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TIFF 2012 Individual Ticketing Process

If you are purchasing individual tickets for TIFF 2012, you may first get shunted to a virtual waiting room if the load on the system is high.

Note that the countdown timer refers to when the page will automatically refresh, not necessarily when you will be let in; the counter may simply reset to a new number (and that number is pretty random, on refresh I've seen new times anywhere from a few hundred seconds to over 2,000). You may also want to try opening multiple browser windows or tabs as well; I was let in on one that wasn't the very first one I opened.

Once you are let into the system, you will see a welcome page:

You can then select films by date (By Schedule) or by title. The image below shows picking by date:

When you click a date in the calendar, you will see a list of all screenings. Click on the time of the screening you want to attend:

You will then be taken to a screen where you can indicate how many tickets (up to 4 per screening) you wish to purchase:

The tickets will be placed in your shopping cart. Note the timer at the top of the screen. Once you pick your first screening, you have 30 minutes to check out. I'd recommend you leave time to actually complete the payment process within that time limit.

If you want to pick by title, you'll get a screen where you can click a letter of the alphabet and see all films starting with that letter. Note that in the My Choice ticketing process, people had more luck (i.e. less errors) using the By Schedule view.

If you click a title, at the bottom of the page you will see all the screenings for that film. Click the one you want to see, and then you will be directed to the quantity page as shown previously.

When you are ready to checkout, click the Checkout button at the top of the screen. Fill out the relevant information and finish the payment process:

If you encounter a server error any time during the process, it appears that some people have had success refreshing their browser; your shopping cart may need to be refilled after doing this however. Note, do this at your own risk as it's also possible you could get booted back to the virtual waiting room if past experience is any guide. You could also try calling TIFF customer service, but it's unlikely you'll be able to get through to anyone as the phone lines will likely be busy with people trying to phone in their orders.

I ran into an error once while I was online, and I had to refresh about 3 times before it took me back into the site, but other than that there were no problems.

If a screening is marked off-sale, it is sold out. However, some people have reported checking back on the film before they checked out of the site, and a previously off-sale film had appeared back on-sale, so you may want to double-check.




Since my schedule is locked and loaded. I have a couple of questions.

What do people wear to Premium screenings?
Do they check bags, like purses at screenings?
How early should I get to screenings at Venues like Ryerson, Elfin and Scotiabank? For both Premiums and Regular screenings.

You can wear anything you want to a premium screening. If you go casual, no one looks twice. If you want to dress up, you certainly can, but TIFF isn't like Cannes where everyone is formally dressed.

They don't check bags at all at the screenings. Note however, some theatres don't allow outside food or drinks (typically the non-commercial ones like Ryerson and Isabel Bader).

On average, people usually start lining up an hour before the screening, so if you have the time and want a good seat, I'd recommend that (or the earlier the better).

Thanks for all your help:-)

I know this is a silly question but when it rains are the lines still formed outside?

Pretty much yes, as there's no where to put most of the lines inside. Some of the theatres where'd you'd be outside include Ryerson, Elgin, probably Bloor Hot Docs. Some of the others are largely inside (Scotiabank) but occassionally flow outside (TIFF Lightbox), so I'd go prepared.

Thanks, the weather suggests rain.

Anyone wondering about the procedure for the free-of-charge screenings in the TIFF Cinematheque programme, I posted about it in my Livejournal blog. I had no problem getting into the three free screenings yesterday. It seems that they begin to distribute tickets two hours before the screening; when you are holding a ticket you can leave and come back later to join the ticket-holders line. Of the remaining free screenings, I would be interested in Loin du Viêtnam. I saw The Bitter Ash a few years ago in Vancouver, all I remember about it is that some of the (now elderly) actors were in attendance and commenting during the screening and I wasn't sure whether it would be appropriate to shush them.

This is my first time. I'm grateful for the help. Thanks!

Thanks for your helpful hints. This is my first time at TIFF, i appreciate the help.

Thanks for all the help, much appreciated.

If I call to purcahse tickets tomorrow, will it be too overloaded??

How early should i go on the ticket page to guarantee getting in?

The movie I would like to go to has a premium. The schedule marked it a certain time.. does it include the redcarpet event, or is the red carpet event earlier?

Calling is usually just as busy, but you could do both (i.e. call and try to get in online as well).

For films, the time in the schedule is when the film starts (or is at least introduced). Stars, if they are going to show up, usually show up before then. Note if you actually have tickets to the film, you need to be in line to get in or inside at least 15 minutes prior to the start time, so that they don't release your ticket to people in the rush line.

My experiences at the Toronto International Film Festival. Note this blog is not affiliated with the Toronto International Film Festival Group or the festival itself.
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