Friday, September 10, 2010

2010 Programme Book Gift Bag

Finally connected up with my friend who picked up our tickets this year, and there was a programme book gift bag after all. One rumor I read said the bags were not given out when you picked up your programme book because they were held up at customs. When my friend went to pick up the completed order, bags were available, although he had to specifically ask for it. No word on whether any would still be left at this point.

Highlights of this year's bag:

  • A tote bag.

  • No Stella Artois glass! So much for my collection.

  • A small 237 ml bottle of Diet Coke.

  • A bag of Blockbuster popcorn.

  • A Crest 3DWhite teeth whitening strip.

  • A rent 1/get 1 free coupon for Blockbuster with post-its to bookmark your programme book.

  • A card advertising the Tim Burton exhibition organized by MOMA that will be at the Lightbox in November.

  • A card advertising 50% off the Toronto Star.

  • A Pizza Nova gift card.

  • An ad for, which seems to list all the various film festivals around Toronto during the year.

  • A card advertising the Liberty Entertainment Group's restaurants, like the Rosewater Supper Club (no discount, though).

  • A Blockbuster gift card, although it doesn't say if there's any credit on it.

  • A scratch and win card for the Drake Hotel.

  • 3D glasses for the National Film Board of Canada's website (


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