Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Documentary and Midnight Madness Films

The festival made a number of announcements today:

In addition to the existing Cadillac People's Choice Award (Slumdog Millionaire won last year), there will be new Cadillac People's Choice Awards specific for Documentaries and for Midnight Madness films.

The complete Midnight Madness lineup has been announced. Highlights below:

  • Jennifer's Body, starring Megan Fox, with a script by Diablo Cody.
  • A Town Called Panic, an animated film from Belgium/Luxembourg/France.
  • Bitch Slap, from the creators of Xena and Hercules.
  • Daybreakers, a sci-fi vampire film starring Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafor, and Sam Neill.
  • Survival of the Dead, a new film from George Romero.
  • The Loved Ones, from Australia.
  • Ong Bak 2: The Beginning, a prequel of sorts to Ong Bak, from Tony Jaa who does double-duty as director and star.
  • [REC] 2, a sequel to [REC], which was remade recently as Quarantine.
  • Solomon Kane, about a mercenary in 16th-century England, from the writings of Robert E. Howard, the creator of Conan the Barbarian.
  • Symbol, from director and star Hitoshi Matsumoto.

Some of the documentaries for the festival have also been announced. These include:

  • The White Stripes Under Great White Northern Lights: follows The White Stripes as they tour across Canada.
  • The Art of the Steal: looks at the outcome of a famous collection of Post-Impressionist paintings following the death of its owner.
  • Bassidji: a study of the Bassidjis, extreme supporters of the Iranian republic.
  • Cleanflix: examines the industry around providing clean versions of R-rated films.
  • Collapse: looks at Michael Ruppert's pessimistic thoughts around the future of the planet.
  • Colony: a film about colony collapse disorder, affecting bee colonies around the US.
  • Google Baby: looks at the burgeoning industry in India for provide surrogate mothers for childless western couples.
  • How to Fold a Flag: follows US veterans of Iraq readjusting to life stateside, from the filmmakers of Gunner Palace.
  • L'Enfer de Henri-Georges Clouzot: images from Henri-Georges Clouzot's (Diabolique) unfinished film L'Enfer withRomy Schneider.
  • The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers: The story of the man who leaked top secretpapers on the history of the US involement in Vietnam to the New York Times.
  • Presumed Guilty: A view of the Mexican legal system through two lawyer's efforts to clear a wrongly convicted man.
  • Schmatta: Rags to Riches to Rags: a history of New York's garment district.
  • Snowblind: focuses on Rachael Scdoris, a blind 23-year-old woman competing in the Iditarod.
  • The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls: a film about New Zealand lesbian country-and-western singers.
  • Videocracy: examines Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's expansive media empire.
  • Good Hair: Chris Rock's look at the culture of African American hair.
  • Turtle: The Incredible Journey: Follows a turtle in its look at how marine life is being impacted by environmental changes.


My experiences at the Toronto International Film Festival. Note this blog is not affiliated with the Toronto International Film Festival Group or the festival itself.
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