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2014 Ticket Trades

As it was popular last year, I've created a page for comments for ticket trades and sales. Only post here if you are willing to trade tickets, or sell for the value you paid for the ticket. Do not post here if you are simply looking for tickets or are trying to sell above face value; I will delete such comments to keep the number of comments under control and to prevent scalping. To try to minimize issues, this blog now no longer accepts anonymous comments; you must sign into Google to post.

For people selling, the most a premium ticket should be is $46, and the most a regular ticket should be is $24. If you find anyone selling for more, post a comment and I will try to delete the offending post when I have time.

Double check any ticket before accepting it; I would not accept an under-25 or senior ticket unless you obviously fit that demographic, otherwise you risk not being admitted.

Use the information here at your own risk; I do not know anyone who may be posting here. If you do trade or buy, make sure whatever you receive looks and feels like your own ticket. Do not accept vouchers, e-mail confirmations, or anything else other than an actual ticket, otherwise you're probably getting scammed. If you have any issues, there is nothing I nor the festival can do for you; you're on your own.

Note if you do post here, you should delete your comment once you have gotten rid of your ticket, so that you don't continue to get inquiries. If you have problems deleting your comment, post another letting me know, and I'll try to remove it when I get a chance.


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Tickets I'm looking to Sell ($20 each) or Trade:

Sept. 6th 7:00 pm: Return to Ithaca
Sept. 14th 9:15 am: The Face of an Angel

Looking for:

Sept. 5th: Force Majeure
Sept. 9th: Two Days, One Night
Sept. 13th: Men, Women, & Children

I have a ticket to Goodbye to Language (Sept 14, 9:15pm) that I'd love to trade for
Leviathon- Sept 10, 6pm or
The Face of an Angel- Sept 14, 9:15am

Those are just some films off the top of my head that I'd be interested in but I'm open to others!

I'd also sell my ticket to Goodbye To Language for $20.

Anyone selling their 99 Homes premium ticket? Desperately looking for a ticket or two.

Same with Foxcatcher premium.

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Also looking to trade 2 premiere tickets (25 and under) to 99 Homes for premiere tickets to The Imitation Game.

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Looking to purchase a ticket for The Theory of Everything Sunday Sept 7th 6pm Princess of Wales. I managed to get a ticket for the 2nd screening of it on Monday Sept 8th. I'm willing to trade that one for the premium one and pay the difference or just flat out purchase it.

Looking for Miss Julie on Sunday, Sept 7 at 2:00 PM. Will trade what I have or simply purchase.

Looking to trade 2 tickets to the following for tickets only on 9/4, 9/5, 9/6 or 9/7. So the following tickets are what I HAVE AND WANT TO TRADE:
1) Theory of Everything, 9/8 @ 3pm
2)Far from Men, 9/9 @ 5 pm
3) Laggies, 9/11 @ 3 pm

Looking to sell four Midnight Madness tickets. All are at Ryerson at 11:59pm:

Tokyo Tribe (Thursday, 4th)

It Follows (Sunday, 7th)

Electric Boogaloo: The Wild Untold Story of Cannon Films (Monday, 8th)

The Editor (Thursday, 11th)

$20 each or $70 for all four.

I have for sale (PREMIUMS):

The Face of an Angel (9/6, Winter Garden)


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Tickets I'm looking to Trade:

Sept. 6th: 2 tix to Force Majeure

What I want:
Sept. 5th: 2 tix to Force majeure

If you want to trade 6th for 5th am even willing to throw in a few bucks to make it worth your while.

Otherwise also willing to Buy Force Majeure straight up for the 5th


I am looking for 1 ticket to the Mavericks conversation with jon Stewart. Sam do you still have yours? Can we get in touch?

Michelle - I have one Mavericks Conversation w/ Jon Stewart (9/7 3:15pm at Princess of Wales) that I can part with. It is *not* marked under-25, unlike Sam's.

Michelle, I still have the Mavericks: Jon Stewart ticket if you are under 25 and interested. Feel free to email me at

I am over 25 so I guess I should take the one that brian has for sale. Unfortunately I don't have anything to trade as I only have tickets for two other screenings this year. Where can I reach you brian?

Looking to buy/trade for 2 tickets to the (NON-premiere) screening of The Imitation Game on Wednesday, September 10th at 3:00pm @Princess of Wales.

