Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Scheduling Considerations

Shannon the Movie Moxie has a good post on her blog (http://moviemoxie.blogspot.com/2008/08/tiff08-scheduling-considerations-and.html) about things to consider when selecting films. One thing to add: during the festival, the Yonge subway line actually shuts down north of Lawrence station at 12:30 AM for tunnel repairs, and buses will run from that point north to Finch. Check the TTC website for other service disruptions that may or may not affect you during the festival: http://www3.ttc.ca/Service_Advisories/Service_Changes.jsp


Thanks for the link :)

And thanks for the heads up re: North Lawrence Station - I had no idea, I'm don't go that far north very often anymore!

I have to go all the way up to Finch, so that's the only reason I knew about it. Not sure how many Midnight Madness films I'll actually see at midnight this year, so maybe if I'm lucky in won't prove to be an inconvenience.

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