Monday, September 03, 2007

Sold Out Films for Advanced Ticketing

If you received a voucher because you didn't get all of your first and second choices, then you can swap the voucher for a ticket to a film that still has seats available.

The following films were off-sale (i.e. sold out) as far as the advanced ticket vouchers go as of 12:40 PM on Monday, September 3. More films may have gone off-sale since that time. Note that additional tickets will likely go on sale once general ticketing starts on the 5th, and then again the day of the film; you can still use your voucher at these times.

Thursday, September 6:
Fugitive Pieces, 6:30 PM
Hollywood Chinese, 8:15 PM
Jar City, 7:45 PM
Rebellion, The Litvinenko Case, 7:30 PM
Starting Out in the Evening, 8:00 PM
Young People Fucking, 7:45 PM

Friday, September 7:
L'Avocat de la terreur, 11:45 AM
Before the Rains, 9:00 PM
California Dreamin' (Endless), 3:00 PM
Control, 9:45 PM
Disengagement, 6:00 PM
The Edge of Heaven, 7:00 PM
Empties, 9:00 PM
Lust, Caution, 9:00 PM
The Mourning Forest, 12:00 PM
My Brother is an Only Child, 6:45 PM
The Orphanage, 10:00 PM
The Pope's Toilet, 3:00 PM
Secret Sunshine, 9:15 PM
The Substitute, 6:15 PM
Then She Found Me, 6:00 PM

Saturday, September 8:
4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days, 4:30 PM
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, 9:00 PM
Brick Lane, 8:30 PM
Callas Assoluta, 5:00 PM
Captain Mike Across America, 11:45 AM
The Counterfeiters, 6:30 PM
Disengagement, 1:00 PM
The Edge of Heaven, 3:30 PM
Fugitive Pieces, 9:30 AM
Garage, 8:30 PM
George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead, 11:59 PM
In Bloom, 7:00 PM
Jar City, 9:00 AM
Juno, 6:00 PM
The Man From London, 12:45 PM
Michael Clayton, 12:00 PM
My Kid Could Paint That, 12:15 PM
No Country for Old Men, 6:00 PM
Nothing is Private, 8:45 PM
Persepolis, 10:00 AM
Rendition, 9:00 AM
Under the Same Moon, 3:00 PM
Young People Fucking, 9:15 AM

Sunday, September 9:
Before the Rains, 12:45 PM
Bill, 8:30 PM
Breakfast with Scot, 6:30 PM
Buddha Collapsed Out of Shame, 6:30 PM
Darfur Now, 12:00 PM
Le Deuxieme Souffle, 4:00 PM
Eastern Promises, 9:30 AM
Empties, 9:45 AM
Into the Wild, 9:00 PM
Lust, Caution, 9:15 AM
Mid Road Gang, 3:30 PM
Night, 8:30 PM
The Orphanage, 12:30 PM
Religulous: A Conversation with Bill Maher and Larry Charles, 1:00 PM
September, 11:15 AM
Under the Same Moon, 8:15 PM
The Wild Horse Redemption, 1:30 PM
The World Unseen, 6:00 PM

Monday, September 10:
4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days, 10:00 AM
Atonement, 9:00 PM
Brick Lane, 10:00 AM
Chop Shop, 8:00 PM
The Counterfeiters, 1:15 PM
Encounters at the End of the World, 7:00 PM
Four Women, 6:15 PM
In Bloom, 10:00 AM
In the Valley of Elah, 6:00 PM
Lars and the Real Girl, 9:15 PM
My Kid Could Paint That, 9:15 PM
The Past, 9:45 PM
Run, Fat Boy, Run, 10:00 PM
The Savages, 7:00 PM
Unfinished Sky, 7:45 PM
Unfinished Stories, 5:00 PM
When Did You Last See Your Father?, 12:00 PM

Tuesday, September 11:
The Babysitters, 9:45 PM
Blind, 9:30 PM
Body of War, 9:00 PM
Breakfast with Scot, 9:00 AM
In the Valley of Elah, 9:30 AM
Jellyfish, 2:30 PM
King of California, 7:00 PM
A Promise to the Dead: The Exile Journey of Ariel Dorfman, 8:00 PM
Le Scaphandre et le papillon, 6:00 PM
Silk, 9:00 PM
Sous les toits de Paris, 11:45 AM
With Your Permission, 12:15 PM

Wednesday, September 12:
Bill, 9:00 AM
Chop Shop, 12:00 PM
Deficit, 9:30 PM
I'm Not There, 8:30 PM
Romulus, My Father, 9:00 PM
The Stone Angel, 6:15 PM
The Tracey Fragments, 9:45 PM
Weirdsville, 3:00 PM

Thursday, September 13:
L'Avocat de la terreur, 12:30 PM
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, 9:00 PM
Jar City, 4:30 PM
Just Like Home, 12:15 PM
Lars and the Real Girl, 2:30 PM
The Mourning Forest, 5:45 PM
Secret Sunshine, 5:15 PM
You, the Living, 8:45 PM

Friday, September 14:
Before the Rains, 9:00 PM
Four Women, 2:00 PM
George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead, 11:00 PM
Happiness, 5:00 PM
King of the Hill, 8:15 PM
The Last Lear, 5:45 PM
The Man From London, 8:30 PM
The Mother of Tears, 11:15 PM
The Stone Angel, 4:45 PM
The Wild Horse Redemption, 11:45 AM
The World Unseen, 9:30 PM

Saturday, September 15:
L'Amour cache, 2:30 PM
The Babysitters, 1:30 PM
Blind, 7:00 PM
Blood Brothers, 7:00 PM
California Dreamin' (Endless), 9:45 AM
Caramel, 12:00 PM
Disengagement, 6:30 PM
The Edge of Heaven, 5:15 PM
Emotional Arithmetic, 6:30 PM
Faro, la reine des eaux, 1:00 PM
La Fille coupee en deux, 9:00 AM
A Gentle Breeze in the Village, 3:30 PM
Mutum, 4:00 PM
L'Ora di punta, 2:45 PM
The Secrets, 8:30 PM
Son of Rambow, 2:45 PM
Sukiyaki Western Django, 9:30 PM
Vexille, 11:30 PM
XXY, 5:30 PM


Wow, that is a huge list of offsale films. I actually like that they have revised the terminology as 'offsale' as oppose to 'sold out' as it's more consice. I walked by the board on the way to the box office but diverted my eyes, and crossed my fingers that I would get my picks.

Wow - Thanks for LIST! I'm going to try and get my replacements mucho early tomorrow!

Don't rely too much on the list - things change pretty rapidly. My wife was just able to get tickets to a couple of showings listed here (and returned 2 tickets to Juno, Sat. 6pm). It pays to check repeatedly - 'offsale' really is the best term, they may come 'onsale' at any moment.

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