What I have to trade:

- 2 tickets to the PREMIERE screening of 99 Homes
- 2 tickets to the PREMIERE screening of Laggies
- 2 tickets to the PREMIERE screening of The Reach

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Michelle - RE: Jon Stewart - Please email me: shicoff (at) gmail (dot) com

Available for trade/sale (one ticket of each, at cost):
1. Eden (9/5, 5:45pm, Ryerson)
2. X+Y (9/5, 9pm, Ryerson)
3. The Reach (9/6, 2:45pm, Princess of Wales, Premium)
4. Good Kill (9/9, 9pm, Ryerson, Premium)
5. The Guest (9/13, 12am, Ryerson)

Looking For:
1. Kill Me Three Times (9/6, 9pm, Scotia1) OR (9/7, 4:15pm, Scotia3) - 1 OR 2 tickets
2. Black and White (9/7, 5:15pm, Scotia1) - 2 tickets
3. Hector and the Search for Happiness (9/8, 4:15pm, Scotia4) - 1 ticket
4. Wild (9/8, 9pm, Roy Thompson, Premium) - 2 tickets
5. The Tribe (9/13, 9pm, Ryerson) - 1 ticket

I am looking for 1 ticket for Mavericks with Juliette Binoche.


1 -Ned Rifle (Sun Sept. 7 @6pm)
2 -Foxcatcher/Rosewater
(Tuesday Sept.9, I have a pair for each and can't decide)


1- Two Days, One Night (Wed)
2- A Little Chaos (Sunday Sept.14)
2- Corbo (Thurs/Sat)
1- Force Majeure (Fri/Sat)

hey rafi, any interest in trading 2 tickets to the reach for two tickets to the theory of everything on sept 8th?

I am looking for:

1 ticket for National Gallery on Sept 12 at 1130 (Jackman)

I willing to trade any one of the following:

The Yes Men Are Revolting Sept 5 2045 at Scotiabank 2

Force Majeure Sept 6 0900 at Lightbox 1

Waste Land Sept 8 1630 at Lightbox 3

Leopardi Sept 11 0900 at Lightbox 1

The Dead Lands Sept 12 2145 at Scotiabank

Gyeonju Sept 14 1230 at Scotiabank

Please contact me at OR if you're able to help out.


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I'm looking to trade 1 of the following:

1) Have Leviathan Sept. 10/6:00 and want the screening on Sept. 11/4:45.

2) Have Jauja Sept. 10/6:45 and want Sept. 13/9:30.

Let me know if anyone is interested in either trade.

Oh, and just to add to that i would also simply purchase either of the two screenings that i'm looking for.


Interested in selling Foxcatcher at Wales for Tuesday? I'm DESPERATELY looking for an extra ticket for Tuesday's screening.

I'd buy the pair if you didn't just want to sell one for Tuesday's screening although I'm just looking for one. I also have St. Vincent for Saturday if you wanted to trade that + buy it from you?

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Oh! I also have an extra for Two, Days One Night on Wednesday if you wanted to trade Foxcatcher for that?

I have one ticket for Foxcatcher on Tuesday at noon (Sep 9). I am seeking to swap this for one of the following films:

1) Two Days One Night, 12.30PM, Sep 10
2) Mommy, 12PM, Sep 10

Alternatively, I am looking to swap it (with added cash) for two tickets to:

3) L'il quin quin, 11.30AM, Sep 11


I am willing to swap my single ticket for Foxcatcher on Tuesday at noon (Sep 9) for Two Days One Night at 12.30PM (Sep 10) if film_no_or doesn't wish to part with his two tickets?

OK, what's your email?

Hey guys,
Again, I have two tickets to theory of everything that I am looking to trade for two tickets to something on the 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th!!


it is:

Sent you an email!

looking to sell two tickets to roger waters - the wall Premiere Sat Sept 6th 9 pm at Visa screening room Or trade for Force Majeure Friday Sept 5th premiere - 2 tix.
Waters premiere is 46 dollar value so not a bad deal for Force Majeure tix if wiling to part with them)


Just looking for one ticket to the midnight screening of Tusk.

I have two tickets for The Imitation Game on Wednesday at 3PM (Sep 10) that I would like to swap.

