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TIFF 2013 Off-sale (Sold Out) Screenings

This post is a placeholder for people to add comments for any films that they notice as sold out (i.e. off sale) when completing the online ticketing process for My Choice packages for TIFF 2013. Feel free to post a comment for anything you see as sold out when you log in to make your picks to help others out.

Note that films may come off sale if people release them before checking out because they changed their mind or failed to complete the check out process. Also, even though a screening sold out during the My Choice selection process, it may become available again when individual tickets go on sale.

Tickets off sale as of September 14, 2013 at 8:37 PM:

  • Sunday, September 15
    • All Cheerleaders Die
    • Antboy
    • At Berkeley
    • Attila Marcel
    • Bethlehem
    • Child's Pose
    • Closed Curtain
    • Cold Eyes
    • The Dinner
    • The Double
    • Enough Said
    • Exit Marrakech
    • Fading Gigolo
    • Faith Connections
    • The Finishers
    • Giraffada
    • Giselle
    • Gravity
    • Home From Home - Chronicle of a Vision
    • Hotell
    • Ladder to Damascus
    • The Last of the Unjust
    • Le Week-end
    • Life of Crime
    • The Lunchbox
    • Manakamana
    • Manuscripts Don't Burn
    • Mystery Road
    • Oculus
    • Omar
    • Palestine Stereo
    • Quai d'Orsay
    • Rock the Casbah
    • Something Necessary
    • Stranger By the Lake
    • The Summer of Flying Fish
    • Trap Street
    • Unbeatable
    • Under the Skin
    • Unforgiven
    • We Gotta Get Out of This Place
    • When Jews Were Funny
    • The Wind Rises
    • Witching & Bitching
    • The Wonders
    • Young & Beautiful


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I am very happy to see this thread back this year, as I have had bad luck with the lottery for the third year running.

I will be sure to note all off-sale tickets when I check out late in the day on Thursday.

So far, premium off-sales include the opening night The Fifth Estate, and the RTH showing of August: Osage County. No regular off-sales displaying yet; however, be aware that the Jason Reitman Live Read is not selectable by MyChoice packs (it shows on the list, but returns an error if you select it).

Which The Fifth Estate? RTH or Visa (Elgin)?

Metallica Through the Never is offsale.

That's kind of unexpected; the movie no one expected would be in any film festival is now unobtainable. So I guess the Gravity IMAX screening is still available?

I'm pretty sure they only assign a certain number of tickets to the advance orders ... surely not all of the Contributor and Patron members are hardcore Metallica fans. :)

Gravity on Sept 8 is off sale.

People are reporting on twitter the Metallica showing has been acting much like the Reitman live read. Has never been selectable for flex packs. " Mon.09/7:30pm Metallica Through the Never, "event is not eligible for Package Fulfillment"

Maybe all of the orange "special events" can't be picked? Has anyone tried the IMAX Wizard of Oz yet?

TIFF tweeted that at least for Live Read, will be available for individual purchase on Sept 1. Wonder if the others are similar.

I was able to purchase tickets for the Gravity premiere just now, but they are only allowing a maximum of 2 tickets as opposed to 4 for the other films.

SeriouslY? I couldn't even purchase 2 tickets during my 11am selection window! I feel ripped off.

Or maybe you just got the last two after someone put them back? That's more likely than TIFF changing the # of tickets you could pick.

Does anyone know if you are able to use the 10 ticket My Choice pack for premium screenings that aren't officially Galas, like Labor Day on Saturday night?

Anxiously awaiting to choose my tickets later this week, and appreciate any and all updates on which films are still available.

@Anonymous -- no you can't. The Flex My Choice Pack doesn't include Premium screenings (which can be GALAS, but aren't necessarily).

You can't use tickets for ANY Premium screening(Gala, SP, etc) unless you have one of the specific Premium flex packs.

So for Labor Day on Saturday your only option is buying a single ticket. Your 10 ticket regular flex pack won't work.

Thanks for the quick responses! The ticketing process can be a bit confusing, so at least I can rely on this site for accurate information!

Now I just have to figure out which ten films to choose this week, based on what is still available...

Our Man in Tehran (Mavericks), 6:15pm Sept 12, is offsale.

Cameron Bailey just confirmed that Reitman's Live Read will only be available September 1st for single sales day.

So apparently the Gravity thing about the limit being moved down to two is correct. Crazy.

On one hand I'm surprised TIFF would tweak the # of tickets on the front end -- doing it on the back end and throwing up a cryptic error is more their style. :) But then again, they have a habit of putting restrictions in place and not widely advertising it (Live Read, Metallica) ... so maybe I'm not as surprised.

Happened to me last year. I was in very early...all On the Road were gone. An hour later everyone was getting them and it went on for hours. I called & they tried to tell me it was because of people putting them in their carts and then not buying them. Which makes sense if a few became available. But not hundreds.

I don't agree at all with this imposed 2 ticket limit. These aren't assigned seats, they are general admission. So it's not like they don't have four seats together anymore. The festival says that we are allowed to buy up to 4 tix for each screening, they shouldn't change that.

I talked to a Patron Circle member who said they did that for many Galas in the mezzanine section during the early single ticket window (limiting then to 2). But in that case, they could log out and log back on and buy 2 more. I don't think you can do that for the package redemption.

Just finished my order and the only truly "off sale" regular screening is still Our Man in Tehran. Live Read and Metallica show a message indicating they will go on sale Sep 1.

I forgot to double check before I logged out, but I believe that the Monday showing of The Lunchbox was also marked off sale. At least that was the case about 20 minutes ago. Based on what happened with Gravity, this may change.

Lunchbox ofsale for both viewings

Sold out when I logged in at 5:00 PM on Aug 26:

Sat Sept 7:
Fading Gigolo

Mon Sept 9:
The Lunchbox

Thu Sept 12:
Our Man in Tehran

I went to TIFF last year, which was fun. Funny thing is when I came back home I saw a free screening of Looper with JGL and Rian Johnson in attendance. They did a Q&A afterwards. Same thing with Argo and Ben Affleck.This year there was free screening of Don Jon with JGL in attendance last week. I guess just some advice if you don't see some of the bigger films that are sold out. They'll be out in a few weeks anyway and you may even see them for free. There's advance free screenings all over the countries throughout the year (USA).

