for tickets does not always factor into selection of venue. In fact, sometimes it's the opposite. If a film sells out more people talk about it, there's a demand, anticipation rises, buzz, etc. Sometimes if the producers are looking for a distribution deal they'd rather sell out a couple of small venues than take their chances on larger venues. Sometimes the producer/sales/distributor wants a small audience because they just want the PR of being able to say they were at TIFF and then put the film out and have there be more demand after the festival.

Question about single ticket purchase tomorrow online: obviously many people will try to sign on as soon as the clock hits 9 AM. I hear you queue up in the order of sign-up to choose the ticket. Where does one actually go to get on the queue?

I'm assuming your tiff account

That would make sense. Hopefully the interface at ticketmasters would be intuitive (HA!). I was idly checking the #tiff16 at twitter and came across this screen shot someone took of their single ticket queue last year:

Yikes. And apparently folks have started lining up in front of the box office *this morning* so that they can camp overnight and get the first dibs at the tickets tomorrow AM.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Ticketmaster is showing non-premium tickets at $32 each and premium tickets at $56 each!? Isn't it $25 and $49 respectively? I'm getting this price after clicking on "Price Range" when I am on a film's page at Ticketmaster.

"Prices subject to a $2–7 increase based on demand", as per

Dynamic pricing seems to be the way of the future :/

Does anyone have any clue how to buy tickets on today? They usually format the site differently today to make it easier...


It does seem odd that the front page doesn't mention the impending on-sale. I'd assume that will do the trick.

Nope I was wondering that too. Will there just be a box at top, similar to where your packages showed, that you press continue and it takes you to all the films - I wonder if they'll all be lumped together now so hundreds to scroll through just to see what's on/off sale if you've a lot to get.

I'm logged onto the website under my account right now. There is nothing about 'click here to purchase' tickets at 9am. It's going to be chaos at 8:59am.


This comment has been removed by the author.

Twitter says that you go to the individual film page or your account manager. Which apparently when you try to log in you have to start waiting for NOW. This ticketing system is somehow way worse than last year.

which page is that? the "click here to purchase" page?

So unlike the NYFF, this queue doesn't give you a clue about where you are in line and how many minutes you can be expected to wait.

this is confusing but i got in right away....managed to get 1 ticket for La La Land that was previously off-sale.

wouldn't let me and then i snagged one, i assume people's carts are getting full them empty so keep trying.

I got through right away on the regular ticketmaster site. Good luck!

To start the process just go to There is now a BUY TICKETS button right in the middle. THat will begin the process. You get put in a queue, as some mentioned above, which they say is by order of when you logged in (which is not how it was done in the was random) and no indication of how long you have to wait.

You can also buy tickets by going to

I was running on the Ticketmaster website, Ticketmaster Mobile App and the TIFF account page. I was able to get in immediately on all three. Some screenings that are missing on the Ticketmaster site and Ticketmaster mobile are available on the TIFF account page.

All three of the movies I got were previously offsale during ticket package redemption.

Also I hear that some screenings listed on one site are not on the other, so I would do as many platforms as possible.

anyone have to wait for tickets to be processed that they put in the cart via the tiff site?

i got one ticket in the cart but then was trying to help a pal out, clicked check out but it's taking a while.

Can't find Magnificent Seven at 8PM, anyone else having this issue? Not on the Ticketmaster site, but it's on the TIFF site... yet when you go to buy tickets through TIFF it just puts you in that ticketmaster queue that doesn't seem to end. Starting to get worried I'm going to miss out!

I keep getting technical issues message

Wasn't able to get Manchester by the Sea, Arrival, and American Pastoral gala tickets with my premium package during the first hour of the Contributor member selection window... But was able to get them all this morning at 9 AM during single ticket sale.
If they tell us it's because tickets became available due to exchanges that would be a load of crap. I'm so angry at how they continuously screw over members and package buyers.

I had to go to ticketmaster to get the Trespass Against US Saturday screening. sucks monkey ass!!!!

Ticketmaster >

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