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How the Heck do I Fill Out the Order Form (2006 edition)?

(For the 2007 edition, check this post

In case you wondering how to fill out an order form, consider an example where you want to see the film L'Annulaire on one of the days of the festival. Note this is an example from a previous year. The order form looks as follows:

First, write the number of tickets you want in the box labeled "1st" next to the name of the film. In this example, we want 2 tickets. This will represent your first choice for this timeslot.

Next, highlight the name of the film with a yellow highlighter (you will have received one if you picked up a programme book, otherwise supply your own). Note the colour MUST be yellow. Do NOT highlight the barcode.

Next, find a film around the same time that will be your backup choice if your first choice is already full when they get around to processing your order form. Note this step is optional. If you do not specify a backup film and your first choice is full, you will receive a coupon which you can redeem at a later date for another film at the festival.

In this example, Battle in Heaven will be the backup choice. Next to your backup film, write the number of tickets you want in the box labeled "2nd". In this example we still want 2 tickets.

Next, highlight the name of the backup film with a green highlighter (you will have received one if you picked up a programme book, otherwise supply your own). Note the colour MUST be green. Do NOT highlight the barcode.

Your form should look as follows:

Repeat this process until you run out of coupons. For example, if you ordered a 10-coupon package, and you wanted 2 tickets for each film, you would select 5 1st choice films (5 films x 2 tickets = 10 coupons) and optionally, 5 2nd choice backups.

Note you must use a separate order form for each set of coupons you purchased. For example, if you bought a 10-coupon package and a 30-coupon package, you would need two order forms; in one form you'd pick 10 movies, and in the other form you'd pick 30. Do NOT attempt to pick movies for multiple sets of coupons on a single order form, as the festival will not process it.

Once you have finished picking your films and filling out the order forms, ensure you fill out the "Ticket Order Form" information at the bottom of page 3 of the Pass and Coupon Order Book. Especially important, don't forget to write the pass or coupon book #; this number can be found on your Pick Up and Drop Off Vouchers.

Once you have filled out that information, place the completed Pass and Coupon Order Book in one of the envelopes you received when you picked up your order forms. You should have received one envelope per set of coupons. Do NOT attempt to place multiple Pass and Coupon Order Books in a single envelope, as the festival will not process it.

Place the Drop Off voucher that has the same coupon book # you wrote on page 3 of the order book in the window at the top of the envelope. Make sure the front of the Drop Off voucher is visible in the window.

On the front of your envelope, write the total number of tickets you are requesting in the order book. Write your contact information on the front of the envelope. This is important, because last year, the festival sent out notifications once your order was processed, letting you know how many of your movies you got tickets for.

Do NOT seal the envelope; leave the flap open or tuck it in, but do not seal it.

Complete the above process for each envelope/order book you received. Once you are finished, bring all the envelopes (each containing an order book and its associated Drop Off voucher) to the Festival Box Office at College Park before 1:00 PM on Friday, September 1. The festival staff will then place your completed forms in a box to await the start of order processing.

Make sure you keep your Pick Up vouchers; you will need them to retrieve your completed orders on Monday, September 4th.

One thing to note when selecting films; make sure you leave enough time to get from one theatre to the other. Running times are approximate, films may start late, or Q&A sessions after the films may run long. Some of the theatres are a fair distance away from one another; consult my film festival map at

to find out where the theatres are.


As someone who is filling everything out for the first time, this was very helpful, so thank you! I have a question though - when writing the pass/coupon book # on page 3 of the Pass and Coupon Order Book, which number do you use? The 8-digit number printed under the barcode on the vouchers, or the 7-digit number printed under your name?

If you could help, that'd be great. Thanks!


Glad the blog was of some help in filling out the form. You should enter the number under your name, NOT the one under the barcode. On mine, the number is in the format C000000, C000000B, C000000C, etc.

I love your map. Thanks so much.

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