I meant all over the US.

Exactly why I'm skipping most of the films premiering/showing here that already have release dates through the end of the year. What's the value in paying over $20 to see something a couple of weeks early, when I can wait for its general release and see it for less than half the cost. My reasons are motivated more for the cinematic artform than the festival glitz, glamor, and celebs, so I understand why not everyone would agree with that.

Ack, my order time is not until Thursday night. What a long wait.

Does anyone know if the Jason Reitman Live Read film/cast will be announced before the single ticket on sale date? I did it last year and enjoyed it, but my interest is really contingent on which film is being read and by what cast.

Is it possible that the 2 ticket limit (that is mentioned above for films like Gravity, Metallica) is a way for TIFF to keep in check sales for films they think will be rife for re-sellers (ticket scalpers)?

The film in question for the Live Read is kept secret until usually two days before, and the full cast is announced a day later. Unfortunately this means that tickets will go on sale for four days before any announcements are made.

My friend is pretty bummed out about Lunchbox, she wanted me to get her a ticket. The good news is that I get to pick another film for me to see.

Just as a word of advice from a festival veteran - morning screenings (and especially Monday morning) tend to be very very very easy to rush. So if your friend is truly set on seeing the Lunchbox at the 9:30 am monday screening, all it takes is showing up at 6-7am and sitting on the sidewalk with a coffee and a book. I've never NOT got into a morning rush screening provided that i showed up around 7am (for 9 or 9:30). Best of luck :)

I have created a TIFFR account to keep track of these. I will update when I can (today will be difficult until the late evening).

Further to what abishop noted, if you're up that early your friend could also just hop online that morning to see if same day tickets are on sale.

Thanks to 12amMovies for compiling these in a TIFFR account!

I got all my screenings so I'm happy. I took your advice and did my premium picks first and regular second.

Does anyone have any thoughts from last year's experience whether buying Single Tickets on Sept. 1 would be more successful in person or online?

I waited in the crazy overnight line last year, and a lot of films were off sale by the time I got to the counter.

I've generally had reasonable success buying individual tickets online. You can check my post from last year on some of the issues/tricks that might help if you go online this year:

Noticed the additional following off-sales when I just went through the process:

6th - Watermark
7th - The Past
8th - Life's A Breeze
11th - Gravity

The premium screenings of Fifth Estate, Gravity and Rush are off sale. Rush isn't listed as off sale but if you try and select it the website will tell you they're off.

The Past on Sept 7 is now sold out as well.

Thanks for setting up the TIFFR list! That's awesome. BTW I went in at 11:30 AM and got everything. First time in 8 years. Am non-member this year but in all the years I was a member I never got everything. Hope everyone has such luck!

Odd questions- can I use Premium flex-pack tix to buy tickets to a regular screening? I am attending the last couple days of the festival and there aren't many premium screenings catching my eye, unfortunately.

No, you can't. I wish you could. I had a bunch of premium tickets I couldn't use. TIFF should allow it. Maybe it could be a bonus type thing for regular shows, like you get to jump the queue a little or something to make up for the extra cost. Or just being able to use them is good enough.

You can't use them in the selection process but you can go to the box office and exchange a Premium voucher/ticket for a Regular one. You lose money, obviously, and they won't refund it...but you can "trade down." I did it last year.

About that issue of being able to use some tickets from a premium package on regular screenings, you might want to ask about it on their Facebook page ( Perhaps it just never occurred to them that anyone would want to do that, so the software was not designed to enable it, but if you ask nicely maybe they will be able to make an exception for you (or at least explain their logic in not permitting it).

Finding Vivian Maier (Sept 10) is off sale

In previous years people also used boards such as these to trade tickets.

"I will order you ticket for Premium Screening X and you order me ticket for Regular Screening Y".

It was mostly done for people that had ticket limitations (such as only one ticket per film) or time of day limitations. But premium for regular was also done.

My window is not until friday morning (so quite late), but if you really really really want to see something regular, i'd be happy to exchange for one of your premium tickets. I'm sure i can find some premium film that i want to see.

my email:

madfilosof (at) hotmail (dot) com

I second what abishop said. I've been in that position before, having too many premium screenings, but am on the other side of the fence this year. I have a flex pack and a daytime pack, so if its regular daytime screenings you (or anyone else is looking for), I can swap. I understand the frustration, so would be happy to help out., if anyone needs to swap.

I bought a Premium pack and didn't really need it either. Most of the films I wanted to see were regular screenings. They should offer a 3 ticket packet for premiums. I already made my choices earlier today though.

Last year I bought a 12-pack Premium and could only find 2 films. I got 3 tix for the 2 films & had 9 I couldn't use. This year I didn't even bother with the Premium pack.

Fading Gigolo on Sunday the 8th is off-sale as well.

The following were marked as off-sale as of 5:15pm:

Friday 6th – Watermark

Saturday 7th - Blue is the Warmest Colour, Fading Gigolo, The Past

Sunday 8th – Fading Gigolo, Life’s a Breeze

Monday 9th - The Lunchbox

Tuesday 10th – Finding Vivian Maier

Wednesday 11th – Gravity

Thursday 12th - Our Man in Tehran

Friday 13th – Third Person

Is 12 Years a Slave on Sept 6 still available?

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Cheryl, for noting which screening!!! All films screen at least twice (including Galas and Premiums). WISH EVERYONE DID THAT!

Thanks Cheryl, I have updated the TIFFr schedule at

A friend of mine who just went through selections says he was going through selections very quickly and thinks he saw one of the Horns is offsale? He said since he was going through it really quick, he wasn't 100% sure. Is this true? If so, which Horns screening?

Blue is the warmest color OFFSALE for Saturday.

