Sunday, September 02, 2012

TIFF 2012 Individual Ticketing Tips

The site is up to purchase individual tickets. Some quick tips:

  • If you get shunted into the virtual waiting room, note that when the countdown timer reaches 0, it will not necessarily let you into the site; it may simply refresh the counter.
  • The site will redirect your window automatically to the ticketing site when a slot open; this will not necessarily occur when a counter reaches 0, so keep a close eye on your browser.
  • Try opening multiple browser windows; you will get a different refresh count for each, and I had one of the windows let me in eventually (and not necessarily the first I opened).
  • The actual site is similar in appearance to that for the My Choice packages. Note once you pick your first ticket, you have 30 minutes to check out.


Woo, got all my tickets as planned using this system. You'd think that with this many years of running the festival, they'd figure out a way to NOT have the system protest at the overload of people...

I was on the website right before 10:00, and it is now 10:33 and I am still in the virtual waiting room, what is going on?

Im still in the waiting room? I was on at 10?

Getting close to 40 mins of virtual waiting room time here. I opened up a number of extra windows once I read your post here, and still nothing.

I don't mind waiting in line, but it's disheartening to hear that people can apparently slip through because of a weakness in the system.

It was infinitely easier to singles last year...

Big improvements in the mychoice packaging, but these guys can never seem to just get it right as a whole.

All screenings of Imogene, 7 Psychopaths, & the Master are now offsale..

Been trying to access the site for an hour now. Still nothing.

I had a 5 minute wait and then got on at 10:05. Like Richard, I had several tabs open. I was through in 5 minutes or so. Had fun trying to get "The Hunt". Couldn't snag 2 tickets, so I had to settle for 1 and we'll rush the other. Unlike the previous posters, I found the system worked well.

So I finally got in like 30 minutes ago (after waiting an hour) I had two browsers and they both let me in one 10 minutes later than the other. The first one had Anna Karenina off sale so I bought Much Ado about Nothing. Then just in case, I checked the other one and It was On Sale. So just a note if it says offsale try back later. Someone may have removed it from their cart or if you have to browsers and they both let you in around the same time check both of them.

Kind of bummed now. Waited over an hour (was on at 10)…multiple browsers on two computers. Only got one of three films I wanted. And even that one was a battle. It kept telling me it was off sale when I clicked on it (it did not have off sale on the button). Someone finally released it I guess. So do films that are officially off sale ever go back on sale? Or is it a matter of waiting until 7 AM day of?

Still waiting!! Been bumped on multiple computers at least 5 times!!

@steph, yes: films that are off-sale do sometimes go back on sale, because someone holding tickets might decide to exchange them for something else.

Excellent @matthew. Thank you. That is good to know!

How do you exchange tickets online?

How do you exchange tickets online?

You can't exchange online; it has to be done at the festival box office at Metro Hall.

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