Friday, August 29, 2008

Received Confirmation for Box 13

I received an e-mail tonight (Friday, August 29, 2008) at 10:42 PM confirming my order has been processed from box 13. I received all 30 picks in my order.


Any idea how the e-mail verifications work? I provided my e-mail address throughout the process but haven't received any notice yet. I was in box 15.

I should be OK but expected to hear something by now. Can't help but get that creeping sense of worry...

(Great blog by the way!!)

Lucky bastards. I'm in box 3. I'm being punished for making my selections quickly. I'm so discouraged.

j. smith,

In theory, as soon as they process your order, an e-mail should go out. However, it seems every year a few people mention not getting a confirmation, and I think usually it still works out.

Last year I obsessively checked my order status online and found out what I got before the e-mail was sent. I would try to see if that works if no e-mail has been sent.

Thanks so mcuh Nicole!!! This is tremendously helpful and solved the problem. The e-mail in fact came today (2 days after the order was processed?) which may have been as much an e-mail server issue as a TIFF issue. But nonetheless, checking the on-line status saved me a lot of grief last night! Now I don't have to line up at 10 tomorrow morning :)

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