If anyone is choosing tomorrow morning, can you let me know if Horns is still available? THANKS! :)

If only I had found this helpful blog and other similar ones a bit earlier on! Thank you all for the helpful tips and off sale screenings. Unfortunately I decided to embark on my TIFF adventure without having a clue about packages, premium vs regular screenings etc, so I'm fairly certain the films I was most eager to check out (Fifth Estate) will long since be off sale by the time I manage to get to order a single ticket on Sunday :P I'll be spending a lot of hours in 7am and RUSH queues, I think. But if I ever go again, all this info will be useful!

Strong reviews for Gravity coming out of Venice. Perhaps that's why TIFF is giving it 4(!) screenings. I hope they're not all off sale before my order window on Thursday evening.

Just echoing previous festival-goers' comments - Thanks for creating this post, and for the TIFFR list! This is the first year my friend and I are doing a package, and we got one of the least desirable selection slots (Friday, at 3:30 p.m.!), so I'm already not hopeful about a couple of the movies my friend and I want to see (The Fifth Estate [Saturday viewing] & 12 Years a Slave). At least I'll be well-armed with info by the time Friday rolls around.

just a morning bump lol. for people choosing this morning, is Horns available still?

I got Horns for the Sunday screening pretty easily yesterday afternoon. Friday was still available at that point as well.

I'm surprised that the Friday screening of 12 Years A Slave is still available!

Because I'm going with 4-5 people and we all have different schedules, it was impossible to get a package ahead of time and know how many tickets I was going to buy. Unfortunately I'm gonna be waiting until Sunday for single tickets & then plenty of rush lines.

This site has been very helpful and thank you to everyone with the updates!

I just had my selection window. I didn't get a great glimpse of what was off sale, aside from the ones previously mentioned. Here is what is still available, what I was able to get> Parkland on the Sunday, Gravity on the Monday (2nd screening of it), August: Osage County on the Tuesday, Kill Your Darlings on Wednesday, Prisoners on the Friday, Joe and Bad Words on Saturday the 14th, and Fading Gigolo was still available on Sunday the 15th

Fading Gigolo will probably sell out soon, all three of the screenings are in smaller venues. Which reminds me, guys, you need to look at where the movies are playing, that should give you an idea of what will sell out quickly. If they're playing in Scotiaban, TIFF, Isabel Bader or Bloor Hot Docs, chances are they'll sell out fast. Movies in Elgin, Winter Garden, Princess of Wales, and Ryerson will hold out a little longer because they hold much more people. Roy Thompson is a gamble, if it's a really popular movie it'll sell out fast, if not you still have a good shot.

Has anyone ever attended a non-premium screening (i.e. a 2nd or 3rd showing) where a Q&A with the cast/crew is held. Or does that exclusively happen at premium/premier screenings?

@JCF I saw Q&As happening all the way up until about the Wednesday last year... after which they are pretty scarce


I'll only include films where Director AND some or all of the cast showed up

From ones I attened:
2nd screenings:
• The Artist (the entire cast + Director)
• Your Sister's Sister (1 star + Director)
• The Impossible (Writer, Director, one star)
• Killer Joe (Director + Entire cast that showed up the first night)
The rest of the 2nd screenings, at least the directors show up which is still awesome.
At all Special Presentations that weren't Premiums, they are treated just like Premium. Always, the entire cast and director... or more from the film showed up)) so yay!

@Andrew @Metalmeatwad Thanks for the info! I just selected 2nd screenings of 12 Years a Slave and Dallas Buyers Club. I will keep my fingers crossed for a Q&A.

@JCF, you'll probably see both Steve McQueen and Jean-Marc Vallee in the second screenings of 12 Years a Slave and Dallas Buyers Club respectively. I saw the second screening of Shame a few years ago and McQueen was there to introduce it and do the Q&A, and 12 Years is arguably a bigger film. Jean-Marc Vallee was also there for the LAST screening of The Young Victoria (along with the cast) and the second screening of Cafe de Flore when I saw them -- he's Canadian so there's a really strong chance for him to stick around.

@JCF It's always a crapshoot, but sometimes you'll be surprised who turns up for a second screening. A couple of years ago, Ryan Gosling, Bryan Cranston, and Albert Brooks showed up with Nicolas Winding Refn for the second screening of "Drive." I was pretty surprised, since it was a 9 AM screening the morning after the premiere (and their afterparty)!

Yeah, there is no hard and fast rule, but cast & crew definitely can show up to later screenings.

As MetalMeatwad said, directors are always more likely to show up for later screenings, but cast can definitely be there, too. I've been to 3rd screenings that had the entire cast present, so it's all pretty relative.

Just thought I'd drop a quick note that the following four premium showings are now available to Visa Infinite Cardholders:

Love is the Perfect Crime - Sep 6
Dallas Buyers Club - Sep 7
Gravity - Sep 8
Joe - Sep 9

It was news to me this morning that they were out there.

On a related note, I picked up two tickets to Gravity at the Princess of Wales and on the receipt it specifically states "dress circle". There was zero mention of this restriction anywhere throughout the selection and purchase process.

I'm just curious, does anyone know if all premium showings at the Princess of Wales this year are limited to the dress circle for the public? Or is this just a restriction coming with these "Visa Infinite Tickets"?


I saw 12 Years a Slave already. It's awesome. Enjoy!

@Jon I've seen several screenings at Princess of Wales, some premium and some not and you're usually never restricted to just the dress circle. That's either new or might be a visa infinite thing. I saw the premium screening of The Skin I Live In and I sat down on the first floor, and several other premiums I had the chance to sit downstairs, but I saw To The Wonder and had to sit in the Dress Circle because I got there late. I'm not sure why it says that on your receipt.

just finished scheduling a 60 pack and the only off sales were THE PAST - sat 7th @ 10:30 and LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON - sun 8th @ 10:00. will get the past at box office on morning of and replaced like father with LABOR DAY.

Jon, I don't understand.
The Gravity gala that was sold out yesterday is now available to those who pick today but only if they originally purchased their tickets using the Infinite Card?

