Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2008 Programme Book Gift Bag

If you ordered a 2008 Programme Book, you will get it in a tote bag filled with some goodies (while supplies last; I missed out last year, since they only had 3,000). If you just ordered one of the ticket packages or passes, you don't get a tote bag.

This year, you get:

  • A tote bag
  • A Stella Artois beer glass!
  • A 70g bag of Starbucks coffee (Caffe Verona Bold)
  • A box of 3 Lindt chocolates
  • A FedEx keychain with LED light
  • A Pizza Nova "mystery" gift card with an unknown amount of credit
  • A pamphlet for Toronto Life Square, with a map listing the stores and restuarants in the building
  • A pamphlet for Matignon restaurant
  • A complementary tour pass for Jackson-Triggs winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake
  • A sheet of 27 post-it tabs from Sun Life Financial, for use in bookmarking films you want to see in the Programme Book
  • A pamphlet from RBC outlining their association with director Deepa Mehta
  • A green/yellow highlighter (for completing your advance order book)
  • An advance order book
  • An envelope for the advance order book
  • A copy of the official festival schedule
  • The 448-page, full-colour Programme Book

Click on the picture below for a larger view.


I'm glad you got one this year! Not bad swag, more fun/useful stuff and less straight-up marketing makes it an improvement from last year.

I was wondering how they worked this this year. Just my luck as I buoght one ahead of time as a whim as I was at the box office. I normally wait until picke up day. Turns out it was a good choice - a woman I ran into on the subway said she didn't get the extras when she bought the book then and there.

They always change something on us!

The only reason I went down first thing this year was to make sure I got a bag. :-) Last year, they gave me a few of the pamphlets and stuff, but none of the big stuff like the free drink. This year, the glass was a nice touch.

I missed last year, and have had to fight for highlighters (once they went out to office depot to get it for me)... kind of makes it hard to pick out films without those.

The BEST thing I've gotten was the $75 gift certificate to the Rosewater supper club. That was pretty AWESOME.

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