Saturday, September 01, 2012

TIFF 2012 Upcoming Dates

Now that ticket selection for My Choice packages has ended, upcoming dates to keep in mind include:

  • Sunday, September 2: At 10:00 AM, single tickets go on sale. Anyone can purchase individual tickets to screenings at this point.
  • Monday, September 3: People who have purchased Back-Half or Daytime ticket packages can go in and select their screenings. Selections can be made up until September 5 at 7:00 PM.
  • Tuesday, September 4: Ticket package holders can go to the Festival Box Office (or the appropriate member box office for TIFF Members) to pick up their tickets. Note that if you aren't making any exchanges (on My Choice packages), then there's no point to showing up first thing when the box office opens; you should probably wait until the crowds die down. TIFF Choice package holders should have already received an e-mail outlining their scheduled screenings.
If you want to know what screenings are sold out, check out the official TIFF off-sale page at, or check out the page in this blog.

When picking up tickets, don't forget to print out any confirmation e-mails, and to bring along the credit card you used to purchase your tickets/packages, and government-issued ID.


This is my first Tiff trip. How do you buy single tickets Online. Is the process like the my choice or no?

To buy single tickets online, starting September 2 at 10:00 AM, just go to Process will likely be similar, in that you'll be able to pick from individual screenings you want to see. If a screening is sold out, it will appear as off-sale.

Thanks another quick question once I fulfilled my my choice package I have those tickets right. I can't go back and do anything to change that. I went to the site to check out what to click to buy single tickets and it lead me too the fulfill my package login. I didn't login though, but I was logged in to my member account (regular member).

I believe the My Choice packages do allow you to make exchanges (for non-premium screenings), but you won't be able to do that until September 4.

No one can login to purchase single tickets until 10:00 AM on September 2.

I missed my window to select my My Choice ticket pack for 10 films.

When can I log in to make my selections? Today only allows ticket purchases.

@Anita, check the email they sent you on August 21; the information should be there.

@Anita, you should be able to log in again at 10:00 AM on September 3. You must make your selections before 7:00 PM on September 5; after that you'll just get vouchers and you'll have to exchange them for screenings in person at the box office.

Thanks for the info. Great blog!! I will make my selections Sept 3rd.

Just an FYI - I was told today at the box office that I can't swap one of my My Choice tickets for a voucher. Apparently this year they're only letting us swap for another ticket. Also, pickup and exchange isn't two separate lines anymore - there's one line for pickup only and a second line where you can both pickup and exchange (at least for non-members).

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