Re: gala tickets & Visa. I think it's new ticket purchases. If you have a Visa Infinite card, you can buy tickets for those 4 today. I bought Gravity

Reminders: When you checkout, you'll be asked for your package # again, so keep it handy.

As of 11 a.m., all screenings on Thursday (5th), Saturday (14th), and Sunday (15th) were still available.

Here's a complete list of all non-premium screenings that are off-sale as of now:

Friday, 6th: Watermark

Saturday, 7th: Blue is the Warmest Colour; Fading Gigolo; The Past (The Fifth Estate had no tickets available when I signed on, but I was able to grab one before I checked out; I suspect it's about to go off-sale.)

Sunday, 8th: Fading Gigolo; Life's a Breeze; Like Father, Like Son

Monday, 9th: Lunchbox; Finding Vivian Maier

Tuesday, 10th: Finding Vivian Maier

Wednesday, 11th: Gravity

Thursday, 12th: Our Man in Tehran

Friday, 13th: Third Person

Jon, sorry, something isn't clear to me and I want to understand how this works. I have an ultimate card as well. I can't see any way of purchasing individual tickets though unless perhaps you are a TIFF member of some sort? As a non-TIFF member the TIFF site will only allow individual purchases Sep 1. I went to the infinite page and they don't indicate any kind of TIFF ticket special. So if you are not a member with that privileged of being able to purchase individual tickets before anyone else, I don't know how you did it.

@Anonymous: I'm a TIFF member, but didn't need to login to my TIFF account to buy the Gravity ticket.

Did you try this link?:

John, thanks for the link, but most of all thanks for solving the mystery!

Labor Day - TIFF Bell Lightbox 1 is off sale

Just finished my Flex pack choosing window. Got most of what i wanted ( or at least what I expected to get after following the OFF SALE updates on this wonderful blog), but missed out on "Labor Day"@8th Sunday,9am, which in now OFF SALE!

Secondly, if anyone is wondering— the non-availability of Jason Reitman Live Reading"until single tickets go on sale is not applicable to the other Special Events like "The Big Chill" on 5th Sep. I just booked 2 tickets for it!

All the best with your bookings!

Any updates on Off Sale premium screenings?

Not to post something non-off sale related again but it is in connection to the Visa Infinite deal.

I don't have a Visa Infinite card but I saw that on that site when you buy single tickets that you can only choose the full adult price for the tickets.

Will this be the case on general single ticket day too? I qualify for 25 & under tickets and it would save me a ton of money to be able to buy those rather than spend the full adult price. I don't live in Toronto so buying in person is not an option.

Any insight/prior knowledge would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

@Alex White - The Visa Infinite tickets seem to be the exception, because on single ticket day, you CAN indeed specify what age group you fall under when buying. Hope this helps!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Sept 5. Blue is the Warmest Color is now off sale as well.

@JCF There is usually NO Q&A following a gala at RTH (and evening screenings at the Elgin over the first several days). The second screenings (esp. if its the morning after a late night gala) sometimes only get the director. But generally second screenings within a few days of the first screenings get good results for Q&A with director/stars.

Films at Ryerson (sometimes Premium), Isabel Bader, and other theatres often good for Q&A at first and/or second screenings.

@Jon, I think Visa Infinite blocks off several rows at the POW as a perk for their ticketholders (not a reserved seat, but a reserved section). Regular ticket holders can usually sit on any level in 'unreserved' seats on a first come-first served basis. I have always sat in the front orchestra at the POW (usually the front row) on a regular ticket.

I was busy filling out my ticket package to check out all of the off-sale screenings, but I did notice that the 9:00 PM Friday September 6th, screening of Palo Alto was off-sale.

Any suggestions on the best approach for rushing films outside of the early morning screenings?

With Blue is the Warmest Color going off-sale before my purchase window hits, I'm planning to line up outside of the Winter Garden in advance of the 7pm screening next Thursday.

Would 2 1/2 hours lead time be sufficient (lining up at around 4:30pm or so) or should I aim to head into town earlier?

2 1/2 hours is a pretty good amount of time. There will always be someone more dedicated than you, but 2 1/2 hours will usually get you in the door. Particularly on a Thursday night, I wouldn't worry too much. Rush lines usually do most of their filling up 60-90 minutes before the show.

Regarding rush lines; are they at the actual theatre where the film is screening (which is what I think they are), or are they at the Festival Box Office?

Clarification would be appreciated. Thanks.

Rush lines for a movie will be at the theatre it's being screened at.

Rush lines are always at the theater where the film is playing. They line up the ticketholders on one side, and then the rushline on the other. The rushline is let in after all the ticketholders already have their seats. When I got in for De Palma's Passion last year, I actually missed the first 5 minutes of the movie because of the rush line.
I was successful 3-4 times doing rushlines last year, and I was always there about 60-70 minutes beforehand. I'm thinking 90 mins early should be no problem getting in - let alone 2.5hrs.

RE: Q&As...I do a report on this every year. Last year - Of the 27 public screenings I attended only 6 did not have Q&As. These were ALL regular screenings (except 2). I was there through Friday and only one of my final 13 did not have a Q&A. Of the 14 first screenings I attended, 2 did not have Q&As. Of my 13 second screenings, 9 did have Q&As. Only four did not.

FWIW my Q&A tally in 2011 -- Of the 33 public screenings I attended, only 7 did not have Q&As. Of the 19 first screenings I attended, 18 had Q&As -- only one did not. Of my 14 second screenings, eight did have Q&As. In 2010 -- Of the 30 public screenings I attended, only 4 did not have Q&As. Of the 21 first screenings, 19 had Q&As. Of the 9 second screenings I attended, 7 had Q&As. My last 13 screenings, on Wed-Fri, all had Q&As.

Just went through my selection process, and went ahead and checked all the dates for you fine folks. As of now, the following are off sale:

Blue is the Warmest Color

Lucky Them
Palo Alto

Blue is the Warmest Color
Fading Gigolo
The Fifth Estate
Made in America
The Past

Fading Gigolo
Labor Day
Le Week-end
The Unknown Known
Like Father, Like Son

Finding Vivian Maier
The Lunchbox

Finding Vivian Maier


Our Man in Tehran

Third Person



Hope this helps!

