Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sold Out Films

As of 7:36 AM on September 3, 2008, the following films are marked as sold out:

UPDATE: list updated as of 6:47 PM on September 3, 2008. Don't let the huge list scare you off; there are still plenty of films available (maybe just not the specific ones you want to watch :-)), including gala and Visa Screening Room films.

Thursday, September 4:

6:30 PM Passchendaele
7:00 PM Country Wedding
7:30 PM $9.99
8:30 PM Ocean Flame
8:45 PM O'Horten

Friday, September 5:

9:15 AM Three Monkeys
2:15 PM A Film With Me In It
5:15 PM Examined Life
5:45 PM Horn of Plenty
6:00 PM Me and Orson Wells
7:45 PM Wendy and Lucy
8:30 PM Unwanted Witness (Sin Tregua)
8:30 PM The Burning Plain
9:00 PM Lovely, Still
9:15 PM Harvard Beats Yale 29-29
9:15 PM It Might Get Loud
9:30 PM The Rest of the Night
9:30 PM Burn After Reading

Saturday, September 6:

9:15 AM Tony Manero
9:30 AM 33 Scenes From Life
12:00 PM The Biggest Chinese Restaurant in the World
12:15 PM The Paranoids
12:15 PM O'Horten
12:30 PM Sauna
12:45 PM Three Monkeys
1:00 PM Lovely, Still
2:45 PM Blind Sunflowers
3:15 PM Acne
3:30 PM The Rest of the Night
4:00 PM Me and Orson Wells
4:30 PM American Swing
5:30 PM Once Upon a Time in Rio
6:00 PM Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
6:30 PM Laila's Birthday
6:45 PM $5 a Day
6:45 PM New York, I Love You
8:00 PM Pontypool
8:30 PM The Ghost
8:45 PM My Mother, My Bride and I
9:00 PM Soul Power
9:00 PM Three Blind Mice
9:00 PM Religulous
9:00 PM Blindness
9:15 PM Middle of Nowhere
9:30 PM Hunger

Sunday, September 7:

9:45 AM The Burning Plain
10:15 AM Once Upon a Time in Rio
10:30 AM Serbis
12:00 PM Yes Madam, Sir
12:00 PM The Country Teacher
12:00 PM The Secret Life of Bees
12:30 PM Derriere moi
12:45 PM Wendy and Lucy
1:00 PM Food, Inc.
3:00 PM All Around Us
3:15 PM Afterwards
3:15 PM Picasso & Braque Go to the Movies
3:30 PM Everlasting Moments
4:00 PM Waltz with Bashir
4:15 PM When Life Was Good
6:00 PM Le Silence de Lorna
6:15 PM The Stoning of Soraya M.
6:30 PM The Ghost
6:30 PM The People Speak
7:00 PM A Film With Me In It
7:45 PM C'est pas moi, je le jure!
8:15 PM Coopers' Camera
8:30 PM 24 City
8:30 PM From Mother to Daughter
8:30 PM Genova
9:00 PM Gomorrah
9:15 PM Zack and Miri Make a Porno
9:30 PM Dioses
9:30 PM Management
10:00 PM Country Wedding

Monday, September 8:

9:00 AM Hunger
9:45 AM My Mother, My Bride and I
2:30 PM The Biggest Chinese Restaurant in the World
2:45 PM Uncertainty
3:00 PM Heaven on Earth
3:15 PM Middle of Nowhere
6:15 PM Rain
6:30 PM Unmistaken Child
7:00 PM Happy-Go-Lucky
7:00 PM Blind Sunflowers
8:00 PM Delta
8:15 PM $9.99
8:30 PM Good
9:00 PM At the Edge of the World
9:15 PM Un Conte de Noel
9:30 PM Hooked
10:15 PM Gigantic

Tuesday, September 9:

11:45 AM Genova
3:15 PM Food, Inc.
3:15 PM 24 City
4:00 PM Of Time and the City
4:30 PM Pontypool
5:00 PM Birdsong
6:00 PM Toronto Stories
7:30 PM Jerichow
8:15 PM Before Tomorrow
8:30 PM Synecdoche, New York
8:45 PM Four Nights With Anna
9:00 PM The Brothers Bloom

Wednesday, September 10:

12:45 PM Adoration
2:45 PM The Stoning of Soraya M.
3:15 PM One Week
5:45 PM Radio Love
6:00 PM Lion's Den
7:15 PM Uncertainty
7:30 PM Kabuli Kid
7:45 PM Adam Resurrected
8:30 PM Birdsong

Thursday, September 11:

12:15 PM Synecdoche, New York
3:15 PM The Dungeon Masters
3:30 PM Toronto Stories
4:00 PM Citizen Juling
6:15 PM Les Plages d'Agnes
6:15 PM 24 City
7:00 PM Sam and Me
8:15 PM Firaaq
8:30 PM 33 Scenes From Life
8:45 PM Revanche
8:45 PM Mothers & Daughters
9:00 PM Il Divo

Friday, September 12:

11:45 PM Il y a longtemps que je t'aime
12:00 PM Country Wedding
12:30 PM Kabuli Kid
12:45 PM Unmistaken Child
3:30 PM Liverpool
3:45 PM Apron Strings
5:00 PM Birdsong
5:15 PM $9.99
5:30 PM Hooked
6:00 PM Control Alt Delete
6:00 PM Coopers' Camera
6:00 PM Vacation
6:15 PM Dioses
7:30 PM El Greco
8:00 PM Krabat
8:15 PM The Paranoids
9:15 PM The Stoning of Soraya M.
10:30 PM Easy Virtue

Saturday, September 13:

10:00 AM Disgrace
10:15 AM Control Alt Delete
12:45 PM Chocolate
1:00 PM Return to Hansala
1:15 PM Adam Resurrected
3:00 PM Adela
3:00 PM Food, Inc.
3:15 PM Salamandra
4:15 PM At the Edge of the World
4:30 PM Kanchivaram
5:45 PM A Woman in Berlin
6:00 PM Of Time and the City
6:00 PM Horn of Plenty
6:00 PM Stone of Destiny
6:30 PM The Secret of Moonacre
7:00 PM Once Upon a Time in Rio
7:00 PM Plastic City
7:15 PM Slumdog Millionaire
8:45 PM Radio Love
9:00 PM Three Blind Mice
9:15 PM Afterwards

If a film you wanted is sold out, you can keep trying on the chance someone has exchanged a ticket, or you can try same-day sales, or you can try the rush line.


This is RETARDED. Unless I wake up in the middle of the night and head downtown to line up, I absolutely cannot get tickets this year. The website has been going bonkers for two hours now, and the phones have been busy since the lines opened. TIFF is by far one of the most poorly-organized events I've ever seen.

Wow, that is a lot of films sold out really quickly.

I'd have to disagree with Anon. It's a huge event and although as they years go by more and more of it becomes less accessable, I don't think that makes is poorly organized.

Information on how to get tickets has been out for months.

this is beyond frustrating... ive been trying for close to three hours and still the online purchasing does not work and the phone has been busy since 5 in the morning.

Thanks for the update.

I don't think there's ever been a year when online ticket orders ran smoothly on the 1st day of sale. So I'm not surprised at all by this morning's issues.

In case anyone is interested, the Saturday 645 showing of New York, I Love You is sold out. And I overheard someone say Toronto Stories and It Might Get Loud were also sold out as they left the box office disappointed.

Have you ever tried buying Rolling Stones tickets when they go on sale? If there is a finite inventory and thousands of people are requesting 100 times that inventory people are going to get bumped. It's volume. The fact that you can't purchase isn't a sign of disorganization - it's a sign of popularity and a testament to the fact that tickets are accessible to the public. It is because so many people are requesting them that they are not available. It is frustrating but it's a function of the festival's success and popularity. Remember when you had to line up for every film without being guaranteed a ticket? That sure as hell wasn't better. I was in a decent box and did OK so it's easy for me to defend but it's movies - not health care. Why do people act so entitled? Sign up for Tiff alerts and go to RTH at 7 am day of. I bet you'll get lots of stuff that says it's off sale.

i got through the phone lines in 20 minutes of nonstop calling. then about 10 minutes of waiting on hold. it beats waiting in line! i suggest you just keep calling, eventually you'll slip in!

I'd have to agree with both sides. The process is about on par with other years, but having said that, it can be extremely frustrating trying to get tickets on the first day. The main problem I've seen every year is that the online site doesn't scale when there's a peak load, and doesn't fail very gracefully. The rest of the time seems fine, but that doesn't really help anybody looking for popular tickets. Probably the best alternatives at this point would be same-day tickets or the rush line.

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