Monday, September 08, 2008

TIFF and Elitism

Grumpy Old Film Dork points to a story in the Sun on how changes to the festival this year have people complaining, and festival director Piers Handling states in response his defense of the new policies and that he hasn't heard any complaints from the public directly:

I know I'm a bit concerned with the donor situation, at least in the context of the ticket lottery and preferential line treatment, and I definitely don't like being excluded from the Visa Screening Room after having shelled out $500+ on festival packages (especially when there are something like six films that you cannot see without passes or tickets to the Elgin or RTH). I think there's a real danger of creating a two-tier festival and moving away from what makes TIFF great, namely a festival centered around the public and not the industry.

I know I'll be forwarding my thoughts to the festival, and I suggest anyone who feels the same to do so as well, otherwise I can see this situation creeping in the wrong direction as the years go by.


Where is the best place for us to send comments/suggestions about this year's festival?

Probably one of the two e-mail addresses below would be the best way to contact the festival with comments and suggestions:

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