Anyone have any updates for off sale premium screenings?

Does anyone have an up-to-date on Premiums?

Can anyone tell me if all of the venues have comfortable seating (ie. full back chairs, stadium seating)? I just injured my back really bad and have a lot of pain when sitting in uncomfortable chairs. I'm worried about buying tickets and finding I can't sit through the screenings if I'm still having trouble with the injury. Thanks.

When is the last time during which the packages can select their tickets? What's the rest of the timeline with regards to ticket-buying options? I know the public onsale is on September 1st and the Day pack chooses September 2nd.

@John Oursler: you have until August 30 at 7:00pm EDT to make your selections online. If you miss your window, you can log in starting September 2 at 9:00am. Hope that helps.

credmondart, I was just about to post the exact same list!

I had one additional offsale on my list though:

Sun Sep 8th Life's a Breeze

Just did our ticket selection and made the same list as credmondart, but with two more films:

9/7: 12 Years a Slave
9/8: Life's a Breeze

Good luck everyone!

Best seats with lots of room and stadium seating are in the multiplexes: Scotia and Lightbox, although the LB is relatively new and the seats are a bit hard until they get broken in. Bloor is a relatively flat slope floor but the screen is raised very high so heads aren't in the way. Bader is stadium seating and decent. Jackman is similar to Bader. Both are essentially live performance venues and not movie theaters so they're designed differently, of course, but are good. Elgin, Winter Garden, and Princess of Wales are not stadium -- they're traditional proscenium arch theaters with a screen thrown up for movies. The seats themselves are comfortable but the venues are quite old and there is not much leg room. Difficult getting in and out of the rows without stepping on people. Ryerson is even worse. In the cases of Ryerson, Elgin, and Winter Garden you are fin if on the aisle. Otherwise it's physically challenging. I would stick to Scotiabank and Lightbox for leg room, stadium seating, and comfortable seats.

Two other questions relating to Premium showings in particular.

1) Do they also have rush lines?

2) Is it possible to purchase single tickets for Premium screenings individually should they be available on the 1st or are those restricted to Premium package purchasers and/or VISA Infinite card holders (like the 4 already on sale individually)?


1: yes, there are rush lines for Galas & other premium screenings

2: Yes, when tickets go onsale on the 1st it is for all screenings.

Remember that rush tickets are cash-only. You should try to have exact amount ($24, or whatever it is), so you can buy your ticket quickly and get into the theatre.

At the Elgin and Winter Garden, there is the option of sitting in the boxes, although those are chairs and depending on which box you can have an obstructed view (at least on the first floor). As those seats are not reserved, there is no guarantee that someone won't grab the seats before you.

I believe that you can rush Premiums like regular movies, although I have never bothered. At least that is the case at movies showing at the Ryerson, Elgin, TIFF and POW. I am not sure if they do that at the RTH galas.

When single ticket sales start on Sept 1st, premium tickets can be purchased, if they are available. The people who purchased packages make their choices now. If they don't do it by Aug 30th, then they have no priority over anyone else.

Yes, every single screening has a rush line, including Roy. I usually allow at least an hour to 90 mins, but it varies depending on the popularity of the film, size of the house, time of day, and number of screenings the film may already have had. FWIW TIFF says that 6500 tickets were sold to rush lines last year. I've seen screenings where nobody got in and others where 100 got in. All I can suggest is to get there as early as you can. 1153

Thanks so much to everyone for all the contributions.

@canmark Yes, that makes perfect sense now that you mention it. I recall seeing that section blocked off for Visa cardholders last year when I went to see The Place Beyond the Pines.

It's pretty interesting that those Visa Infinite tickets are almost a deluxe version.

Sorry as well to keep taking away from the main thread topic (it's the thread with all the action!), but it makes me wonder about RTH. Are they still limiting everyone to the balcony there as well again this year? I swore I wouldn't go to any galas this year because of that restriction...

They'd have to pay me to go to Roy again. Screen too small, bad acoustics, no Q&A. Pay more and get less? As far as I'm concerned the high rollers can have it. I'll spend half that to go the next day when there is a Q&A (maybe not with everyone if its press day and/or they're hungover, but I've always had a Q&A at day after Gala screenings) and the filmmakers know that audience actually came to see their film.

Anon, Bloor actually has stadium style seating in the balcony and a few of the seats are also even a bit wider on the ends although no extra leg room. Since they raised the screen the views are even better as well.

Once the festival schedule is announced, are additional screenings of a film ever added to the schedule? If so, when and how does this happen.


To be honest, I've scoured the internet for tips about these venues. A lot of people have tips, however, no one tells you about leg room and such. The Ryerson sucks for taller people. I heard if you sit in the balcony there's a bit more leg room? Also the RTH balcony issue no one tells you this stuff.

Also if you are a big fan of an actor or actress there's a possibility that they won't be there. I know Michelle Williams didn't attend the premiere for Take This Waltz. Kate Winslet is pregnant so she may not be there. I mean these are scheduling factors. For example, I know Mandela, Can A Song save Your Life and Labor Day are all premiering at the same time. If Mandela is at RTH and I have to sit in the rafters and no Q&A then forget it. If Kate is not going to be there for Labor Day then I may as well pick Can A Song Save your Life and skip Ryerson and it's poor leg room. I'd choose Labor day for the regular screening. I mean these are things that can be deciding factors in scheduling.

To the person asking whether additional screenings are ever added to the schedule, the answer is generally No. (Except when there is some kind of technical problem at the scheduled screening, such as the projector breaking down, or the subtitles being fucked up, then they might schedule a replacement screening.)

To the person with the back injury, definitely avoid Ryerson, the Elgin, and the Winter Garden. Overall I concur with Larry411's response except I've never noticed that Lightbox seats are hard because they haven't been broken in! (I've always found the Lightbox comfortable, and I'm pretty sure I've been in all five auditoriums.)

