Friday, September 02, 2005

Box 36

According to Chris Nolan's blog box 36 was drawn at random as the starting point for processing advanced orders. There are 48 boxes in total.

The festival will start processing orders from box 36, then 37, to 48, and then they'll wrap around to box 1 and go until box 35. My friend and I have half of our orders in box 5, and the others in box 20. The ones in box 20 aren't looking so hot, but maybe we'll get lucky.

You can pick up completed orders starting Monday, September 5 at 10:00 AM at the festival processing centre (not the main box office). Apparently, if you included an e-mail address on your order envelope, the festival will e-mail you to let you know how many of your choices you got. This means that if you got everything you asked for, there's no reason to go down first thing to pick up your tickets.


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I was lucky enough to get in box 36. This morning I got lost on the way to drop off my selections; first I went to the Manulife Centre and lined up there. They redirected me to Cumberland Terrace, but if I had been more organized and headed to the correct place to begin with, I'd have been in box 35 -- dead last instead of first.

The festival emailed me a confirmation receipt at 3pm today and of course I got all my first choices.

I was in box 45 and got my email @ 23:33 last night. I got all but one of my first selections (and got the 2nd) from the looks of it.

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