Saturday, August 31, 2013

TIFF 2013 Individual Tickets On Sale Sunday, Sept. 1, 2013

Individual tickets go on sale to everyone tomorrow, Sunday, September 1, 2013 at 9:00 AM Eastern. If previous years are any indication, the online system will be heavily loaded down when ticket sales start. You may get lucky and get in right away, but more often than not you will be shunted into a "virtual waiting room" which features a countdown timer. Not sure if they'll change the way that works this year, but note in previous years, the countdown didn't actually mean anything; you wouldn't actually gain entry at the end of the countdown, it would just reset more often than not.

You can also buy in person or by phone, but I've heard stories from other people who went in person that all the films they wanted were already off sale by the time they made it up to the counter.

You can check my post from last year on how online individual ticket sales work:

If you want an idea of which films are off sale (i.e. sold out, you can check the official off sale page, or you can check my post here:, or you can check the tiffr page commenter 12amMovies posted based on comments to this blog. Many thanks to 12amMovies for posting and updating the tiffr page, and everyone who contributed off-sale screenings to the page. I know people who came later definitely appreciated the information.

Since it will be difficult for people to login initially when individual sales start, if you do manage to get in and get a chance to see any additional off-sales, feel free to add them to my comment page:


Any chance to start a trading thread on this site since Tiffreviews is down this year?

Hi. Not sure which thread does this query belong in, so just putting it down here. I could not find any detailed explanation of how do vouchers work.

Say i do not select all my Day Pass 20 movies because a few i am really keen on are Off SALE. I would want to take a chance on Rushing them on the day off.
In that case, if i were to keep a handful of my day-time pass tickets as Vouchers, would TIFF accept those at tickets in the Rush line? Of course, provided it is a Day show (pre-5pm) since it is Day pass voucher.

Any insight on this would be most helpful!


I second John's post

I would recommend calling the festival to see if you can use vouchers for the rush line, because I'm thinking they might not in the interest of time (i.e. they don't accept credit cards for rush either).

I've used Vouchers in the Rush line in past years. Still worth checking with TIFF to confirm that's OK.

Since everyone seems to be asking for it, I put a new page for *trades*. Do not post sales or requests there, so I don't have to actively manage the page. I've also disabled anonymous comments, so you will have to sign in with your Google account to post there (and actually everywhere else on this blog now).

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