I bought a My Choice package and my day to buy is tomorrow. Can I buy under 25 tickets for friends if I'm over 25....or do they have to buy their does that work?

If you already have a My Choice package then you've paid for a set number of tickets, you can't save money on those if the person attending is 25 & under.

RE: Adding screenings, I agree with's rare. We had a screening of The Hole added because someone kept pulling the fire alarm and there was a film that arrived without subtitles that added a screening when they got the right one. However, I also recall high demand films having additional screenings added the last few days in schedule holes (there are some). But it's not common. RE: Balconies...I have to admit I avoid balconies so wasn't aware of Bloor's balcony situation. Same with Ryerson. But I'm not sure someone with a back injury would want to climb up to the balcony unless there was an elevator. I'm not sure all the venues with balconies have them. And even then, going up and down the stairs IN the balcony can be treacherous even for those of us without injuries. RE: Guests...Kate Winslet is actually on the list of scheduled guests. As far as who will appear, well, after almost 250 TIFF screenings (and I'm sure some of you have more) I could write a book on Q&As, who might show up or not, etc. A lot depends on whether or not they are doing press...many of the Galas and high-profile films will have their press day when the second screening is taking place. But the stars often show up anyway, even big ones. Sometimes they don't make it because they went out late to the premiere afterparty and were too hungover to get to the screening. I've seen every possible scenario, as I'm sure some of you have. Overall, though, I'd say the stars you want to see will be at the first screening and more often than not at the second. Third screenings are most often attended by foreign films (they aren't going back to Bosnia after four days) and low budget US & Canadian indies that need distribution. And I just found those LB seats to be like new baseball gloves that needed to be softened lol. But I've only been there maybe 2 out of every 30 screenings I've attended since it opened.

Re: Lightbox seating... I've found LB 5 seats really uncomfortable, but it's not being used for TIFF. (Would send a bad message).

I had my premium ticket selection Wednesday afternoon (28th) and the premieres of Rush, Kill Your Darlings, and Gravity were all offsale.

Thanks for the answer... I realized that after I had already sent my question... So, if I want to buy single tickets online starting on the 1st and am over 25 can I buy under 25 tickets, or do they have to buy their does that work?

You can buy the under 25 ticket even if you're older (I did this last year), but they may need to be with you to pick it up to show proof they're under 25 (we weren't asked to show proof at pickup last year, so I'm not sure on this part). You just pick the under 25 ticket when you're buying the single tickets.

I think ENEMY at 10:30 on Monday the 9th is sold out. I was only able to get 1 ticket, so either they've limited it down to only 1 ticket per package or that was the last one I got.

About that issue, whether the under-25 person needs to be with you when you pick up the ticket, you should ask TIFF directly at or if you prefer, on Twitter. Or pick up the phone, and call the box office, or shoot them an email. But I'd recommend asking them on Facebook, so the answer can be public for everyone to see. (The thread here at TiffTalk is just other filmgoers answering questions, not an official publication by TIFF.)

The ticket policies online just says "Valid ID required for Senior and Under-25 pricing" without specifying when the ID needs to be shown: only at the theatre, or also when picking up the tickets. Also, I think that's a mistake there, referring to "Under-25 pricing" when it should be "25 and under".

@matthew the rule is actually that they check at the theater (which they NEVER do, because if they did it would slow eeeeeverything down). That might have changed this year though.

Thanks very much for all your help... I phoned them at the TIFF box office and they said proof of ID is needed at the theater...

I have been buying 25+under tickets for the past couple years and have never once been asked for ID at the theatre, it would slow everything WAY down if they checked

Making my selections now and I've noticed the following additions to the off-sale list:

Friday, September 6
The Last of Robin Hood

Saturday, September 7
Le Week-end
The Sea

Thanks to everyone for updates, especially 12amMovies for his Web site.

Both Life of Crime showings on the 14th are offsale.

Thanks so much for this! Having a ticket window on the last day is so stressful. This has helped us come up with more backups for our Premium ticket package. Ugggh. why do I always lose the ticket lottery!

I've lost the lottery too. I have premium and regular packages that I ordered early - with VISA - and they gave me the same one hour for both packages, starting at 1PM today. It really sucks. I'm a hardcore year-round Lightbox visitor too. Sigh.

Thanks for the kind words Quintefox, but the big thumbs up is for everyone who takes the time to note the offsale items when checking out here. It helps everyone. So far I've only been hit on 1 first pick and alternates (and I have 5 alternates for every selection).

Knowing what is gone before you check out helps everyone plan better.

I had only one "oops" this morning. No advance notice about "Le Week-end" (sigh). After waiting until my time was almost up for a miracle ticket to appear, I opted for the WP of "Enough Said". Enough said, indeed! Don't really want to stand in rush lines any more.

So, yes, 12amMovies, I agree - a loud shout out to all who post updates and a loud shout out to tifftalk for sponsoring this forum.

Bonus for me - all my ticket needs are done. No need to grapple with the mad rush for single tickets on Sept. 1!

Cheers everyone.

Did my selection at 10:30 on 8/29. Here's what was offsale (non-premiums only):

Thursday 5th:
Blue is the Warmest Color

Friday 6th:
The Last of Robin Hood
Lucky Them
Palo Alto

Saturday 7th:
12 Years a Slave
Blue is the Warmest Color
Fading Gigolo
Fifth Estate
Le Weekend
Made in America
The Past
The Sea

Sunday 8th
Fading Gigolo
Labor Day
Le Weekend
Life's a Breeze
Like Father, Like Son
Unknown, Known

Monday 9th
Finding Vivian

Tuesday 10th
Finding Vivian

Weds 11th

Thursday 12th
Our Man in Tehran

Friday 13th
Third Person

I did not see anything offsale for the 14th or 15th

Did my selection at 11:30am. I didn't notice any more offsales besides what was listed. I'm just happy I got 12 Years A Slave and Gravity. I was sure they would've been offsale by now.

Did my picks at 11am today (29th). I didn't notice anything off-sale other than what was posted,but when I went to select tickets for Wind Also Rises on the 11th, it said 0 available.

