Sunday, August 27, 2006

What if I Missed the Advanced Ordering This Year?

If you missed participating in the advanced ordering process this year by buying a pass or coupons, you can still get tickets to films at the festival.

As of August 26, you can purchase tickets to gala showings online, by phone, at the year-round box office, or at the festival box office. If galas are listed as being "off sale", check back at a later date to see if additional tickets have been released.

As of September 6, you can buy tickets to all films at the festival, subject to availability, online, by phone, at the year-round box office, or at the festival box office. Tickets can be purchased by these methods up until 7:00 PM the day before the showing.

If a movie has not been sold out by the day of the showing, then remaining tickets will go on sale that day online, by phone, at the year-round box office, at the festival box office, and at the theatre showing the film.

If the film is sold out, you can still join the rush line outside the theatre the day of the screening. If ticket holders don't show up on time the festival releases the tickets for sale to people in the rush line. Also, sometimes people who already have tickets or extra tickets may come by the rush line to sell them. I've done this before when I've screwed up in scheduling movies and I can't make the showing, or some people may just be too tired to see another film and want to get rid of their tickets, or some people may have friends who can't show up and they need to get rid of their extras.

Consult the official festival web site for details on locations and times where you can purchase tickets. Once again, note that except for galas, you can't purchase tickets until September 6. And since Visa is the exclusive credit card of the festival, if you're not paying by cash, you'll need a Visa card.

Ticket purchase info:

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