Friday, September 07, 2012


Imogene features Kristen Wiig as the titular Imogene, a once-promising playwright who has let her talents lie fallow in favour of whiling away time with her high society friends and boyfriend in New York City. A series of events causes her to hit a nadir in her life, which leads her back to her dysfunctional family in New Jersey, headed up by her larger-than-life mother, played with gusto by Annette Bening.

This was a warm and funny film, never failing to get a laugh out of the audience at the premiere. While the characters all had their eccentricities, the film still felt grounded and relatable, and both Wiig and Bening give really good performances. Well worth seeing, and there still appear to be tickets available for the Saturday, September 8 showing. Bening and co-star Matt Dillon were unable to appear at the premiere because of conflicts, but are trying to make it in for subsequent screenings. Wiig, directors Robert Pulcini and Shari Springer Berman, screenwriter Michelle Morgan, and much of the rest of the cast including Darren Criss did make it to the premiere.

Kristen Wiig leaving the premiere of Imogene:


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