Luckily someone here or elsewhere suggested changing your view - I switched from By Title to By Schedule, and magically tickets were there.

Now to add some more on single-ticket day this Sunday...

Thanks for all of the helpful info everyone!

Can someone please confirm whether Kill Your Darlings at the Roy on Tuesday the 10th (6:30 PM) is off sale? I see it on the TIFFR, but I did not see it on the lists here...

They add screenings when they want to secure an Audience Award for a pop. film (god forbid another Lebanese film wins). Last year they added a fourth screening for Silver Linings Playbook on the last Friday and with the p&i & audience award screening it played 7 times. Railway Man & Gravity seem to be well positioned this year for vote grabbing

The Double on Sat, 9/7 was off-sale.
Wind Rises on 9/11 was on sale (through the "By Schedule") as of 1 EST

Really appreciate all those who contribute to these comments. It was an immense help.

Noted the following additions to Kenneth's post in my 8/29 1pm non-premium window:

Bad Words
The Double



The Daughter

In the rush line, can you pay by debit/credit card or only by cash?

The 9:00 a.m. screening of Devil's Knot on the 9th is OFFSALE.

The Rush Line is cash only. The staff/volunteers will periodically walk the line to "gently" remind everyone that it's cash only and to get your butts to the nearest ATM in case you've forgotten.

As for the earlier questions about rush times, generally speaking 90 minutes is sufficient for most shows, excepting ridiculously popular ones, and especially when they're in smaller venues. The bigger the venue, the more rush usually gets in, (again) excepting in special cases when the film starts late/the red carpet takes forever/other stuff happens, in which cases the rush line might be cut off even though there might be seats available. Those are rare, but they do happen.

Also remember that if you're in the rush line, you'll be stuck at the back/front of the theatre, unless you're lucky enough to get in just as they're opening up the unused reserved seats.

RUSH is cash only if you're "buying", you can still use your passes unless something's changed this year.

Additiona offsales as of 4pm

9/6 An Episode In The Life Of An Iron Picker
9/7 Like Father, Like Son
9/9 For No Good Reason
9/9 Miss Violence
9/10 August: Osage County
9/10 Omar
9/13 The Face Of Love
9/13 Mandela Long Walk to Freedom
9/15 Fading Gigolo

NOTE: Saw a 9/12 Gravity screening that was added and still available.

Really bummed out about No Good Reason, but I was surprised to see I could snag a In Conversation with Spike Jones.

I have updated my off-sale TIFFr at

Any chance you can provide any specific details on the newly added Gravity screening on the 12th?

i.e. What theater is it being screened at? And at what time?


Also RE: Rush tickets -- last year I was able to use/trade vouchers for rush (of you have any, of course).

I believe the Gravity screening on the 12th is also in IMAX so it will probably be in Scotiabank.

just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has posted - you have all been a huge help!

Just finished and comparing my offsale list with 12am's tiffr page, here are 2 more offsale:
9/6 - Trap Street
9/10 - Bastards

Also, the page listed the 9/11 showing of The Wind Rises as offsale, but I was able to get 2 tickets as of around 5:30-6:00pm.

Thanks for the update Anonymous. I have removed the 9/11 Wind Rises from the list until I hear otherwise.

I will try to keep my TIFFr page up-to-date until 5pm tomorrow. I've been led to believe tomorrow will be a light day for me at work, so I will have time to check this forumn often, but after 5pm that I will not update it, as I'm busy going to the Lightbox to see JAWS and ALIEN. 7pm is the cut-off for mychoice selections and TIFF will have an official offsale page after that.

Thanks to TIFF Talk for hosting this discussion. See you all again next year. Hope you all got most of what you wanted to see.

Can anyone confirm the existence (and time!) of the new Gravity screening (on the 12th?) My window is Friday morning, would love to work this into my schedule.

Can people please tray and update on this post what goes off sale on singles dsy for those who have back half passes?
I think that would be appreciated by many seeing how Back Half packs were the 2nd to sell out after the Premiun flex packs

Alex White:

TIFF.NET will list all off-sale listings on the main site when single tickets go on sale.

Just went through our window.

12 Years a Slave on the 14th is now off sale as well.

There was NO additional Gravity screening available.

Just finished my non-premium selections.

Off my top selections I was not able to get (previously mentioned I believe)...

Fading Gigolo (all screenings off sale)
Devil's Knot (Sept 9 @ 9AM)

I was able to get a ticket for Bad Words (Sept 7 @ 4PM) that was noted as off sale before.

12 Years a Slave & The Double are off sale for Saturday September 7.

@12am Movies,

I meant during singles day when people sell out films if people could note those off-sales on here too.

The TIFF list is listed prior to single sales starting and does not update once singles go onsale so that list doesn't help at all for Back-halfers when we have this thread already.

@Alex, you can also log into the single ticket sales side yourself prior to your back-half window, since nothing's locked down at that point, and single ticket sales are separate from package sales.

New Off-Sale screenings that I found as of 10:00 today:

12 Years a Slave - Saturday 14th, Elgin (already mentioned)
Bastards - Tuesday 10th, Lightbox 2
Child of God - Sunday 8th, Scotiabank 3
The F Word - Sunday 8th, Bloor Hot Docs

Didn't see any new Gravity screening for the 12th, although both its showings at the PoW on the 9th and Ryerson on the 15th are still available.

Hope that helps!

Have a couple additional off-sale screenings to note for September 8th:

1) The 10pm premiere screening of Child of God at the Scotiabank 3

2) The ONLY non-Premium screening of The F Word at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema at 11:30am

Jason Reitman's Live Read will be Boogie Nights. That should be fun, although I personally found that movie overly long and boring (so I don't think I'll go--unless the casting is spectacular!)

Probably won't announce the cast until after the tix go on sale. Cannot. Wait.

Here's are the previously unmentioned films I noticed as being off-sale at 2:00 p.m.:

Only Lovers Left Alive


Dallas Buyers Club

The Invisible Woman

The Dinner

The Strange Little Cat

The 9/14 COLD EYES screening was down to selecting 1 or 2 tickets.