I am looking for two tickets to either:

1) What We do In the Shadows
2) L'il quin quin, 11.30AM, Sep 11


@OK I don't have tickets to either of those movies, but I would be willing to buy the pair of tickets to The Imitation Game off of you, should no one else agree to trade. If you are willing to sell, what would your price be for the pair?

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Hi Elise Lum-You,

Thanks for your interest. I would prefer to swap them rather than sell them at this early stage, so I will wait two days and see what happens. If no one contacts me about the swaps though, I will get back to you!

All the best,

Should I forget to contact you, my
my email is:

@OK Thank you so much for your consideration! I'll definitely be waiting on those two days with baited breath, haha! And thanks for the contact info. I'll be sure to email you, should I get no response.

Best Regards,


@OK Oh, and if you need to email me, my email address is

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Looking to trade the following:

I have (1 ticket):
Big Game (Friday 05 Sept) 11:59pm
This is My Land (Sunday 06 Sept) 7pm
Whiplash (Monday 08 Sept) 3:15pm
Rosewater (Tuesday 09 Sept) 12:30
Hyena (Tuesday 09 Sept) 9pm
Map to the Stars (Wednesday 10 Sept) 2:30pm
American Heist (Thursday 11 Sept) 7pm
What we do in the Shadows (Friday 12 Sept) 11:59pm

Looking For (1 ticket):

Kill Me Three Times (Saturday 06 Sept) 9pm
Mavericks: Jon Stewart (Sunday 07 Sept) 3:15pm
1001 grams (Sunday 07 Sept) 6:30pm
Merchants of Doubt (Tuesday 09 Sept) 9:15pm
The Imitation Game (Wednesday 10 Sept) 3pm
The 50 year Argument (Thursday 11 Sept) 6:30pm

Email me at:

Trade request

I have:

Foxcatcher(2nd screening at Princess of Wales)

Would like to trade for:

Tusk (midnight madness)

Will trade the tickets and pay the difference.

If anyone has tickets to sell for Before We Go on Sept 12 at 6:30pm let me know! melvinwong84 (at) yahoo (dot) ca

Thank you!

i have:
Still Alice - Sept 8 @ 5pm
Maps to the Stars - Sept 10 @ 2:30pm
volunteer vouchers (adult) - can be redeemed on regular screenings at the box office. OR used on premium and P&I screenings on a rush basis.

i want:
the riot club - either Sept 6 or 7
the last five years - sept 7

all my tickets are under 25, but if anyone's willing to sell to be at the adult price i'm willing to pay.

Looking to trade (or pay) for Whiplash (Monday, 3:15), Love in the Time of Civil War (Sunday, 4:15), any screening of Miss Julie, or Girlhood (Thursday, 9:00). if you are interested.

I have plenty to trade (had the very first selection time for My Choice packages). We can discuss if you e-mail me.

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Debbie, I will let you know Thursday night or Friday morning about The Last Five Years as I'm looking for a P&I Voucher. If you are willing to sell one, let me know too as well! very desperately seeking to see a movie that doesn't premiere until after I leave Toronto.

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Thanks for letting me know. I'd prefer not to sell the vouchers in case I can't get screening passes to the two films I want to see.

You can reach me at

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Rafi are u still interested in theory of everything?? I have two 9/8 tickets id love to trade for two of yours

Preferably the reach?

Hey Guys - I have (2) Under 25 Tickets to MOMMY, Sept 9th, 9:30PM. I'm looking to trade both tickets for ANY 2 of the following shows:

(2) Tickets to Force Majeure, Sept 5th or 6th
(2) Tickets to Mommy, Sept 10th
(2 Tickets to Foxcatcher, Sept 8th or 9th
(2) Tickets to Imitation Game, Sept 9th
(2) Tickets to Miss Julie, Sept 7th, 9th, or 12th
(2) Tickets to Mr. Turner, Sept 8th

Please let me know at Cheers!

Sorry if this double-posts, but I don't see my comment. Anyways, I bought a TIFF choice daytime pack and am not too excited about half of it. I am looking to trade regular tickets for other regular tickets or vouchers.

