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TIFF 2012 Ticket Packages on Sale to Visa Cardholders July 3, 2012

A reminder, ticket packages for TIFF 2012 go on sale to Visa cardholders tomorrow, Tuesday, July 3, 2012 at 10:00 AM Eastern time. You do *not* have to be a TIFF member to purchase a ticket package starting July 3, but you must pay by Visa. If you do not have a Visa card, then you must wait until July 9, 2012 before you can purchase ticket packages by Visa, MasterCard, Amex, cash, and debit.

You can purchase:

  • Online at
  • By phone at (416)-599-TIFF or 1-888-599-8433
  • In person at TIFF Bell Lightbox, Reitman Square, 350 King St W, Toronto
Online would probably be your best bet provided the site doesn't have any issues.

The Premium Ticket Pack was sold out after the first day of sales to TIFF members, but there may be additional ones available on July 3.


Do you know if there is any tax added to the price or is it included as part of what is listed on the site? For example, would I have to pay 13% on top of the $190 for the 20 film pack?

Tax is extra, so you'll have to pay the 13% on top. Also note there's a rather high service fee as well, which appears to work out to $10 per item (!) you buy. For instance, I bought a single 70-ticket flex pack and 2 Programme Books, and got dinged $30 in service fees.

Hypothetically, suppose you are a TIFF member but you don't have a VISA card. You will still be able to purchase ticket-packs on July 3 with a different credit card, right? Specifically I'm wondering about the premium pack, which as you mentioned had been off sale but supposedly will become available again on July 3, will TIFF members be able to buy one of those without a Visa card?

Not sure on that one; guess it will depend on how they've implemented their ticketing system. It's not an unreasonable assumption to make that members would be able to make a purchase without a Visa card, but haven't heard anything definitive one way or the other.

Just checked on the site; members can still purchase using Amex, Visa, and MasterCard. Non-members can only use Visa. Premium package is available to both members and non-members.

Kind of unrelated to this post I know, but if you are attending a premium screening and there's a Q & A, are you allowed to take pictures or film said Q & A session? And are there certain doors the actors/directors are known to come out of at certain theatres? Like a stage door type thing? Just for the chance of an autograph or something like that...

In the past, photos and video of Q&A sessions at TIFF have been permitted (with the exception of the Mavericks programme).

I agree, there usually aren't any restrictions on pictures/film for Q&As except for the aforementioned Mavericks programme (which are typically long-form interviews with people).

At Ryerson, there's a side door on Gerrard, west of the main entrance, that people usually come out of (hard to miss as that's usually where the limos are parked).

At Roy Thomson Hall they have a red carpet before the screening at the square in front of Metro Centre where you can see the stars.

The other theatres I'm not as sure, but usually people try to catch the cast/crew up at the stage after the Q&A or immediately outside the theatre (that's pretty common at the Scotiabank theatre for example).

Great updates as always! I thought it was going to be Visa-only but now I can hold off and just put this on my normal card :) Have you heard whether they have any sort of backup in place if the new online ticketing falls apart?

Thanks Tess!

Haven't heard of any sort of backup system, so if it doesn't work, we're all screwed. :-)

So far, things haven't been too bad. From a performance standpoint, the site hasn't had any hiccups. Most of the problems I've heard to date were validation type issues, and there was a single person who had problems with Firefox and Chrome, but didn't hear of that from anyone else. So I'm slightly more optimistic, although I have no idea what the actual ticket selection will look like once that happens in August.

Do you know when the first list of films will be announced for the festival? Last year the press conference was the last week of July, but I haven't seen any confirmations for this year's date...

Apparently July 24 will be their first announcement of films. Best bet is to follow @TIFF_NET on Twitter.

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