Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ticket Exchanges

Thanks to Greg from for pointing out that in the latest mailing to festival goers, it lists that if you want to exchange a ticket to one film for a different film or screening, there is a $2.50 charge per ticket. Tickets can be exchanged up until the day before the actual screening.
The interesting thing to all this is that the festival general policies on the official site actually currently state that there are no ticket exchanges allowed.

I'm not sure if this fee will be in effect or not on ticket package pickup day, but I would tend to imagine so. The impact for anyone who has bought one of the "You Choose" type packages is that if you make a backup choice for one of your movie selections, and you get the backup, then if you decide you want to pick something else instead, you may get dinged for $2.50 to make the switch.

One alternative is to not make a second choice if there really isn't anything else you want to watch in a particular time slot. If you don't receive your first choice and you haven't indicated a backup, then you will receive a voucher that can be used just like cash to purchase a ticket to another film.

If you haven't participated in the advance order process before, this probably doesn't make any sense to you. As we draw nearer to the festival, I will be posting an updated guide to the process.

Another alternative is to try and sell off your ticket the day of the screening to someone in the rush line (i.e. someone who is hoping that someone doesn't show up for a sold-out screening). This is a pretty common occurrence, and I've both bought and sold tickets in this situation.


I would be surprised if this policy were in effect on pick-up day, given the difficulty of scheduling second choices on the festival's order forms and the festival's knack for screwing orders up during entry.

Note that ticket pick-up day is a Thursday this year and there's only that one day window before single tickets go on sale. At least they're promising longer hours and more operators.

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