With 50 tickets to select, I was expecting the worst picking this late but ended up getting most of what I wanted. This thread is an immense help for reconfiguring plans in advance.

I am curious how many off-sale films become available again. Last year I noticed that, unlike under the lottery system, once films were off-sale, they basically stayed that way except for the stray returned tickets.

I'm picking my premium package in an hour... so I'll let you guys know about that very soon.

Yes, I'm also curious about how tickets they hold back for single ticket day (if they do at all, that is)...completely filling up RTH within a week seems like no small feat!

Yes, I'm also curious as to how many tickets they hold back for single ticket day (if they do at all)....completely selling out RTH within a week seems like no small feat!

Does anyone know if they release more tickets for Off sale screenings on September 1 and single tickets go on sale

Just an FYI, if anyone has trouble logging in, there's some sort of problem with some of the package codes. My code kept showing up as invalid and I wound up literally running to the box office to get it sorted out. For some reason, some of the package codes return an error even though they're valid.

More films off sale, as of 3:00.

Child of God
The F Word

Mary Queen of Scots

The Stag

The Dinner

12 Years a Slave
Cold Eyes

Le Week-End
When Jews Were Funny

Can anyone help me out with Reitman's Live Table Read and how much that normally costs, maybe compared to last year? I'd like to see that but not if it's the $45 gala pricing.

Update on new premiums that are off sale:

12 Years a Slave

August Osage County at RTH is back on sale

RE: do they release add'l tix for singles day? Yes, they don't want people going in and finding zero screenings available, so they do cap some films and hold back for individuals. Proof of that is last year: As you can see, not many films were gone by the time they opened single sales. From what I can see, it's less than now. I also called the box office last year to ask and they confirmed that they do hold back blocks of tickets for many screenings for single sales day.

Last year the Live Read was Regular price. Since it hasn't been marked as Premium, I'm assuming it'll stay that way this year.

Actually, August Osage County - Premium at RTH, while listed, says there are no tickets available.

TIFF's official list is now listed at

Hi, I'm completely new to TIFF and everything in it so any help would be appreciated. :)

Really, I'm just confused about the whole gala/premiere thing as the premium tickets for The Fifth Estate on opening night, among other things, is off-sale.
So does that mean we can't star-gaze at all during the premieres (yes, huge Benedict Cumberbatch fan)? I don't mind missing the films as much since I'll watch them later on (although I'd love to see some Q&As) but for me, the main thing is premieres so if I could get more info on that (rushing, tickets, lines, clothing, etc), that'd be great. :)

@Rose, check my page here for general tips: If you can't rush and get tickets, and you just want to see people on the red carpet, Roy Thomson Hall is probably the best. You don't have to get dressed up for galas or premieres. Note for gala premiers, especially at RTH, there isn't usually a Q&A.

Hi Richard, thank you for your reply as well as the link; it had some great reads!
Just to clarify, so we can still go to the red carpet premiere at RTH even without tickets? And if we come very early (possibly even in the morning if necessary), we can get to the front? Thank you & sorry for all these questions! :)

If you actually want to see the premiere, you'll need tickets. You can either buy starting Sept. 1 online at TIFF site, or you can try the rush line at the theatre the day of the screening.

If you just want to see the celebs arrive on the red carpet, at RTH, that's usually in David Pecault square to the west of RTH. You don't need tickets to be able to see that. But you'd want to get there early if you want to get by the barricades for a good view. At Elgin, I think the red carpet arrivals are usually out front on Yonge St.

I have been in the VWR since 8:58am
What is going on with the system this year? Each time my clock times out it bumps me back to another 2000 seconds. I'm not going to get any tickets this year because the TIFF system is a piece of garbage.

Ya the tiff online ticketing system is the worst

Victoria (and others)

I completed my purchase in 10 minutes this morning.

Try opening multiple windows and watch them all. The countdown is just to see if there's an opening at that moment. If not, start again.

I had one window restart its count; the second let me in and I got everything I wanted.

@ John

Does that mean that the note about 'not refreshing the page lest you lost your spot in queue' is nonsense? I've been refreshing various tabs since 8:30am, and still nothing.


I never refreshed. Just watched 5 browser windows count down

Sorry, I meant I watched them count down (1 regular browser tab + 1 incognito window).

After reading your comment, though, I tried refreshing the second tab, and noticed that I could get a shorter refresh time, which was why I was curious.

Boo! Made it through the hellish #VirtualWaitingRoom (after an hour and a half) only to find that all 7 of the films I wanted (which were NOT on the off-sale list) were gone. Still have my flex pack orders, but still...

Question: In the past I've stood in Rush lines and know that one has to run in the theatre at the last minute. I now have a disability that requires me to use a walker. I can't go up stairs/escalators and will need help stowing my walker in the theatre. Does anyone know if TIFF makes accomodation for people in the rush line with disabilities? I have a TIFF "lobby pass" which will supposedly allow me to wait in the theatre lobby for film's that I have tickets for. But what about rush? I can't run into the theatre at the last minute and navigate stairs in the dark. Is there any accomodation for this?

I have been waiting for almost 2 hours and can't even get past the virtual waiting room! Help!!

@ Lori

I've been waiting since 8:30am and JUST got in a few minutes ago. Hang in there!

thank you! there is hope :)

@Lori, if you haven't already, you can try opening multiple browser tabs or windows; whenever I get in, it's usually on one of the others, not my first.

Bought a 10 flex pack, was able to get my main picks besides Blue is the Warmest Color, which is my number 1 to see film of the feastival. Single ticket day, after 2 hours of virtual waiting room I was able to get the rest of what I wanted, but again no Blue.

Been waiting since well before tickets went on sale this morning, and over 3 hours later, no closer to getting in. Think I'm throwing in the towel. The singularly worst ordering system I've ever encountered. What exactly is the point of showing up early, making the effort, staring at a computer screen for half of my day when it's randomized?

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