The Theory of Everything - Monday 8th at 3:00 pm
Learning to Drive - Tuesday 9th at 2:30 pm
Laggies - Thursday 11th at 3:00 pm

American Heist
Bang Bang Baby
Maps to the Stars
Red Army

I'm also willing to trade for vouchers. Email me at scarlett.laflamme AT hotmail DOT com.

Hi Olivia, unfortunately I have another screening at that time :(

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Hi, I am unable to use all of my 'My Choice Flex40' Regular package tickets. This tickets can be exchanged for any movie (except Premiere) during any screenings on Sept 4 to 14. And it can be exchanged multiple times with no fee.

I'm selling it for $20 each ticket. I have 10 tickets to sell.

I can meet at the TIFF box office or around Eatons downtown.

This is cheaper than single tickets at $24 plus fee. And single tickets has exchanged fee of $2.50.

desperately wish to buy 1-3 (25 & under preferred but adult is fine too) premium tickets to A Little Chaos for either showing on September 13th. I would also be interested in any tickets to the Sunday showing as well. If you are willing to part with any PLEASE email me at

I have one 25 & under ticket to Nightcrawler on September 12th. I'm looking to trade it for one adult ticket to the same screening and I'm willing to pay the difference, since the adult ticket costs more. I'm also willing to simply purchase the adult ticket. If you're interested, please let me know!

My email:

Picking up my tickets, I realized that since I bought them in a package, they are NOT in face marked Under 25, and can be used by any adult (I confirmed with the box office.) With that said, I have single premium tickets for:

THE REACH: 9/6/2014 2:45 PM

9/7/2014 3:15 PM

GOOD KILL: 9/9/2014 9:00 PM

Looking to sell for face value ($40) or trade for Miss Julie September 7th or Black and White September 6th.


2 adult tickets to MANGLEHORN on Sept 13 @ 2:30 for 20 each (cheaper than if you purchased them yourself)

hey MetalMeatWad,

If you're still interested, i can sell you my vouchers for the P&I, even if you can't swap for The Last Five Years.

Emailed you Debbie

Hey there, do you still have the pair of Rosewater tickets for sale?

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Looking to purchase two tickets to any showing of Before We Go, please contact me at: b.weldensie(a)

I have one adult and one under 25 ticket to Mommy on Tuesday, September 9 at 9:30 pm. Selling face value.

Selling (face value) 2 Premiums for Haemoo (Tue Sept. 9 6:30 pm) and the Connection (Fri Sept. 12 6:30 pm); unfortunately, have to leave town.

Must sell 2 sets of 2 premium tix:

Haemoo - Sept. 9, 6:30 pm, Roy Thompson

The Connection - Sept. 12, 6:30 pm, Roy Thompson

Face value ($63)

Looking for two tickets to see MOMMY on September 9th.

Please email


looking for 1 or 2 tickets for L'il Quinquin for the Thursday or Sunday showing. Thanks!

I have 2 (regular) tickets to the Imitation Game on Wednesday Sept 10 at 3pm and, 1 student and 1 adult ticket to St Vincent on Friday Sept 12 at 9:30pm. All tickets are priced as they would be otherwise (adult- $24, student- $18).

I'm looking for 2 tickets to Nightcrawler screening on Friday, September 12 at 9pm.

As well, 1 Premium ticket to A Little Chaos on Saturday, September 13 at 6pm at Elgin.

Message me please if you have any of these to sell at cost.

Looking for ONE ticket for Kingdom of Dreams and Madness on Sept 14 at noon.

Have to trade:
2 Volunteer vouchers (can be used for regular onsale tickets at Staff/Volunteer BO and to rush premium)

Email jmartinson AT unioncreative DOT com

I have 1 premium ticket for sale for
Tuesday - The Imitation Game
Thursday - Pawn Sacrifice

$45 each

frankniceso at gmail dot com

sorry, forgot to put my email; macy.armstrong (at) hotmail . com
for the 2 tickets to the imitation game on sept 10th at 3pm.

sorry, forgot to put my email; macy.armstrong (at) hotmail . com
for the 2 tickets to the imitation game on sept 10th at 3pm.

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Looking for 2 tickets to Before we Go on Friday the 12th. tess.barao AT gmail DOT com

I have 1 ticket for Laggies at 1245 at scotia. If you can pick it up before 1130 at the AGO rush line-it's yours!

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